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Easily convert decimal hours to regular hours and minutes.
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Converting from decimal hours format versus hours and minutes can be confusing. So I first want to walk you through the difference between decimal format time versus hours and minutes time. So 10.50 is the decimal format time and it’s hours and minutes counterpart is 10:30.

You can tell the difference between the two formats by looking for a colon or a single dot. Traditional time has a colon separating the hours and minutes, such as 2:05pm. The decimal time on the other hand will read as 2.08.

So how do you convert between minutes and decimals?

To convert 2.50 to hours and minutes, take the 50 and divide it by 100 and multiply that result by 60 minutes to get your correct number of minutes. In this case, this translates to 2 hours 30 minutes.

hour conversion

To convert 4:15 to decimal, you have to divide the minute, which is 15, part by 60. This results in a value of 0.25. Then add the result to four hours to get your decimal time which is 4.25.

decimal conversion

Doing this math for payroll can be repetitive and even worse error-prone. Underpaying or overpaying for payroll is something you definitely want to avoid for many reasons.

Need a better way to do conversion?

If you want a system that can handle your time clock hours and payroll, then you should consider looking into Timeero for your time tracking needs. Timeero handles decimal conversion any many more. You can start a free trial here or still stick with the old way by downloading our time conversion chart.

time conversion chart

Conversion between Military Time and Standard Time

You may probably be familiar with times where the hour is greater than 12 and less than 25 such as 23:13. This form of time presentation is what we call military time. Converting military time to standard time, such as 2:05am, is quite simple:
If the hour part of the military time is greater 12, then subtract 12 from it and add pm to get the exact time. Let’s tackle a few examples so you can get a better understanding of it.

Example 1

Let’s say you have 20:03, military time, and you want to convert that to standard time.
You first subtract 12 from 20 (20-12 = 8) and then replace the hour part with 8. You can then append the pm to get 8:03pm.

Example 2

Convert 04:12 military time to standard time. Because the hour hand is 4 and it’s less than 12, we simply append am to get 4:12 am as the standard time.

Why you should use Timeero to handle your time conversion

Timeero will take care of your time tracking, time conversion and many more. If you want to learn more about Timeero, you can setup a quick 10 minute demo or start a free trial to get started.

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