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Time Tracking for General Contractors

Most general contractors rely on paper timesheets and employees words for time tracking.

Mobile GPS time clock offers better job-costing that provides accurate information on how much time was spent to complete a job. Timeero improves payroll efficiency, thus reducing the administrative costs. Timekeeping is a challenge for a mobile workforce because time clocks used in buildings aren’t mobile friendly.

The Timeero GPS mobile time clocks is a great option for general contractors to track employee time and movement. The ability to accurately track money and hours used on each job results to better job costing. Employees simply clock-in from their mobile devices and enter their job code or notes. If they need to change jobs in the middle of a workday, they simply access their device and switch codes.

Track & Hold Your Team More Accountable

The huge concern about mobile workers is that minimal supervision will lead to a lack of accountability. Employers certainly need assurance that crew members are working diligently to complete the work at hand. Modern mobile time clocks for contractors work on employee’s smartphones as apps.

Timeero is a great way to hold your team more accountable. It notifies the employer if the worker was at the job site and how many hours he or she spent there. Employees receive notifications on their smartphones reminding them to clock in and out.

In addition, there is a time clock kiosk option that allows employees to clock in and out from a central location. Coupled with face recognition, you can ensure that other crew members are not clocking in or out on behalf of others.

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