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Best Food Distribution Software With GPS

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 1:50 AM
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If you’re in the food distribution business, especially with perishable goods, you are well aware of all the challenges. It’s all about getting your food products from A to B fresh and on time, every time. 

And that’s where food distribution software with GPS comes into play.

We’ve done the legwork and checked out a bunch of GPS food distribution software solutions. 

We’ve narrowed the list down to our top four picks so you can choose the one to help you up your game in the food industry.

Just a heads up: The food distribution software with GPS on our list doesn’t fall into the supply chain management category and is not designed for inventory control, warehouse management, expiration date tracking, or forecasting. Instead, it is all about following the journey of your food products distributors from the manufacturers or warehouses to the point of sale (POS).

Up your food distribution business with the best GPS tracking and management software.

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Why Should You Opt for GPS Software for Food Distribution?

GPS software is changing the game regarding product traceability in the food supply chain. Here’s how GPS software for food distribution may benefit your business:

1. Real-time Visibility. Keep track of your entire distribution network in real-time, ensuring more efficient business management, timely deliveries, and reduced fuel costs.

2. Efficient Routing. Optimize delivery routes, minimize delays, promote food safety, and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Accurate Mileage Tracking. Automate mileage tracking to prevent over-reimbursement, gain financial control, and improve your business profitability.

4. Enhanced Customer Communication. Proactively inform customers about delivery times and potential delays to improve customer relationships. 

5. Integration and Accessibility. Seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as CRM and ERP software, inventory management with LOT tracking, invoicing, payroll, and accounting. Besides, the GPS software must let you conveniently manage workflows via various platforms and devices.

Best 4 Food Distribution Software with GPS

Not all GPS software for food distribution is equal. Let’s explore these top solutions, each addressing specific industry needs.

We’ll provide in-depth details to help your decision-making process, starting with Timeero, recognized for its GPS capabilities among beverage distributors and the food distribution industry.

Timeero: The Best Food Distribution Software With GPS, Route, and Mileage Tracking.

Food distribution businesses need real-time insights into the workforce’s activities and operational efficiency. This is where Timeero shines, offering a suite of tools tailored to fit the needs of this high-stakes sector.

Timeero is an all-in-one cloud-based SaaS solution. From robust time, route, and mileage tracking to legal compliance, it is an indispensable tool for any wholesale distribution provider to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Besides food distribution, its benefits are widely recognized in related industries such as beverage or beer distribution.

GPS Location Tracking: Real-Time Operational Visibility

Timeero’s advanced GPS tracking feature provides real-time insight into your entire distribution fleet.

Timeero Who’s Working preview
Get real-time insight into your fleet’s location.

Using the Who’s Working dashboard, you can know precisely where each available employee is at any given moment, providing you with invaluable data for logistics planning.

If a driver encounters an unexpected delay, Timeero will allow you to adjust their schedules or routes quickly.

Timeero Route Replay Preview
See your driver’s routes with timestamped breadcrumbs retrospectively.

Besides live-time tracking, you can easily replay routes your drivers took and get more details. You can see timestamps at their location points and the speed at which they travel, adding an extra layer of safety.

Food distributors often travel through areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Timeero’s offline mode ensures their operations run smoothly without interruptions.

The mobile app will continue to track mileage, time, and location data even when there is no signal, updating all records when a driver gets back online.

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs In Seconds

Timeero lets you import, create, assign, and schedule jobs and tasks in minutes. Using the app, you can provide your drivers and workers with all the necessary information they might need in the field, including the job description, contact details, and job location.

Timeero’s Jobs and Tasks feature overview
Timeero lets you create and assign jobs easily.

You can use the geofencing feature to create virtual borders around locations your employees often visit, for example, food manufacturers, warehouses, or stores. To improve accountability, you can restrict employees from clocking in and out unless they’re on-premise.

timeero client signature mobile

Your drivers and distributors on the fields can easily add notes and photos to their timesheets and secure proof of delivery using the Signatures feature.

timeero signatures admin view
View multiple client sign-offs on your employees’ timesheets.

Segmented Tracking: A New Standard in Workforce Efficiency

Managing drivers and field employees in the food distribution industry requires a keen eye on time allocation.

