Construction Time Card App

No-Nonsense Guide to Best Construction Time Clock Apps of 2020

Are you running into problems using pen and paper to track time? Or do you want to know where your guys really are during work hours or even suspect some of your team members are not where they say they are?

Tracking worker’s time in construction with a pen and paper can be a very time-consuming task for the person managing time cards and running payroll. Besides, gaining insight into where your team or employees spend their time physically is crucial. You should consider using a construction time card app for your business. 

There are many construction time card apps and time sheet software out on the market. With the plethora of options, I can help you cut through the noise. Every year, many vendors enter the market, and many also go out of business. Again I will cut through the noise and help you find the right fit because we have experience in this industry.


We are affiliated with Timeero, a GPS construction time clock app. At Timeero, we don’t consider ourselves to be a one-size-fits-all solution for every type of construction business. The truth is, we could never be a one size fits all because every business has different requirements. We would prefer we are an excellent fit for you, so our time and your time is not wasted, trying to use something that’s not the right fit. We will also recommend or suggest other vendors we think will be a better option based on your use-case.


Which kind of construction time tracking app?

There are many time tracking apps built that are made solely to be used on a desktop computer. But for the construction industry, you will want to use a portable time clock since your crew is mobile. Your crew members most likely carry smartphones, or at least the crew supervisor may have one. So you will want to look for a time tracking app for your team to clock in and out.

You may want to look into a portable time clock to place on the job site so each employee can punch in and out. Some business owners stand a tablet device such as an old iPad or Android tablet on the job site for employee time and attendance.


What to look out for in a GPS time card app for construction?

There are specific capabilities you will want to pay attention to when looking for the right construction time tracking app:

What to look out for:

  • Portable time clock or GPS time tracking app.
  • Crew clock in.
  • Offline capabilities.
  • GPS time tracking.
  • Geofencing capabilities.
  • Mileage tracking.
  • Good reports and analytics.
  • Integrates with several payroll systems.
  • Great customer service.


Nice to have:

  • File and photo attachments.
  • Messaging and notifications to employees.


We put together an informative article to assist you in learning more about how to pick a construction timesheet app.


What to avoid:

  • Annual contracts.
  • Long setup processes.


Construction time clock apps on the market:

We’ve been in the space for a while, and we know what works and what doesn’t. You could spend several hours and days searching for a timekeeping solution, or we can save you time with a list which vendors we know are the best for construction:

  • Timeero (this is us)
  • Exaktime
  • Busybusy
  • MJobTime


In these reviews, we will show app rating, pricing, where possible the pricing. It’s important to read the app ratings so you can know what actual users have to say.


iOS Reviews: 4.8 rating

Android Reviews: 4.5 rating

Pricing: $5/user/month on Monthly pricing

A GPS time tracking app with mileage tracking capabilities for construction and field service businesses. It comes with geofencing capabilities to ensure that your team members are working where they say they are. With the live GPS tracking, you can know where your team is at any time, with breadcrumbs trail, and also see mileage logs for distance traveled.

When accompanied with geofencing technology, time punches outside of the geofences are flagged, and administrators can get notified when suspicious clock-ins happen.

Simplicity is paramount to what we do; hence, Timeero is built to be simple to use. The last thing you need is employees struggling to clock in and out for the day. We built Timeero for businesses that want to have insight into where and how their employees are spending their time.

Run beautiful reports for hours worked and for job costing all in one spot and export these into popular accounting and payroll systems such as QuickBooks.

Timeero comes with automatic mileage tracking capabilities so that you won’t need a separate mileage tracking app.

As was mentioned above, an offline capability is a must, and with Timeero, your users will be able to track time even without an internet connection. Once they come back online, their timesheets will sync to the cloud. 

Time off and employee scheduling is available for construction teams. Pen and paper are big-time killers and using our time off and scheduling tools, you can eliminate more paper and wasted time. Assign schedules to employees, and they can be alerted of their assignments. When your teammates need to take time off, they can request time off throughout our mobile apps.

Photo and file attachments give you the ability to attach photos and files to timesheets and jobs. For example, your staff can attach photos of work done on the field, receipts, and expenses all in a few taps. Attaching documents gives you a business owner or a supervisor, insight into where your employees are spending their time.

