Food Services

Track Time, GPS and Schedule All In One Place

You don't have to worry about your team members tracking time accurately. With Timeero there are multiple ways to track time and ensure the crew is doing what they are doing. You will know if someone is late or worst case, did not show up to or for their assignments.

Scheduling is made easy because now everyone can receive their shifts all in one place. No need to text or mail paper schedules all over the place. Put an end to the scheduling woes you've been experiencing.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Expensive Surprises

The restaurant, food services and accomodation industries are high targets for FLSA lawsuits. They are among the highest for FLSA wage and hour prosecutions. Unpaid overtime, claims for unpaid rest breaks and more are very common these days.

Accurately tracking time, payroll coupled with GPS will ensure that you are protecting yourself from expensive lawsuits. Timeero can calculate overtime and ensure employees are taking the lunch breaks they need .

You don't have to leave yourself vulnerable to a wage and hour lawsuit because Timeero can help ensure you are being compliant. Streamline your workforce tracking to reduce expensive errors.

Hassle Free Time and Workforce Tracking

Schedule shifts, track time, employee location and stay compliant all in one easy place.
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