With Timeero’s Segmented Tracking, the days of relying on manual clock-ins and outs are gone. 

Your staff needs to clock in just once at the start of their shift and once at the end.

Timeero’s system handles all the rest, tracking your driver’s travels from food manufacturers or wholesalers to various pick-up and delivery points.

Timeero’s Segmented Tracking feature overview
Easily identify any bottlenecks and discrepancies using Segmented Tracking.

At a glance, you can see the entire timeline of your worker’s day - all their travels and stops and how much time they spent on each. If there are any problems, you will be able to spot them right away and react accordingly.

And, when you combine segmented tracking features with geofenced job locations, you will get a clear visual representation of each job they were working on.

Shortest Route and Suggested Mileage: Unlocking Logistical Efficiency

We can’t stress enough the importance of time in the food distribution industry. That’s why your drivers can use Timeero to find the shortest route to their destination from the app.

Timeero Schorstest route mobile overview
Adding location information to the Jobs scheduled will show your drivers the shortest route to their destination.

Timeero’s suggested mileage feature can help you optimize delivery routes, saving crucial minutes on each trip and contributing to more timely deliveries. 

Timeero’s Suggested Route preview
Using the Suggested Route feature, you can easily compare the shortest vs. the actual route.

By analyzing the actual and suggested routes, Timeero recommends more efficient pathways. This is particularly beneficial for frequent or recurring routes.

Mileage Tracking: Financial and Legal Compliance Simplified

Tracking mileage accurately is not just about fuel cost savings; it’s a compliance matter. 

Timeero’s automated mileage tracker uses motion-detection technology to keep track of business trips. It generates precise records, ensuring you stay IRS-compliant while eliminating the risk of inaccurate or inflated reimbursement claims.

Additional Key Features: From Scheduling to Payroll

Timeero’s expansive set of features also includes:

  • Advanced time tracking with geofencing and facial recognition
  • California Breaks Tracker
  • Employee scheduling 
  • Message blast 
  • Time-off tracking
  • Integrations with QuickBooks, Gusto, Rippling, ADP, Xero, Viventium, Paychex, and Paylocity for seamless operations.

To learn more about the features and benefits Timeero brings, check our detailed Timeero review


Timeero comes in 4 pricing plans, with the lowest tier starting from $4 per user per month.

GSMtasks: Food Service Distribution Software with Multiple Order Entry Options

The next on our list of the best food distribution software with GPS is GSMtasks - a delivery and field service management software you can use to optimize and manage your food service distribution fleets. 

You can access GSMtasks software using the web application or the mobile apps on iPhones and iPads, Android tablets, or mobile devices.

Real-Time Tracking

The GSMtasks platform provides real-time tracking and an end-to-end overview of your fleet. This lets you monitor your deliveries in real-time and promptly handle any potential issues.

GSMtasks offers a robust dashboard to simplify managing a food distribution fleet or workforce.

GSMtasks dashboard preview
GSMtasks: Real-time dashboard view.

The dashboard comes to life as a visual map, offering a real-time view of each driver and their assigned tasks. 

Like with the Timeero Who’s Working dashboard, such a s map-centric approach allows you to make data-driven decisions right from the dashboard. 

To further simplify navigation, the platform allows you to right-click on any task, selecting “Center in Map” to quickly bring the task to your attention.

Streamline Routing

Using GSMtasks, you can automatically create optimized routes, improving your efficiency and reducing fuel costs.

When you find a driver whose route you’d like to optimize, you just need to click the arrow icon next to their name. A set of tasks associated with that driver will appear on the map. 

To continue, right-click on the driver’s name and choose “Optimize worker route” from the drop-down menu.

GSMtasks Routes desktop preview
GSMtasks lets you optimize routes by shortest distance or the quickest route.

A pop-up window will appear, asking the parameters for optimization. Here, you can enter information like the driver’s starting location, a destination address, and preferred start time. 

The feature allows you to specify optimization objectives, such as “transportation time” for the shortest distance or “completion time” for the quickest route.

GSMtasks’ algorithm does the rest - calculates an optimal route based on the task locations and any time-sensitive requirements.

