Audit Logs

Keep a trail of all changes made by users inside Timeero. You never have to ask who's changing or deleting times.

With time tracking and employee scheduling going hand in hand, you no longer have to wonder where your employees are, or if they will make their shift. You also don’t have to make multiple phone calls and texts to get shifts covered. Managers and admins get notified if an employee does not clock in at the scheduled time, that way they take the appropriate action in a timely manner.
Timeero scheduling gives managers peace of mind by sending them notifications when employees clock into their schedules. This allows managers to manage their employees and jobs more smoothly by giving them insights into employee work and shift coverage.

Stay well prepared for audits

Ever wonder who edited or deleted a time entry without your knowledge? With Timeero Audit Logs, you have an eagle eye on what changes are happening within Timeero. Timeero provides a non-editable audit log that tracks all changes made in Timeero. Having an audit trail of changes is essential for timekeeping compliance with DCAA and DOL regulations.

Find out why so many businesses love Timeero

It's only $5/user/month

You don't get this with paper timesheets and spreadsheets

Timeero Scheduling is user-friendly and quick to use. Create schedules with just a few clicks. Your employees will always be able to stay on top of their work by having their schedules and any updates to their schedules at their fingertips.Managers can edit schedules in real time, saving them the trouble of having to re-print paper schedules and send out multiple texts or phone calls to try and findemployees to cover shifts. With our “Who’s Working” tab, you can quickly see all the available employees to cover a shift if a scheduled employee cancels at thelast minute.

Time entries are valuable to employers and employees. If a change is made to a time entry, you will want to know who made the change and when the change was made. Timeero creates a non-changeable log of records of timesheet changes, deletions, log in and out entries etc.

Track Log in and Log outs

  • Timesheet entries are very must be kept safe, and it’s important to keep an eye of who’s entering and leaving the system. With Audit Log, you’ll know who logs in and out of Timeero and how long they were in the system.
  • See old and new values
  • Time stamps on each log entry