Many businesses are using paper timesheets and have no clue how employees spend company time. Are you? We’ll show you how to fix this using a GPS time clock.

Many businesses are using paper timesheets and have no clue how employees spend company time. Are you? We’ll show you how to fix this using a GPS time clock.

GPS time clock app adoption in businesses is a growing trend

It’s easier than ever to start a business yet harder than ever to run a successful one. As a business leader, you are focused on growing profits and maximizing returns for your department. The most common path is to focus on getting more sales and business. However, most business leaders forget sometimes that cutting down costs, by investing in the right technology, can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

A few simple questions you could ask: “Are employees really spending their time where they should be? Are you getting your money’s worth with employees or paying for an invisible employee”, is a question that can.

These are not trivial questions to answer, depending on the kind of business you are running. However, according to the American Payroll Association, 75% of businesses struggle with time theft or buddy punching in some form. Good news is you can answer these questions using the right technology, such a gps time clock or employee gps time tracking solution.


There are hundreds of timesheet apps or GPS tracking solutions out there. Picking the right solution can be a tedious task, but fortunately, we can save you the pains involved in that process. These are a few things to look out for when deciding on a solution:

There are several reasons why you should have a timekeeping process:

Geolocation with trail path tracking

It’s important to capture location when team employees clock in or clock out, but that may not be enough. You may want a system that tracks employees locations while on the clock. This is particularly useful for construction or field service companies, where employees have remote jobs. A tracking app that provides GPS waypoints may also have timestamps of when the GPS point was captured, helping you to also know when employees were at the specific location and point in time.

Geofencing Capabilities

What is a geofence? It’s simply a virtual boundary created around a geographic region. Now how does that apply to time tracking? When used properly, geofences can be a great asset for employees and employers. Imagine arriving or departing a job site and being reminded to clock in or out? What if a team supervisor or manager can be notified if employees are not clocking in at the right job site and at the right time?

Geofencing combined with a GPS time tracker leads to wonderful accountability systems that will keep your teams honest.

Offline Capabilities


If you’re in the process of looking for a time tracking software or app, it’s very easy to overlook this one feature, offline usage. Then you get hit with complaints from your employees that they cannot use the software in areas with bad internet service. Employees are then encouraged, to only clock in/out where they have internet service. This is a very costly mistake.

Mileage Tracking

Most people don’t think of mileage reimbursement until tax season, when it’s usually too late. If mileage driven needs to be reimbursed, then you a system that does both time and mileage tracking, can take the burden of mileage tracking off employers and employees. Being able to track mileage driven is indispensable for several businesses.


● Establish a process
● Train employees
● Address any concerns

Establish a process

home health time tracking

Making the necessary change to add more accountability may involve changing your process or using technology to enhance the process. When the right technology is properly used, it makes your process much seamless. You can learn more about introducing a better time tracking process here.

Train Employees

gps time clock or location tracking

The extensiveness of training will be dependent on your business process and the kind of GPS time clock software you go with. An easy to use GPS time tracking application, will require little to no training for adoption. During the training process, it is imperative to set expectations on the usage of your new system, as some within your organization may not easily adapt to the new process. Failure to set expectations can make the new process less seamless and possibly cause frustrations frustrations or even worse, friction, between administrators and on the field employees.


Address any concerns

Introducing a GPS time clock or GPS time tracking tool can feel invasive, especially when it’s their personal phones and devices being used. However it’s crucial to help employees understand that GPS tracking only happens while they are on company time. Using a gps time tracking app like Timeero, employees are only tracked while on the clock. There are countless stories of gps time clock apps saving employees from false accusations of being somewhere they were actually not, as well as lost phones being found.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that the top 2 concerns employees have with a gps time clock app is battery drainage and data usage. Ironically, 9% of the people we surveyed only cared about data or battery life is it was a personal app. Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter are by far the biggest data and battery hogs.


When implemented properly, a GPS time clock app can be a game-changing accountability tool.

For fast, simple and convenient assistance with all employee time tracking and scheduling needs, schedule a demo with Timeero – the GPS employee time tracking app, and let us help you solve your employee management issues.


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