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You've got employees working out in the field, yet you have no clue if they're doing what they say they are doing. Your customers are claiming your team has no-showed or never on time. Yet your employees are saying they did show up and are always on time. You don't know who to believe or perhaps you do and need proof.

It's time you implemented a system to take care of this mess. Know who's working, where everyone is and where everyone has been while they were on company time.

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Are your employees where they need to be?

Making sure your team members are where they need to be can be difficult without using technology. We are here to help you.

Struggling to keep your team accountable?

Accountability is a the core of every high performing business. Let's help you enforce better accountability in your business.

Employees no-showing to jobs?

Perhaps a customer called in claiming your employees never showed up. Yet you have no way to prove your employees were there.

Time theft?

Are the times worked and the job done not matching up? Perhaps you are suspicious the guys are padding their hours or overreporting their hours.

Tired of making "where are you at" calls?

Do you find yourself calling and asking where everyone is to properly dispatch jobs. Perhaps it's time you implemented a GPS time tracker software

Need to track mileage for reimbursement?

If you are relying simply on odometer readings, then chances are you may be overpaying for mileage.

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Real Results

"We had an employee we suspected of wasting a significant amount of his day while clocked in (where he claimed to be on-site at a customer location and “working”) and he also would put additional mileage claims on top of the actual amount. I implemented Timeero for our employees and within one week, the employee’s timecard and mileage was already inconsistent with what he said. It was very helpful to have solid written and electronic proof of time theft."

Philip B, CISSP
All Digital Solutions Inc.

Cutting Fraud

"I was very stressed out since we found at least three of our independent contractors had basically committed medicaid fraud. Overbilling, double billing and billing for days they were not there.

If my partner would have allowed me to implement Timeero this earlier, this would have been avoided."

Vanessa B.
Power For Change

GPS tracking for the win!

Awesome GPS Tracker!

We use this app daily to track time and mileage. GPS tracker and breadcrumbs feature are helping in holding employees accountable. I love the report export option. I would recommend it.

Kristina P.

Realtime GPS tracking with route replay

Get a live view of where everyone is or has been on a map. You no longer have to keep making those "where are you" calls.
Pay your employees more accurately by backing it up with GPS data.

You don't have to wonder what happened at any point in time when you can play it back all with a simple click of a button. Keep movement records for compliance and proof of work reasons.

Geofence accountability

With geofencing you can hold your team more accountable in many ways.

You can be notified if employees are not where they need to be. Automatically remind employees to clock in or out when they arrive at the destination. They can also automatically punch in or punch out on arrival or departure from a location.

Got employees clocking in before arriving at their location? We can stop that from happening.

Workforce Location & Mileage Insights

If your team tracks mileage for reimbursements, then you are also in good hands. With Timeero you can track time, location and mileage all in one place.

In addition you get valuable location insights about how your team spends valuable company time.

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