Energy Industry

GPS Tracking App for the Energy Industry: Improve Workforce Management with Timeero

Timeero gives you tools to optimize productivity, streamline operations, and ensure the safety of your workforce.

Why Choose Timeero's GPS Tracking for Oil and Gas?

  • User-Friendly. Timeero's intuitive GPS tracking app and web dashboard are easy to use and require minimal training.
  • Employee Privacy. Timeero only tracks employee data during work hours, respecting their privacy during personal time.
  • Reliability & Accuracy. Rely on Timeero's robust GPS technology for precise time and location tracking, even in remote areas.
  • Dedicated Support. Get the most out of the platform by contacting Timeero's expert service team for personalized support.
  • Flexible & Scalable. Timeero grows with your business, accommodating any size team or project.

GPS Time Tracking for the Oil and Gas Industry

Eliminate manual timesheets and payroll errors with Timeero's precise GPS time tracking.

  • Clock In/Out Anywhere, Anytime. Workers can clock in/out and track their breaks and overtime directly from their smartphones, even in remote locations without internet connectivity.
  • Digital Timecards. Automate timekeeping by generating accurate digital timecards, 
  • Terminal Kiosk with Facial Recognition. Prevent buddy punching and ensure precise attendance tracking at centralized locations
  • DCAA Compliance. Meet DCAA government contract requirements with Timeero's compliant timekeeping system.

Maximize Oilfield Safety and Productivity

Enhance safety, optimize dispatching, and gain valuable insights into field operations by monitoring employee locations in real-time.

  • Real-Time Visibility. Know where your employees are at all times during the work day.
  • Geofencing. Define virtual boundaries around worksites to reduce time theft and encourage accountability. Send clock-in/out reminders, enhance security, and ensure employees are where they should be.
  • Route Optimization & Replay. Analyze and replay employee driving routes to identify the most efficient paths.
  • Offline Mode. Timeero continues to track time and location even without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted data collection.

Accurate Reimbursements & Cost Control

Eliminate the need for manual mileage logs and ensure precise tracking of business miles.

  • Automatic Mileage Logging. Timeero tracks business mileage automatically through motion detection technology when your employees are on the clock.
  • Better Cost Control. Compare actual vs shortest routes to reduce drive time and mileage, save on fuel costs, and prevent liability issues.
  • Ensure IRS compliance. Set standard mileage rates and deduct commuter mileage to comply with IRS reimbursement requirements.

Streamlined Payroll & Reimbursement

Automatically calculate time and mileage reimbursements and easily export Timeero data to your payroll system for streamlined processing.

Timeero, the #1 Oil and Gas Attendance App

Improve efficiency in the energy industry with GPS tracking.
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