Need better time management for employees? There’s an app for that.

Need better time management for employees? There’s an app for that.

Time management of employees, GPS time tracking and payroll generation. Your one-stop solution for all employee time tracking needs- Timeero , the GPS employee time tracking app.

It is often said that ‘Time is Money’ and this saying becomes all the more relevant when applied to the corporate world. Every second count when it comes to productivity and every second wasted is equivalent to a loss for the company itself.

Buddy punching and time theft have become a typical scenario these days. According to, 89% of employees squander away time at work every day. To counter these practices, and prevent the routine of time wastage in organizations, we offer companies a remarkable solution through Timeero – the employee time tracking app.

Not only do we provide a simple, easy to use and effortless solution for time tracking, but we also ensure accountability for employees that work in the field with the GPS time tracking feature on our app. The app also saves companies the hassle of maintaining paper timesheets by keeping a record of time on the app itself.

Instead, most of these teams are dealing with problems we’ve already addressed, with one big one in particular– they’re running their business with paper timesheets, spreadsheets and have no time theft avoidance plans.


Time tracking is a report of the number of hours that an employee has put in at work.

Each company tries to ensure that employees have worked the number of hours that their job demands and time tracking aids them in maintaining a record of the time that employee has worked.


There are several reasons why you should have a timekeeping process:

Avoid Under-billing Customers

Are you the kind of person that loses themselves while working on a project and struggles to keep track of time? If so, then Timeero assists you in monitoring the amount of time you spend working so that you can avoid charging a clientless, especially when it is compared to the effort that goes into a project. So just set the timer running on Timeero and keep your worries at bay.

More Accountability

It becomes quite a strain on the part of a manager to call up every employee on a mobile team to ask them where they are, and even that is not a 100% feasible solution. If you have suspicions as to what your employees have been doing during work hours, sign up for Timeero – your own GPS employee time tracking app to give you insight into the location of your team from anywhere at any point in time and provide for more accountability than ever before.

Better Performance Vision

time-trackingA study by the American Payroll Association states that approximately 75 percent of companies lose money from buddy punching, where one employee punches the clock for another. The loss in output is a long-term issue that ends up being a significant blow for several companies. With a simple Clock In/ Clock Out feature, Timeero makes it nearly impossible for one person to clock in for another. Each employee needs to clock in from their Android or iOS device or log in through the desktop application, to begin tracking their time for the day. A crew leader can also clock in for the team members and later, a manager can always check back and rectify possible errors. If you worry about employees arriving late or leaving early, this employee time tracking application will still aid you in staying on top of lazy behavior often exhibited by employees.

Faster Payroll Generation Process

Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of maintaining pages and pages of timesheets and spending hours slogging through them to run payroll. The inefficiency and inaccuracy of time cards can now be done away with through Timeero. With all the records and data relating to an employee’s time hosted on the app, it is now easier than ever to generate payroll and that too, with higher accuracy.

Avoid FLSA Lawsuit

Employee time tracking with the Timeero app helps in keeping a proper record of the number of hours worked, and hence this well-established system can make sure that appropriate wages are being paid. Time tracking can make sure that one has complied with all the Department of Labor wage rules and regulations and avoid potential FLSA lawsuits.


Usually, the companies that require a time and attendance tracking system fall under two major categories.

FLSA Lawsuit

The first comprises of businesses that still maintain paper-based timesheets or Excel Spreadsheets and work through that data for days on end to generate payroll. However, this method has low efficiency and can end up costing companies money, as there are discrepancies in manual data and errors in calculation that often arise. The second category consists of companies that maintain an electronic time tracking system which comes at a high expense.

There are also companies that need to hold their field employees accountable for their operations but the only way to account for the work hours is through calling and confirming and evaluating the report of the work done on the field.

All of these methods are either outdated or expensive in addition to being difficult to maintain along with a high margin for error. Timeero swoops in as a savior for all these companies by offering a convenient and straightforward low-cost solution.


Building an accountability system for employees, whether regular or mobile, involves asking the following questions:
● Is there a team of employees that stays mobile and works on-site?
● What is the work environment of the team members: a regular office or a virtual environment?
● What is the diversity of the people in the team? Do they belong to different parts/ time zones in case of a virtual work environment?
● Is there a certain site or geological range that employees have to be in to clock in/clock out?
● Do you need to handle the scheduling of employees?
● What are the conditions for overtime and leave requests?
● Is GPS employee time tracking required through the app?
● What are the requirements to generate a digital timesheet report?

Establish a time & attendance policy in your employee handbook

home health time tracking

Establish clear cut rules warning employees against unethical practices like time theft and buddy punching and the consequences that will follow in cases of non-compliance with the regulations. Open discussions should be initiated among employees and employers to create a work-friendly environment that focuses on extracting the maximum output from employees while keeping the stress at a minimum.

Try Location Based Time Tracking Technology

gps time clock or location trackingEmployee time tracking apps with GPS location tracking can provide visibility into where employees are spending their time at work. Are your employees clocking in and out when and where they should be at? With smartphones, employers can know where their employees are working and who’s working.

The GPS employee time tracking app provides a clear insight into the habits and behavioral patterns of employees at work. By restricting the clock in feature to a specific geological area or radius, it ensures that employees can only clock in a while at the workplace and nowhere else.

It is a great boon for the managers in charge of mobile teams, as they can see the exact location of the employees from anywhere in the world. The GPS location and timesheet reports of an employee at any time can be accessed by the manager with a simple swipe, providing a convenient solution. It also helps in tracking and ensuring the safety of employees and efficiently assigning jobs to the on-site teams.

Employee time tracking apps are essential when it comes to timekeeping, maintaining records and payroll generation as well as the implementation of an efficient method for attendance. Integrating with other tools and services that a company is using and providing cross-platform functionality by bringing all the data together into a single place makes for a good employee time tracking app.

Therefore, it is best to do your research before integrating an employee time tracking app into your company’s routine. Timeero is a reliable solution with testimonials from various experts in the industry attesting to its functionality, support, and convenience for customers.


In a corporate system, new demands crop up on a daily basis, and at times, old systems lose out in terms of functionality and assistance when trying to fulfill these demands. It is always important to evaluate the current system of time tracking and check if it is up to date with the current requirements.

For fast, simple and convenient assistance with all employee time tracking and scheduling needs, schedule a demo with Timeero – the GPS employee time tracking app, and let us help you solve your employee management issues.


*Schedule a demo with us or bring in a trial of our timekeeping technology and we’ll show you how to come up with a time tracking process that’ll address accountability issues your business is facing.