Sales Representatives

Track Sales Rep Visits and Location

Do you run an outside or field sales team? Chances are you need to monitor your reps and make sure they are where they need to be or working within their territories.

With Timeero you can get a breadcrumb trail path of where your sales representatives have been. You no longer need to worry if a rep is working their territory or not. Each location point and visit is timestamped so you will know how long a representative has been at various locations.

You can hold your reps more accountable by ensuring they are where they need to be and working the territories they've been assigned. Timeero is a great sales management software for outside sales people.

Mileage Tracking For Sales Reps

Most outside sales reps may use their own cars and expect to be reimbursed for their mileage driven. Relying on reps to report their own mileage can be very inaccurate. Most people don't enjoy having to record their start and end odometer readings so many times they resort to guessing their mileage.

If your reps were taking the longer and scenic routes in hopes of being reimbursed, would you know?

With the Timeero GPS tracking app, you can see where all your reps have been, the path they took and the mileage driven. You don't have to overpay for mileage just because your sales reps are getting it wrong.

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