Face Recognition Time Clock

You don’t have to worry about buddy punching ever again. Face recognition that works for you!


Prevent buddy punching

Are your employees punching in on behalf of their coworkers? Timeero takes a photo of each employee and notifies admins if the person clocking in isn’t who they claim to be. Gone are the days of an employee clocking in for a friend.

No expensive hardware

There’s no need to spend money on an expensive hardware clock. Fingerprints and hardware clocks are a thing of the past. The Timeero Terminal (our kiosk app), works on a tablet and can be used for your time tracking and facial recognition needs.

Accessible from anywhere in the world

Facial recognition can go anywhere you go. It works for the office environment and outside or on-the-go workers. All you need is a smart device to get going.

Easy to use

Get your team set up and going in a few minutes. With a few taps your team can accurately start tracking time. Cut down payroll costs and dramatically reduce time spent managing timesheets.

How It Works

  • Your employees take a photo of themselves the first time they punch in.
  • Our AI learns the face of each employee or user that needs to clock in or out.
  • Our software flags the time entry if their face doesn’t match what is on file.
  • We send an alert to the admin notifying them about the false punches.
It was nice that I was able to call and schedule a video conference with a specialist who was able to talk to all of my staff and tell them how the system works and what was the way that you could benefit us and now it pretty much gives me a lot more time to let them handle what they need to handle without me having to be integrated into everything.
Jose I. (owner)
5 star review on Capterra

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Do I need to take or register each user’s photo to use the facial recognition feature?
Are employees blocked from clocking in on a face mismatch?
Does this work without an internet connection?
What kind of tablets does Timeero facial recognition support?
Is this legal?

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