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June 7, 2021 4:32 AM
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The Best Way to Manage Employee Vacation & Sick Time with Software

For a company that offers its employees vacation and sick leave, it should develop a documented company policy that ensures time is managed appropriately. The guidelines should include how vacation and sick time are accrued, rates of accrual and eligibility requirements. Often, business owners face a dilemma when it comes to employee vacations, and sick offs.

When you decide to offer paid vacation and sick offs to your workers, you risk having several workers requesting time off at the same time. This can create a strain on the company’s daily operations. For these reasons, the company needs a tracking software that allows its managers to properly schedule employee time off.

Putting Digital Time Sheets to Work in the Office

Businesses with multiple employees must keep track of the hours each employee works. A simple spreadsheet or a paper document isn’t enough to track everyone’s hours along with overtime, vacations, and sick offs. Digital time sheets provide an alternative for tracking both complicated and straightforward time tracking situations. From Web-based time sheets to desktop software, electronic solutions help businesses manage time tracking and payroll better.

Digital timesheets allow administrators and managers to monitor and control time off requests efficiently. Review and approve vacation requests, sick leave, and more online within seconds. It smooths the way companies track and manage time for workers. With pre-configured overtime calculations, mobile clock-in/clock-out, and time card fraud safeguards, workers get to report hours correctly and painlessly, while you get peace of mind.  It’s smoother, faster, and more convenient.

How Time Tracking Software Feeds into Your Payroll Process

The entire payroll process is a complicated process for employers. This is because they must comply with state and federal wage, hour’s rules and regulations, income, employee information, tax record, and keeping salary rates. All this must be done with accuracy to pay employees what they’ve legally earned. Employees work hard and deserve to earn their pay and benefits in time.

As we all know, managing employee time and attendance can be a real problem, but it doesn’t have to be. The time tracking software allows you to integrate with time clock systems, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of a manual process. Time clocks can directly feed the time tracking software which then feeds directly to Payroll processing, automating the entire Payroll process. Automated payroll process saves employers valuable money and time, while potentially improving record keeping and accuracy capabilities.

It benefits employers as much as employees by making it faster and easier to process changes to timesheets and schedules. Also, it makes instant deposits into bank accounts through the automatic deposit and provides easy access to paycheck information. Employees can easily see their hours, benefits, deductions, retirement savings, and other payment information at a glance.

Easily Manage Employees Who Are Working Remotely

Managing remote staff requires creativity and flexibility to succeed. Most businesses are adapting to the challenges of managing remote workers by using the best software. Collaborating with remote employees to building a unified team is difficult, but it can be advantageous and cost-effective. You need to use the right tools (software) and processes to maintain high productivity, creativity levels, and morale. Productivity and communication tools are essential for managing remote employees because they enable you to keep everyone on the same page and organize the team better.  They also help employees execute their work without them having to look over their shoulders all the time.  As we collectively shift towards workers working remotely, the use of software and applications can significantly help many companies manage remote workers more efficiently.

Be it vacations or sick offs, paid time off programs vary. It all depends on the number of hours allocated to workers, the way these hours are collected (per pay period or annually) and rounded off hours. A paid time off approach is vital for any organization to increase its efficiency and better manage its resources.

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