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QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) Alternatives for Tracking Time & Field Employees

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September 23, 2021 6:29 AM
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So, Recently we analyzed 4 TSheets alternatives to answer the following questions:

  • Why do business owners with field employees abandon TSheets for other alternatives?
  • What are the best TSheets alternatives?
  • How does each of the 4 TSheets alternatives perform against TSheets and against each other?
  • What steps should you take in picking the suitable TSheets alternative for your business?


We looked at more than 10 GPS time tracking apps and handpicked those that are most suitable for tracking field employees.

Our research should help you choose the best alternative for TSheets without spending hours reading through lengthy, sales pages of each provider’s website.

Why users move away fromTSheets (now QuickBooks Time):

  1. Little to no support (after Intuit took over)
  2. Bugs and issues
  3. Ease of use

Little to no support

TSheets took down their customer support team after it got acquired about Intuit. There is no longer human support, aside from a chatbot and community help center.

Bugs and issues

No app is perfect. Almost every app has a little glitch here and there. But when you are constantly experiencing issues and getting no access to customer support....then perhaps it's time to look elsewhere.

You can read more reviews on QuickBooks time here.

Ease of use

QuickBooks Time is a good time tracking app however it can be very difficult to use. The floating windows, makes it very hard to figure out where everything is.

The Best Alternatives to QuickBooks Time, with GPS Tracking we found are:

  1. Timeero (this is us) - a time, mileage and GPS tracking software built for workers on the go. If you are in the field services business, construction, property management, home health or have deskless employees, you may want to consider Timeero.
  1. Hubstaff - an online time tracking software ideal for screen monitoring.
  1. Clockshark - is a time tracking software built for construction workers.
  1. Vericlock - a time tracking app with location management.

How do these apps compare on some of the essential time tracking features

Automatic clock in and out

One of the more requested features for time tracking these days is automatic punches. By using geofencing technology, users can be automatically clocked in or out on arrival or departure.

If you have a field team, having your employees automatically clock in or out can be a challenge for your team. Hence a time tracking app that will automatically track time can be extremely valuable.

The only two apps that can automatically clock you in and out are:

* Timeero

* Hubstaff

QuickBooks Time does not automatically clock you in or out based on your location.

GPS Tracking and Location Monitoring

GPS tracking is quickly becoming a core offering of many time tracking apps. Many apps that claim to capture location simply capture the in and out locations. However that may not always prove too useful in finding out what happened on the field.

We decided to test drive the different time tracking GPS apps and these were our results:


We then decided to make a reverse turn and clock out to stop mileage tracking. This is the reason you see a red dot next to the gray dots.

As you will notice, the Timeero app does capture a lot of GPS points. If you are looking to capture one or two points every hour, then the tracking from Timeero may not be that important. The frequency of GPS points captured by the Timeero apps can be adjusted for mileage and location tracking needs.

QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)

The TSheets app was able to capture two points between clock the clock in and clock out points. It does show the slight reverse turn we made and when the clock out happened. The results are very consistent with what TSheets claim their app does.


The ClockShark app showed 3 points, clock in, a point midway and clock out points:

This isn’t surprising as the ClockShark app only captures GPS log points every 15 minutes to an hour.

Our drive was 22 minutes hence the results you are seeing. A lot can happen between 15 minutes to an hour so if you are looking for more GPS logs, then ClockShark may not be the best for you. However, if you want moderately general tracking, their solution can work great.


Hubstaff had the oddest path. The path simply did not reflect the path we traveled at all:

It was also very confusing because the app kept plotting location paths even after clocking out. We couldn’t tell exactly when the GPS points were captured and it felt intrusive that points were captured even after clocking out. The results from the test were all over the place here. Perhaps someone from Hubstaff may help us better understand so we can update this review.


The Vericlock app did a pretty good job of plotting the points that were traveled. We were quite impressed with the results that we saw with the Vericlock GPS tracking app:

The only drawback here is that you cannot see the GPS points on the mobile app.

You have to log in to the web/desktop app to access the path traveled information. If you are looking to access GPS locations on the go inside your app, then this won’t be ideal.

Job Tracking

Job costing is essential for any business. The ability to track time spent on different jobs is very important.

One of the things you want to pay attention to is the ability to track how many hours have been spent on a job. So far all the apps we've looked at give you the ability to track how many hours have been spent on a specific job or customer.


Scheduling and time tracking go hand-in-hand. We found the following TSheets alternatives provide you with scheduling:

* Timeero

* Clockshark

* Hubstaff

Timeero Scheduling

Timeero Scheduling is the only scheduling tool that allows you to accept or decline a shift. This means you can post out shifts and give your employees the chance to accept or decline a given shift. This can be great for situations where you are unsure of who is available to take a job.

Hubstaff Scheduling

Scheduling on Hubstaff looks like most of the other scheduling too. The only difference we noted was that it does not have a monthly view.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking is a growing need for many businesses. If you are using QuickBooks Time for mileage tracking, then you may want to make sure your new time tracker also tracks mileage.

The only other app that tracks mileage here is Timeero. None of the other alternatives to QuickBooks TIme tracks mileage.

Work Breaks & Compliance

It's important to have a time tracking system that helps keep you compliant. Some states, like California, require that your employees take appropriate rest and meal breaks.

In QuickBooks Time, you are able to create different types of lunch breaks. This helps make sure that your employees are reminded to take breaks as needed.

When it comes to breaks there are too types, Automatic and Manual Breaks. An Automatic Break will be one where time is automatically deducted after working past a certain number of hours. Automatic breaks may not be legal in certain states, so you want to be careful before choosing to go this route. These apps support automatic lunch breaks:

* Timeero

* Hubstaff

* Clockshark

* Vericlock

A manual break on the other hand gives your employees the options to choose if they are taking a custom defined break, such as lunch or a rest break. These apps support creating a work break policy:

* Timeero

* Hubstaff


You cannot do a complete comparison without talking about pricing. After all none of these products are free.

QuickBooks Time Pricing

Premium - $8 per user per month + $20 base fee

Elite - $10 per user per month + $40 base fee

Timeero Pricing

Standard - $5 per user per month + $10 base fee

Hubstaff Pricing

Free tier - $0 per user per month

Desk plan - $7 per user per month

Desk & Field - $10 per user per month (to use any of the above features you will need to be on the field plan)

Enterprise - $20 per user per month

Vericlock Pricing

$5 per user per month + $10 base fee

Clockshark Pricing

Basic - $3 per user per month + $15 base fee

Standard - $6 per user per month + $25 base fee

Pro - $8 per user per month + $45 base fee (to use any of the above features you will need to be on the field plan)

Expert - $12 per user per month + $90 base fee

We hope this guide helps you make an informed choice about choosing the ideal TSheets or QuickBooks Time alternative.


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