Track Labor & Production Costs

Labor is usually the biggest expense for any business, including manufacturing businesses. Manufacturing businesses use Timeero to ensure accurate time and labor costing.

Not only can you track time but you can also track employee time off. Know who is taking time off and when and stop wondering where everyone is.

Face Recognition To Combat Time Theft

The Timeero Terminal (kiosk app from Timeero) enables several people to clock in and out from a single device. When face recognition is turned on, you can ensure that those who are clocking in are really who they say they are. If someone else tries to clock in on behalf of others, a notification is sent to administrators or those in charge.

Teams that embrace Timeero can ensure their employees are where they need to be through GPS and geofence technology. Employees can also be restricted from clocking in if they are not on the job site yet.

Time & Workforce Tracking For Manufacturers

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