Energy Industry

Workforce Tracking for the Energy Industry

For companies providing field services in the gas, oil, coal, electrical industries, and nuclear power, it is critical to monitor mobile workers. These workers are often in difficult or dangerous conditions. Timeero time tracking application meticulously tracks their location information, even in regions like basins and wells, where a cell signal isn’t viable.

Our technology functions even when mobile data is turned OFF. By using a mobile phone or smartphone, professionals in the energy sector can quickly log in and out of jobs and track workers tasks performed throughout the day.

Combined with geofencing technology, workers can be reminded to clock in or out based on their location.

Track Time, GPS and More

By implementing our workers time tracking system, energy firms will increase their staff’s compliance, eliminate time sheet errors and smoothen the payroll process. Most importantly, access to our highly accurate time tracking technology will provide much-needed peace of mind for managers and owners who no longer have to guess where their workers are located at any given time.

The energy sector companies are getting more dynamic everyday. Time tracking applications are helping these organizations track staff labor more efficiently than traditional time cards and paper timesheets. By streamlining time and location tracking, you make the whole process much quicker, more accessible and flawless.

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