Why Staffing Businesses Need Time Tracking & More

If you manage a staffing business, you know it’s essential to maintain an accurate record of the attendance, work hours and overtimes of temporary workers. This enables you to generate reliable and error-free payrolls at the end of the week or month.

Time tracking has traditionally been done through paper-based time sheets, punch cards and clocks. It involves a lot of human errors and lack of accountability. Also, buddy punching, time thefts, frauds through poor and forged recordings are often encountered.

These mistakes and forgeries lead to inaccurate payrolls and losses to the staffing agencies.Paper time sheets have become an outdated and inadequate method of time and attendance recording. Especially since a significant number of your temporary workers may work remotely, paper time sheets will not be useful to track their time and attendance.

Why You Should Use Timeero

Timeero is the ultimate time tracking software that tracks more than time. You can manage time, time off, GPS, mileage, schedules and more all from one app. Timeero gives you the visibility that you never had before.

Managing a staffing business can be stressful so using a workforce tracking software like Timeero can lead to tremendous cost savings.

Timeero is the time tracking app your business wants

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