If you are looking for an app to help you accurately track time and location for your construction business or field workforce, you should seriously consider Timeero. You can start a 14-day trial with us here.



iOS rating: 2.9/5

Android rating: 3.5/5

Pricing: $6/user/month with annual contract only

ExakTime is a time and attendance software built specifically for the construction industry. They have been in the construction time tracking business for over 20 years and were primarily focused on the construction industry.

ExakTime captures GPS locations of only the clock-in and clock-out points. This may not be useful for you if you want to know where your team members’ locations were during different times of the day. With ExakTime, you can also track jobs and cost codes and, most recently, scheduling.

Out of the different construction time clocks we know of, ExakTime is the only one that provides rugged time clocks. The JobClock Hornet is built for durability, so if you are looking for a very durable hardware clock to use on the construction site, then we recommend you choose ExakTime.

Pricing is tricky with ExakTime as it’s not displayed on their website, and we are not allowed to disclose it. We’ve been in contact with past ExakTime users hence the reason why we know their pricing terms. Paying users are locked into a year-long contract, which we understand isn’t cheap. If you are comfortable being locked into a contract without a free trial, then ExakTime may be okay for you. If not, then you probably should look elsewhere, as there is no free trial or price transparency.



iOS: 5/5

Android: (Not available for Android. Only for iOS)

Pricing: Unknown

MJobTime (which stands for a mobile job and time tracking software) is specifically designed and made for construction and general contractor companies. It is a pretty extensive software that spans outside the timesheet space. MJobTime runs as downloadable desktop software and has an iOS app that runs on the iPhone and iPad. Currently, there isn’t any support for Android that I am aware of based on the information available on their website.

If you are seeking a complete project management system in addition to time tracking, then MJobTime might be your answer. In addition to time tracking, it comes with a document storage tool that can be very handy as well as equipment tracking.

One of the cool and outstanding features of MJobTime is the biometric fingerprint scanner. Your crew members can clock in or out with their fingerprints at the job site. If you are looking for a fingerprint scanner time clock, then you should keep MJobTime on the top of your list.

MJobTime doesn’t seem like it’s made the transition to the cloud, and there have been very few updates made to their iOS app and desktop app. It also doesn’t seem there is an option for a free trial. You will have to contact their team to set up a time for a demo. 

Pricing is also not transparent, and typically this means that the service isn’t cheap. Visit their website for a demo and talk pricing to see if MJobTime is a good fit.



iOS: 4.3/5

Android: 3.9/5

Pricing: Free Plan & Pro Plan ($10/user/month)

I believe BusyBusy’s time clock was built with the construction industry in mind, and the folks at BusyBusy have done an excellent job creating an app dedicated to the construction industry.

Where I think BusyBusy shines is in their Labor Budgets and Equipment tracking tools. BusyBusy has an app solely dedicated to Equipment Tracking, which is helpful for construction businesses wanting to track time and equipment. 

BusyBusy is also heavy on the project management side of job tracking and has some helpful integrations with other project management tools such as Procore.

In terms of pricing, BusyBusy has a free option and a Pro option. Not surprising, the free option is very limited in capabilities. For example, I can only run reports for the last 7 days, a limited number of jobs and the only way to add time is as an employee. If you are a one-person shop, then I think this could work out fine for you.

The Pro version comes with a lot more features and runs for $11.99/user when billed on the monthly plan.

BusyBusy is one of the more feature-rich construction time clocks out there, but from the feedback we’ve received from past users, it is complicated to use. Hence if you want a simple tool for your guys to clock in/out, then it probably won’t be the right fit for you.


Looking for something not too fancy?

Some of you may be looking for a simple clock in and clock out tool for your team and nothing super fancy. You may only care about the clock in and clock out GPS points and start and end times. If so there are many tools out there that can get you that for a lower price, such as Timeero.


Let’s face it, workers’ compensation can be costly, and it’s imperative to have a timesheet app for your construction business. Don’t wait till things turn south before looking for a timesheet app.

Know of a construction time clock app I haven’t covered? Shoot me a message in our chat (on the bottom right), and my team and I will consider evaluating it.