Pain-free California Meal And Rest Breaks Compliance

Timeero is the ultimate solution that can help you stay compliant with California breaks.

Immediately know when an employee is not compliant
Avoid costly penalties and lawsuits
Arm yourself with proof for litigation cases and lawsuits

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We've helped and continue to help many teams track breaks and stay compliant

Focus on running your business, not tracking break compliance

We know how frustrating it is to manage California break compliance. The constant reminder to employees to take breaks goes unheeded. Some simply don't take their breaks. Chasing signatures, or trying to figure out who's even taking their breaks in a compliant way.

Timeero’s California Breaks Tracker lets you monitor and manage employee breaks with a few clicks. Now you can:
Track when employees start and end their breaks
Receive alerts when an employee is non-compliant
Generate reports and export data for payroll and audits
Access your records anytime, anywhere, from any device

Stressed about Break Compliance?

Relax. We’ve got you covered.  

Verify Breaks, Hours, and Mileage With Employee Signatures

Employees can physically sign their Daily sign-off forms and timesheets using mobile devices.
Add more safeguards for California break law compliance
Verify employees’ time, overtime, and double-time hours
View signatures with timestamps
Easily generate reports for audits
The fastest and easiest way to stay compliant with California break laws
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Put an end to unaccounted breaks. Protect your company from legal liability, penalties, and financial losses.

Easily Set Up California Break Policy

Keep up with employee time card laws in California with Timeero's built-in tools.

Daily Sign-Offs

California employees need to verify whether they’ve used their breaks according to the law or state the reason for non-compliance.

Generate Reports

Easily generate Daily Sign-Off reports to see who’s compliant or in any case of disputes.

Integrate with payroll software &  much more

Managing California Breaks? The pain is real

California law requires employers to record every minute of an employee’s break time accurately. Avoid legal violations by using Timeero to precisely and easily track break times without rounding up or down.