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TSheets QuickBooks Time Review - Employee Time Tracking - Features & Drawbacks

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June 7, 2021 4:17 AM
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Is TSheets the right time tracker for you?

We will do our best to answer this question in this article.
This article will give you an in-depth TSheets overview to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your team. We will also share other alternatives to TSheets if it’s not a good fit for your needs.

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Let’s dive into our TSheets review....

What is TSheets or QuickBooks Time?

TSheets is a popular time tracking application that is meant for teams of all sizes. Many businesses move away from using paper timesheets and use TSheets to collaborate track time, and schedule together.

With a mobile app and several ways to enter time, it removes the pains and complexities from tracking time.

TSheets Pros & Cons

First, we will look into the critical features of TSheets by QuickBooks and then follow up with the drawbacks and other TSheets complaints.

Key Features of TSheets

The TSheets applications on web and mobile make tracking time much easier than using a pen and paper or spreadsheets.

1. Mobile time tracking

One of the most powerful TSheets features is its mobile app. With the mobile app, you can track time, GPS location, attach photos, assign schedules, and do several workforce management related things.

The mobile app makes managing your business and jobs much easier.

With the TSheets mobile apps, your teams can track more than time. It can track GPS locations, scheduling with detailed notes for different projects.

2. Integrates with QuickBooks

One of the big reasons many people go with TSheets is because it integrates with QuickBooks. After all, the makers of QuickBooks now own TSheets. Hence a marriage of TSheets and QuickBooks was an inevitable and apt move.

3. Track jobs and projects

With TSheets, you can accurately track time against jobs and projects.

The project tracking section allows you to track set budgets on different projects and notifies you if you are about to exceed the budget on a project.

This budgeting feature can be very helpful, especially for businesses that have to wait days or weeks to know if their employees exceed allocated hours on budgeted jobs.

Drawbacks of TSheets – TSheets Complaints

Even though TSheets is a good time tracking software, it’s not without its faults. Here are a few issues we’ve noticed with it based on our own experience and former TSheets users.

1. Not easy to use – complicated and clunky

TSheets is not a user-friendly program. It’s not intuitive, and many employees have a hard time navigating the software.

The floating windows on the web application cause a lot of clutter. Also, a lot of obvious functionality is hidden as Add-Ons, making it challenging to use.

Many former TSheets users have complained about how difficult it is for their teams to adopt it.

tsheets not easy to use

2. Gets pricey

TSheets is not the cheapest time tracking software on the market. The pricing has gone up over several years.

Over the last few years, it’s pricing was $5/user/month + $20 base fee and a $1.25 for scheduling.

Since TSheets got acquired, it’s raised its prices to a minimum of $8/user/month + $20 base fee and the highest tier end of $10/user/month + $45 base fee.

The pricing does not necessarily make it more superior to other time tracking software out there.

A lot of users do have a problem with the ever-increasing prices as shown below:

tsheets price increase

In addition to the higher prices, you also have to pay extra for certain add-ons so the price starts to really add up over time. The price for TSheets will keep going up over the years.

3. The application can be really slow

The TSheets application and mobile apps can be painfully slow. There are times when it takes users over 30 seconds or over a minute to clock in. Some users have to continuously refresh to get updates. Purchasing a time tracking tool is supposed to make tracking time easier, not harder.

4. There is little to no customer support

After Intuit took over, customer support fell on the backburner.

You can read many more reviews here.....

TSheets FAQs

Who owns TSheets? Intuit, the makers of the popular cloud accounting software, QuickBooks, owns TSheets. Intuit acquired TSheets in 2017.

How much does TSheets cost? The base TSheets pricing starts at $8/user/month + $20 base fee per month. The highest tier costs $10/user/month + $40 base fee. You can learn more about TSheets pricing here.

Does TSheets track location? Yes. When given the right permissions, TSheets can accurately track your location in the background only when you are clocked in. Once you clock out, the location tracking stops.

Does TSheets work offline? Yes, TSheets can work offline. You may track time on your mobile devices and have it sync to the server once you have a connection.

Great Alternatives to TSheets
Here are some alternatives to TSheets we think can help you solve your time tracking and team collaboration needs.

Timeero - a QuickBooks Time (TSheets) Alternative

Timeero is one of the best time tracking and workforce tracking software out there. Timeero offers tons of benefits to help you track time, mileage, GPS, schedules and many other things. You can learn more about how Timeero is different than TSheets.

1. Ease of Use

Timeero is very user-friendly software. You can easily find your way around both the web-based and mobile applications. Most users are up and going with little to no help.

In fact, one of the big reasons why people choose Timeero over TSheets is because of ease of use. Time tracking should not be a hassle and employees should not have to waste time trying to punch in and out.

Even though Timeero is easy to use, we do offer demos and training to make sure you are utilizing it to the maximum.

2. Automatic clock in/out with geofencing

One of the biggest pain points with time tracking is that people simply forget to clock in and out. Even with the different time tracking software out there, employees have to remember to clock themselves in/out.
Guess who has to go in and fix the missing timesheets?…..most likely you you.

This is why we have automatic clock in on arrival or departure from a worksite. Whenever your employees arrive at a job site, they are automatically clocked in and when leaving, they are clocked out as well. There is also the option to remind employees to clock in/out on arrival or departure from a job site.

With this option, you don’t have to worry about your employees clocking in/out when they need to.

3. Location & Mileage Tracking

Many businesses need to track mileage for different reasons. This is why at Timeero, we’ve decided to automate time and mileage tracking all in one place.

Unlike TSheets, where there’s a box to enter mileage, with Timeero, your employees can automatically track their mileage. Automated mileage tracking and time tracking in one place.

You can generate mileage reports for your team members for reimbursements. Mileage tracked can be exported to QuickBooks or similar accounting or payroll software for reimbursements.

There is no reason why you should have to pay for a separate time and mileage tracking software. With Timeero, you get this all in one place.

4. Robust Scheduling

Time tracking and scheduling go hand in hand, so we provide scheduling for no extra charge. The Timeero scheduler shares a lot of similarities with TSheets scheduling.

When it comes to employee scheduling, the most significant difference between TSheets and Timeero is that Timeero allows employees to accept or decline assigned shifts.

So if you run a business that needs to blast out open shifts and give your team the option to accept or decline shifts, then Timeero is a much better option.

When employees are first assigned a shift, they get notified through smartphone notifications and via email. If they choose to accept or decline a shift, the schedule creator will be notified.

5. More affordable

Timeero is a lot more affordable than TSheets. We know how TSheets pricing works, and we can help you understand how much it costs.

With Timeero, you get more and pay half the price of TSheets. We’ve written a little about how much it costs to use TSheets, and you can learn more from here.

6. Integrates with QuickBooks and other payroll software

QuickBooks is a popular accounting system, and it is no surprise that Timeero integrates with QuickBooks. The integration with QuickBooks works for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

TSheets Alternatives

There are several alternatives to TSheets time tracking. If you’re still looking for more alternatives to TSheets you can start from here.


TSheets is a good time tracking tool but you can get more bang for your buck. Many people shopping for time tracking software may not be aware of other options out there.

If you are unsure of where to start, you can send us a message, and we will be happy to guide you to other solutions that may be a better fit. If you are interested in using Timeero, you can start right a free trial right here or Request a Demo.


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