Property Management

GPS Timesheets & Geofences for Facility Management

A geofence is a virtual perimeter or boundary set around a location. Using a geofence, you can receive a notification when a remote worker leaves the boundaries of the assigned property or facility. So let’s say one of the workers shows up on the job site to clock in but then leaves to go elsewhere, you will get notified. Timeero offers you a way to track time, location with geofences as well as mileage.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Being able to know where your remote workers are is very crucial. Too often property managers are way too trusting. only to find out later that the contractors, employees or others they work with have been very dishonest. The consequences of fraud can be very expensive. Using a time card app like Timeero will give you the protection you need for your business.

Property management time tracking

Timeero integrates well with payroll and accounting software such as QuickBooks. Having to do double-entry of data can be time-consuming. Take the pain of getting your timesheets into your payroll system out of your life by using Timeero.

GPS Time Clock for Property and Facility Managers

Timeero will make managing your properties and facilities much easier. You can start your free trial of Timeero today. Managing your facilities or property management business will be much easier with Timeero.

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