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Track Time & Caregiver Schedules In One Place

If you are in the home health space, chances are caregivers have to track their time, mileage, and see their schedule assignments. With Timeero you can assign your caregivers their shifts and they will get notified right on their phones. There's no need for the paper-based schedules and everyone knows which job to be at including the patient locations.

Learn how one home health care company streamlined their time, mileage, scheduling and payroll using Timeero.

Track Mileage and GPS

Some caregivers have to track mileage for reimbursement. Anyone who has been in the mobile health or home health business knows when it comes to mileage, it keeps going up and down, even when the caregivers are seeing the same patients from the same locations.

Timeero helps your team accurately track mileage, so you don't have to overpay for mileage. Overpaying in mileage reimbursement is an all too common problem for home health and hospice businesses.

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