Top Productivity Mobile Apps For Construction Businesses For 2021

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April 1, 2022 8:13 AM
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Technology changes on a daily basis and it can be quite challenging learning and keeping up with the best apps and tools for the construction industry. We’ve gathered the best & top time tracking apps and put them in one place:

Timeero – Construction Time & GPS Tracking App

These days, the ability to accurately track your crew is very important for the survival of any construction or general contracting business. Are your guys showing up to their job on time? Are they working the hours they should be working? Or are they even working side jobs on company time?

Being able to hold your team or crew accountable is very important and this is where Timeero can help. Timeero is a GPS enabled time tracking app that records the locations for your work crew. Since the locations are recorded, in addition to time, employers can know where their employees are at anytime or where they've been.

You can track how many hours have been spent on a job for accurate job and labor costing. With the photo capture capability, you can have your crew members take photos of the work they've done for proof of work.

Timeero also integrates with apps like QuickBooks so you can easily manage your invoicing, customers and more.

Running a construction business is harder than it has ever been. Making sure your guys are doing what they are supposed to do is very important for the survival of your business. Visit Timeero to learn more about how you track time, hold your crew more accountable and better manage your construction business.

Download: App Store | Play Store

Pricing: Here

FallSafety – Safety Management & Compliance App

FallSafety rank as number one in the cause of construction deaths. It leverages advanced technology to detect falls, and there’s nothing really like this app out there.

FallSafety Pro features two distinct alarms. The first countdown alarm lets you know you have 45 seconds to say you are okay. The second siren alarm helps rescuers find your exact location. Learn more and download FallSafety.

Download: App Store | Play Store

Pricing: Starts at $4.99/person

DeWalt Mobile Pro – Construction Calculator App

DeWalt Mobile Pro is an all-in-one calculator tool for construction professionals. With this app, you are armed with construction and scientific calculator as well as calculator templates for area, length, volume, stud estimations, concrete tabs etc. It uses real-world examples to explain concepts and offers a wide range of trade-specific add-ons.

DeWalt Mobile Pro gives you instant answers to critical job-site questions. If you are bad with math, this is the app for you to remember the math so you don’t have to.

RoomScan – Draw Floor Plans App

This is an app that draws floor plans just by touching your phone or tablet along a wall. The floor plans show up in seconds with approximations for wall lengths and floor area; Measurements are estimated to the nearest half a foot.

Unlike some of the other room floor plan apps, RoomScan can draw floor plans of even complex rooms as easily as small rectangular rooms. You can choose your own floor plan colors, add notes and photos to the floor plans.

RoomScan can even take photos automatically and place them in the correct position on the plan. It’s simply amazing. Learn more here at http://locometric.com.

Download: App Store

Pricing: $4.99

PlanGrid – Drawing & Blueprint App

The PlanGrid app allows you to share project drawings through a cloud server. It uniquely provides higher collaboration functions like adding mark ups, doing measurements and notifying all parties involved in a project.

PlanGrid mainly solves the problem of distribution of blueprints. Quite frequently, architects, engineers, construction foremen and workers don’t have the most up-to-date versions of critical blueprint documents. The goal of PlanGrid is to make the latest versions available to all parties involved in a project.

Download: App Store | Play Store

Pricing: Here

Fieldlens – Project & Activity Management

Fieldlens is a platform for communicating issues within construction teams and projects. Fieldlens comes with iOS and Android apps, which of course works on phones and tablets.

Team members can use the mobile app to document, report and share issues with other team members. It also allows users to move away from the traditional spreadsheet or paper-based approach for documenting project activities. Safety communication is paramount in construction and FieldLens does a great job of allowing users to track site safety items through the platforms.

Team members can create items (a photo, video or attachment to it) for unsafe actions or conditions. Users can also create custom labels and tags for different times and equipment.

Download: App Store | Play Store

Pricing: Here

NoteVault – Daily Reporting App

This is a mobile reporting solution that gives field workers the ability to produce reports quickly for projects.

It is a voice-based construction software that uses advanced record keeping technology and tools that are visible to  NoteVault has the unique capability to produce comprehensive and professional reports.

Download: App Store | Play Store


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