How Do I Track Construction Workers Time?

A simple way to track construction labor time is to use a time clock app built for construction businesses. Many construction businesses still use paper time cards or rely on employees to remember their hours spent. This can be a very expensive way to track labor because buddy punching is a real problem, especially in the construction industry.

A time tracking app with GPS and geofencing capabilities, like Timeero, will hold your teams more accountable.

Eliminate Time Theft

With Timeero you can ensure that your employees are actually on the job site before they can clock in or out. By restricting clock in using geofencing, you can block employees from clocking in if they are not on the job site.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Facial Recognition - Buddy punching is a real big problem in the construction industry. By utilizing Timeero facial recognition time clock, you can ensure that no one is clocking in on behalf of others.

Digital Construction Time Clock and More You Can Count On

Geofence Time Clock

Remembering to clock in does not always come easily. This is why geofencing can be extremely useful for construction crews. Let Timeero do the work and remind your employees to clock in and out when onsite.

Job Site Time Clock For Construction

With the Timeero Terminal app you can set up a kiosk to ensure the different crew members have a central location to clock in and out from. Coupled with facial recognition and GPS, you can rest assured to know that employees are where they need to be.

Photo Capture and Notes For Proof of Work

Crew members can capture photos of work being done to communicate updates and work progress to the main office. Communicating work progress and updates has never been easier.

Start Tracking Your Crew The Right Way

Hold your crew accountable and cut down on costs using Timeero. Start your free trial today.
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