Order Management System

In GSMtasks, task creation begins on the dashboard, where you can click ‘New Task’ to input the necessary information. The platform allows you to assign specific drivers or let the system auto-assign tasks based on predefined criteria.

GSMtasks orders desktop view
Create tasks and waypoints and enter all the needed information.

You can include multiple waypoints for tasks requiring pick-ups and drop-offs—practical for the beverage industry and food distribution routes that involve collecting goods from suppliers and delivering them to retailers or consumers.

The system also integrates geo-zones and real-time notifications, providing spatial context and timely updates for each task. 

GSMtasks recurrences preview
You can use GSMtasks to schedule recurrences.

Moreover, if you’re running a food distribution business with regular delivery circuits, the software enables you to schedule recurring tasks, reducing repetitive administrative work.

Mobile App for Drivers

GSMtasks mobile app preview
You can optimize your routes using the mobile app, too.

The functionality extends to the drivers through the GSMtasks mobile app.

The app lets drivers view their routes and schedules and digitally deliver all documents. It also accommodates digital signatures, speeding up proof of delivery and reducing paperwork. 


There are 4 pricing modules for you to choose from.

Essential: Priced at $17 per user per month, this plan meets the basic needs of fleet management. It allows you to schedule recurring tasks and offers live chat support. 

Professional: This plan costs $22 per user per month and adds more features, such as route optimization and white-label email notifications.

Enterprise: This is a fully customized plan tailored to the unique needs of your business, factoring in the number of employees and specific requirements you might have. Pricing is unique and customized; you’ll need to get in touch for a quote.

A 14-day free trial is available.

OptimoRoute: Streamline Food Distribution with Smart Route Planning

OptimoRoute is the next solution on our list of the best food distribution software with GPS. This delivery and field service management platform offers a range of features that can be particularly beneficial for businesses in the food distribution industry.

For drivers out on the field, the mobile app for iOS and Android provides a solution for route navigation, order information, and more.

Flexible Order Options

Using OptimoRoute, you can easily create or import orders and dispatch them to your drivers. Importing orders into OptimoRoute is straightforward, as you can import orders from various file formats, including Excel, CSV, or TXT.

OptimoRoute adding orders preview
OptimoRoute lets you import or manually add orders.

OptimoRoute offers a high level of customization regarding data you can include, from job duration and load size to required skills.

Route Planning

One of the core features of OptimoRoute is its ability to plan optimal schedules and routes for your drivers. It considers limitations such as working hours, vehicle load capacities, and delivery time windows.

OptimoRoute adjusts routes dynamically to maximize the number of orders while minimizing costs. 

Driver and Vehicle Management

OptimoRoute driver settings preview
OptimoRoute lets you add all the driver’s relevant information.

The costs related to vehicle operation and driver overtime can significantly drain your resources.

OptimoRoute’s Driver and Vehicle Management features calculate allowed hours and driver costs to help you cut overtime expenses.

Additionally, the platform considers vehicle specifics to ensure that orders are placed on the right track, eliminating the risk of overloading.

Live Tracking and Mid-Day Route Adjustments

Once your drivers are out on their routes, the Live Tracking tab lets you monitor their real-time progress. 

OptimoRoute live tracking preview
OptimoRoute enables you to track order status in real-time.

The system is agile enough to allow for mid-day adjustments. If there’s a sudden order or change in priority, you can update routes to accommodate those requirements.

During order processing, you can send notifications to customers via email or text message. These messages inform customers of the scheduled arrival time and include a direct link to a tracking page to watch how their order progresses in real time.

Proof of Delivery Features

The software also includes a Proof of Delivery feature, allowing your drivers to capture real-time information upon order fulfillment. 

Whether it’s an electronic note, a customer signature, or a photo capture, this info is automatically synced to the web application, helping you ensure high accountability.

OptimoRoute also provides analytics to track and compare your drivers’ current and historical statistics. Such data-driven insights are crucial for continual improvement and maintaining an 

edge over competitors.


OptimoRoute has three pricing plans:

Lite: At $39 per driver per month, this plan includes essentials for planning.

