Need better time management for employees? There’s an app for that.

Need better time management for employees? There’s an app for that.

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses in various industries who want to use our time tracking app to solve some specific problems they’re encountering, which means they have time organization and accountability issues.

We’re happy to say that our time tracking app offers these solutions, but usually when we start working with these companies we quickly learn that they have deeper problems.

Instead, most of these teams are dealing with problems we’ve already addressed, with one big one in particular– they’re running their business with paper timesheets, spreadsheets and have no time theft avoidance plans.

They need to target the source of the problem, and the best way is to point out the existing issues, then use technology that can create a more accountable process.


Time tracking, simply put, is the process of recording hours worked.

This process will be different for each company, but there are general steps that every company goes through as they successfully implement a time management procedure and system.


There are several reasons why you should have a timekeeping process:

Avoid Under-billing Customers

If you are currently working on a project without knowing exactly how many hours you’ve spent on it, there is a high likelihood you’re underestimating your time. Not tracking time spent is a bad idea, especially because tasks always take longer than expected.

Underbilling your clients or customers is one of the most destructive leakers. Luckily, it is easily fixable with a time tracking solution.

More Accountability

The right time management tool can provide more insight and accountability  on where employees are spending their time. Whether you have a mobile team or an office team, it is normal for a manager to inquire about the duration of a job or task. Using the appropriate time tracking tool can also help answer the popular “Where are you at?” question, especially for mobile field teams.

Better Performance Vision

According to a poll by, 89% of employees waste time at work each day. time-trackingYou should always make it a goal to acquire actionable information from your field teams. Without actionable information, you’ll be left guessing whether they are working hard enough or  not. Even if you have employees recording basic clock in and out information, you’ll still know a little about their performance: Are they arriving to work on time? Are they arriving to a job on time? Are they working where they say they will be working at? Great time tracking process (with a smart time tracking app) reveals information and patterns about an employees time spent at work behaviors.

Faster Payroll Generation Process

A lot of businesses spend hours trying to capture time sheets and run payroll. This process can become mundane and tedious, especially when done with paper time sheets. Having to constantly nag employees about their time cards, interpret bad handwriting and calculating total time worked is not a fun process. Not only does payroll need to be done; it has to be done right. No business owner wants to overpay employees by accident. No employee likes to find out they are being underpaid; even worse for employees is not being compensated for overtime when they should, which can lead to FLSA lawsuits.

Avoid FLSA Lawsuit

There are certain rules and regulations in some countries regarding labor wages. In the US, failure to follow the Department of Labor wage standards can lead to FLSA lawsuit. The DOL has a set of record keeping requirements.  When your time tracking process is well established, you can rest assured that both employers and employees are satisfied with payment.


In our experience, when it comes to time and attendance tracking, most companies are in two camps.

FLSA Lawsuit

The businesses belonging in the first camp are using paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets to track employee hours, usually because it is the cheapest and most convenient route. Companies in the second camp, know that they need a general electronic time tracking system process but they freely admit that it’s outdated or expensive to maintain.

There are those rare companies that have put a lot of effort into even building their solutions, but even they start to struggle a bit after a while because they are not open to change that could be beneficial. A time tracking process is basically an accountability process. With the advent of mobile technologies, the possibilities of creating more accountability has never been easier. Let’s talk about crucial steps that have to be taken when building a time accountability process.


Fortunately, the best system for your time and attendance tracking can be easily built based around where your employees spend their time working. Some questions to ask:

  • Do you have mobile employees going out in the field to work?
  • Are team members working from the office and in remote parts of the world?
  • Do employees have to be within a certain site range or geofence in order to clock in or clock out?
  • Does your system need to handle scheduling?
  • Is overtime tracking a must have?
  • Is employee location tracking needed?
  • Robust timesheet report generation.

Establish a time & attendance policy in your employee handbook

timekeepingPut in writing and communicate clearly to your employees that time theft & buddy punching will have no place at your workplace. Employees should have an open discussion with employers about the best time tracking and attendance practices at the workplace.

Establish a time & attendance policy in your employee handbook

home health time tracking

Put in writing and communicate clearly to your employees that time theft & buddy punching will have no place at your workplace. Employees should have an open discussion with employers about the best time tracking and attendance practices at the workplace.

Try Location Based Time Tracking Technology

gps time clock or location trackingEmployee time tracking apps with GPS location tracking can provide visibility into where employees are spending their time at work. Are your employees clocking in and out when and where they should be at? With smartphones, employers can know where their employees are working and who’s working.

There are a lot of benefits that come with following the example of these time efficient teams. Time tracking apps are essential for data gathering as you implement your attendance and timekeeping system. It’ll help eliminate buddy punching, time theft and hours spent generating payroll. The best employee timesheet app will integrate with other services and tools that you’re currently using, bringing all your data in to one place.

Be cautious as you make a transition towards mobile or some other time tracking software. Too often these time tracking apps will take a hands-off approach to their business. They’ll design the app, watch you download and charge you for it, with little to zero customer support.


No matter how good or bad you think your current time and attendance tracking system is, you should always be evaluating your approach, to make sure you have a very accountable approach.


*Schedule a demo with us or bring in a trial of our timekeeping technology and we’ll show you how to come up with a time tracking process that’ll address accountability issues your business is facing.