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GPS Tracking

GPS & Time Tracking App - Employee Time Tracking App

May 14, 2021

Employee GPS Time Tracking

Time tracking with GPS location enabled is a great way of ensuring that employees are actually working where they should be working; this can dramatically cut time theft. Too often the terms GPS time tracking and GPS tracking are confused, even though they may be referring to the same thing.

GPS time tracking refers to tracking the clock in and clock out locations of employees. This can be accomplished with a GPS time clock app. GPS tracking on the other hand refers to recording every single location of an employee. The recording of the location could be periodically while they are clocked in or even while they are clocked out.

GPS Time Tracking for Employees

Many employers like to track their employees locations. The large majority of employees wanting GPS time and location tracking happen to be employers of businesses with mobile employees. However, there are really good reasons to track the clock in and clock out time for office employees.

Employers might track office employees to make sure that they are actually working from the building.

For mobile employees and employers, GPS time tracking is a great benefits! Construction and general contractors will use this feature to clock in and out at a job site. On-site healthcare may use this to clock in and out, at their patient’s location. A GPS clock app, like Timeero, enables you to easily run payroll by job sites as well, saving you hours of payroll processing time.

How GPS Time Tracking Works

GPS tracking also known as Geolocation Tracking, finds and reports the best location of the user’s device. Even though it’s generally referred to as GPS tracking, it does not always use the GPS location hence a better term is Geolocation Tracking. With geolocation a device can either use the GPS location, WiFi positioning, a device’s IP address or cell tower triangulation.

The device reports the best accurate out of the 4 different options. With that being said, reporting the geographic coordinates does not require an internet connection to get a GPS location. However having an internet connection improves the location data, as there are more choices of location data to pick from. But there are some situations where a device’s location cannot be grabbed. Geolocation is best used when the device is reachable within various signals used to determine location coordinate. Hence avoid places where signals have a harder time reaching such as basements.

Almost all new smartphones come with a GPS. Some tablets can be purchased with a GPS option. Tablets without a GPS option use WiFi networks to determine the best location. For GPS powered tablets and smartphones, users have the option of turning on/off GPS location on their devices. To get the best device coordinates make sure to turn on WiFi setting as well.

GPS Time Clock App

You can learn more about the benefits of GPS time tracking here. If you want to be rest assured employees are clocking in and out at the right places, then a GPS time tracking app is what you need. Timeero is a GPS time tracking app that also helps you generate payroll reports. You can run reports by employees, job sites etc. Start your free trial of Timeero today and enjoy the benefits of GPS time tracking!

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