Time Tracking in the Agriculture Industry

Time tracking can be challenging for agricultural businesses due to seasonal and remote employees. Businesses have to stay in compliance with the wage and hours law. This can be tricky because managing time sheets can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but record keeping is an essential part of time and labor compliance.

Agriculture businesses are responsible for tracking employee’s hours and overtime. Agricultural companies need the satisfaction that their remote workforce is accountable and productivity is high. In agriculture, most tasks are executed manually because it’s impossible to automate everything on a farm.

This leads to labor being the most substantial operating expense, so proper time tracking in agriculture is essential.

Benefits of Using a Time Tracking App like Timeero

With digital time tracking apps you can now start to track labor expenses and take control of the cost accurately. Unlike the old punching clocks, workers can punch in and out within seconds via their mobile devices regardless of their location. With GPS pinpoint tracking, employers can verify if staff members are on time as well as on site.

Due to varying factors in the agriculture sector, it can be challenging to comply with overtime regulations. Digital time tracking apps are crucial because you can automatically apply the overtime regulations and your FLSA compliance can be reliable.

Given the nature of agriculture work, eliminating buddy punching with traditional punching clocks has in the past proved difficult. Buddy punching alone contributes to 75% of payroll loses, and an average employee steals 450 minutes per week. Timeero time tracking app accurately records the worker’s attendance and hours, thus eliminating time theft.  

Digital time tracking apps make payroll an easy breeze process with minimum errors and time wastage. Increase productivity and profits by adopting Timeero time tracking app. This app is easy to operate, and an affordable online solution with a 14-day trial.

Ready to get rid of buddypunching on your farm site?

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