Timeero versus TSheets

You are here because you are either considering using TSheets as a time tracker or a current TSheets customer looking for an alternative…or you may be looking for automated mileage tracking.

You are at the right place. We think we can be helpful to you if you are looking for a TSheets alternative.

What we are not going to claim is that we are better than TSheets at everything. That would be very dishonest of us.

There are obviously things you may like about TSheets, and that is why you are with them or at least considering them. So we thought it would be best to mention some of our similarities.


Mobile Time Tracking

Both services offer mobile apps to let your employees track their time on the go. Timeero and TSheets both offer apps for iOS and Android. Also both apps are can to track time even if you don’t have an internet connection. Other similar features on both apps are the ability to edit time, track jobs, attach notes, take photos, and many more.

GPS Tracking

Tsheets and Timeero both let you track your location traveled while on the clock. You can view where each employee is at any time and collect their GPS timestamps. However, we must mention that with Timeero, you can capture more GPS pings if you want to. For example, the below photo shows the difference between the Timeero GPS tracking compared to Tsheets GPS tracking. Timeero produces a more accurate travel path.
<--- Timeero    vs    TSheets ---> 

Job Tracking

Both apps allow you to perform job costing. Before clocking in, your employees can select a job or customer or an item to allocate time to. Employees can also take photos of their work to provide their teams with better field intelligence. You can also assign job rates to the jobs in Timeero, which is something TSheets does not offer.

Employee Scheduling

Time tracking and scheduling are essential for many businesses. It’s almost hard to do one without the other. So it is no surprise that Timeero also supports employee scheduling. The Timeero employee scheduling tool goes a bit further to allow employees to accept or decline a shift. On TSheets, employees do not have the option to accept or decline assigned shifts.

Time Off

Within TSheets and Timeero, your team members can request to take a leave or paid time off. When time off is requested, a manager or admin gets notified to approve or decline the time-off request. The requester of the time off then gets notified when the time off is approved or declined.

Kiosk App & Facial Recognition

A popular way for employees to clock in is to mount a tablet on a stand or wall and assign employee PINs to clock in/out. Both services allow you to do this. Also, both services will enable you to capture employee facial photos to ensure that they are who they say they are.

Now you may not care too much about the similarities. You are waiting to understand the differences……this is where the rubber meets the road.

And many more…

I first heard of TSheets through QuickBooks and we used it but it just wasn’t working out for the guys. Timeero is so much more easier to use than TSheets. Not only that we were paying more for TSheets too…..TSheets was costing us twice as much and it did not even count mileage.

– James J. with LEM Contractors


Mileage Tracking

With Timeero you don’t just get a time tracker; you get a mileage tracker as well. We are focused on helping teams with on-the-field or outside-the-office employees accurately track their mileage as well. So with Timeero, there’s no need to purchase a separate mileage app; you can track time and distance all in one place. Each team member can track their mileage more accurately. TSheets is expensive, so why increase your costs by paying for a separate mileage tracking app?

Automatic Clock In and Geofencing

Timeero offers the ability to automatically clock your employees in when they arrive at the job site. Correct! Your employees don’t have to touch a thing….not even their phones.
Using the geofencing capability on Timeero, your employees can be clocked in and out without touching their phones. But doesn’t TSheets offer geofencing? Right they do.
However, their geofence is not tied to the jobs. Hence you have to create these locations or geofences separately. This is inconvenient as many times you want the geofences to be linked to the job’s location. Also, TSheets does not automatically clock you in. On both Timeero and TSheets, users can be reminded to clock in on arrival within the geofence. But with TImeero, users can be automatically clocked in on arrival or clocked out on departure from the geofence.

Easier to Use

Let’s face it, the floating windows on TSheets look really cluttered and are frustrating to work with. Also, employees find the TSheets mobile apps not to be too user friendly. Employees won’t use what gets in their way. Your goal is to make time tracking should be easier, not difficult.
Timeero is extremely easy to use, something we constantly hear from former TSheets users. You and your team can be up and going very quickly. If your organization has used TSheets in the past or is currently using it, we can assure you they will have no problem switching to Timeero.


tsheets vs timeero
Pricing is very important. TSheets is more expensive than Timeero. The pricing in no way makes one inferior to the other. TSheets is a company owned by a public company with investors. They have continuously raised prices over the last few years, and you can expect the prices to go up furthermore.
They know their business metrics the best, and that is the price point that is sustainable for their business operations.
At Timeero, we are focused on bringing you the best at a reasonably low price. To have a better idea of pricing, if you want a 10 user account with geofencing, you would be paying $140/month for TSheets ($10 per user x 10 users + $40 base fee) versus $65/month on Timeero.

Accept or Decline Scheduling Shifts

While TSheets may allow you to assign shifts to employees, sometimes you want to give them the ability to accept or decline a shift. Timeero gives you the option to let employees accept or decline a scheduled shift. The person who created the shift gets notified on acceptance or rejection of a shift from an employee.

Direct Employee Messaging

Being able to communicate with your employees out in the field is very important. This is why we built direct employee messaging to enable messages to be sent out to those on the field. Your employees get a notification within the Timeero mobile app that they can open to view a message.

Concierge Migration

Are you a current TSheets customer looking to migrate? If so, you should consider our concierge migration service. We believe you deserve a better experience for a price that’s not hard on your wallet. We’ll take care of transferring all your jobs and users from TSheets into Timeero.

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