Pro: At the price of $49 per driver per month and includes more advanced features such as Automated Routing, Real-time Order Tracking, Proof of Delivery, or Customer Feedback

Custom: tailored offer depending on the business needs.

Detrack: Great Software with Advanced POD Options

The next on our list of best food distribution software with GPS is Detrack - a delivery management software specializing in real-time vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solutions. 

This makes Detrack particularly useful for the food distribution industry, where timely, accurate food product deliveries are critical. 

Unlike some other software above, Detrack doesn’t include its route optimization feature. And if you have a larger food distribution fleet and want to optimize the routes, Detrack recommends using direct integration with ElasticRoute. 

Here’s a closer look at some of its standout features:

Advanced Vehicle Tracking

Detrack lets you manage your food distribution fleet more efficiently. You can assign names or vehicle numbers for easier identification on the map.

Furthermore, you can set speed limits and receive alerts if drivers exceed them. This is crucial for perishable food items that must be delivered swiftly but safely.

Detrack Map
Detrack Map Desktop View

Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD)

Detrack offers advanced E-POD features. You can do barcode scanning and attach up to 10 photos per item delivered, providing visual proof that can add security and accountability. 

Detrack POD options mobile view
Detrack offers advanced Proof of Delivery features.

This comes especially handy in the food distribution industry to verify the condition of delivered items, whether they are bulk shipments to retailers or direct-to-consumer deliveries.

Real-time Notifications and Customer Engagement

Detrack lets you offer real-time tracking and automated notifications via SMS and email. It also includes geofencing, ensuring that deliveries occur at the right place and within a set timeframe, and helping you minimize delivery disputes.

Exception Handling and Dispute Resolution

Detrack Delivery Status Report preview
Generate Detrack Delivery Status Report with all important details.

As things don’t always go according to plan, Detrack’s system provides robust exception-handling tools that allow businesses to quickly identify, document, and resolve delivery issues. 

Detrack Exception Handling
The Detrack mobile app offers many exception-handling options.

Detrack has several ways to handle exceptions and unexpected scenarios. For example, if the driver has internet connection problems, they can resubmit the POD once they get back online. 

They can also resend the faulty POD status or re-attempt the delivery job and reject the delivery or collection item, adding a reason for the rejection.

Proof of delivery records are great assets in resolving disputes, containing detailed information, including digital signatures, photos, and geofencing data.

Mobile Functionality

Detrack Mobile app
Detrack mobile app is easy for drivers to use.

All these features are accessible via mobile devices. Drivers can be added to the system with their mobile numbers, assigned to groups, and even given the capability to grab marketplace jobs if enabled.


Detrack offers 3 pricing plans:

Free: Essential delivery optimization features. But this plan is limited to one vehicle and up to 10 jobs per day.

Pro: Tailored for businesses that want to improve their last-mile delivery. The plan costs $29 per vehicle per month and includes real-time E-Proof of Delivery, live vehicle tracking, unlimited customized notifications, and more.

Enterprise: Ideal for large fleets requiring a tailored last-mile delivery solution. 

So, How Do I Choose the Best Food Distribution Software with GPS?

Whether you’re running a large fleet and could use good route-optimization software or need a solution with an array of tools to improve various aspects of the workflow, our list can help you choose the right GPS food distribution software for your specific needs.

If you need a robust tool that makes your food distribution crew more efficient and accountable and is budget-friendly, consider Timeero. 

Here are some ways Timeero will help you:

GPS Location Tracking. Real-time operational visibility, enabling logistics planning.

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs. Efficient job management and communication with drivers.

Segmented Tracking. Streamlined hands-off and hassle-free approach to time, location, and mileage tracking.

✅Shortest Route and Suggested Mileage. Optimize your routes for more efficient deliveries.

Mileage Tracking. Automated, accurate mileage records for compliance and cost control.

Additional Key Features. Advanced time, breaks, PTO tracking, employee scheduling, and integrations with various systems.

But don’t take our word for it. Take Timeero for a spin and see it transforming your food distribution business.

Boost your food distribution efficiency with our top GPS tracking and management software.

Experience the benefits of Timeero firsthand. 
Register for a free trial!
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