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10 Best QuickBooks Time Alternatives

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 2:51 AM
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Are you using  QuickBooks Time, but looking for something new?


You're not alone.


QuickBooks Time users are looking for something that matches their needs better, whether it's because of the product's price, inadequate customer service, or poor user experience. 


Tailored primarily for small businesses but also those with 1000+ employees, most organizations use QuickBooks Time  and its QuickBooks Workforce mobile app for automatic time tracking, billing & invoicing. 

However, this solution might not be the right choice for you. 


There are a lot of QuickBooks TIme alternatives that could better fit your needs, whether in terms of customer service, ease of use, or value for your money.

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This article will discuss the top 10 best QuickBooks Time alternatives regarding key features, functionality, and benefits.


But, before we move on to our list, let's start with answering some essential questions. 

tsheets logo

Is QuickBooks Time Any Good?

Earlier known as TSheets, QuickBooks Time is a geo and time tracking app that staff can use to clock in and out from anywhere. It is pretty versatile regarding how users can clock in or out - they can use their phone number, email address, or User ID.


Some of the other best features of this app are employee schedule overview, paid time off tracking and management, shift planning, and standard reporting. 

Pricing for QuickBooks Time starts with the $20 per month flat, plus $8 for a user in the Premium package. With $40 for a monthly package plus $10 per person, the Elite package comes at a higher price but with more advanced features, such as GPS tracking and geofencing.

Since late June 2023, QuickBooks Time has been rebranded its mobile app which is now known as the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app. Along with the name change, the app has been enhanced with new functionalities originating from the QuickBooks Workforce Platform.

In addition to tracking and managing the workforce, employers can now use a single app to handle W-2 forms and paychecks. On the employee side, the rebranded mobile app allows them to easily monitor their hours and mileage while providing access to paycheck details. While tracking features of the app are available to QuickBooks Time users, pay features are available to businesses that use QuickBooks Online Payroll & QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Even though QuickBooks Time  has thousands of company users, some are deciding to try the alternatives. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Little to no support (after Intuit took over)
  • Bugs and issues
  • Ease of use

Little to No Support

TSheets took down its customer support team after it got acquired by Intuit. Aside from a chatbot and community help center, there was no longer any human support.

Bugs and Issues

No app is perfect. Almost every app has a little glitch here and there. But when you are constantly experiencing issues and getting no access to customer support, it's time to look elsewhere.

You can read more reviews on QuickBooks Time here.

Ease of Use

QuickBooks Time is a good time-tracking app; however, it can be complicated to use. The floating windows make it very hard to figure out where everything is.

Is There a Free Version of QuickBooks Time?

Unfortunately,  QuickBooks Time doesn't come with a free version. However, it offers a 30-day free trial period, requiring no contract, signature, or credit card. This way, potential users can try out the product and activate their accounts if they evaluate it fits their needs.

Now aware of QuickBooks Time's strengths and downsides, we can move on to another important segment and help you identify your best TSheets alternative.


What Are The Best QuickBooks Time Alternatives?


Thanks to all the benefits time tracking automation offers, no wonder it is becoming a widespread technology. Many companies seek time-saving, robust software solutions to track work hours, efficiently complete timesheets, and integrate with other business tools, primarily accounting and payroll.


The time tracking solutions we've compiled on the list are the most common and best QuickBooks Time alternatives. 

  • Timeero
  • Harvest
  • Hubstaff
  • Wrike
  • Toggl
  • TimeDoctor
  • ClockShark
  • Paymo
  • VeriClock
  • BigTime


Timeero: The Best Time and Mileage Tracking App for Managing Mobile Teams

Timeero is the best QuickBooks Time Alternative

We begin our list of the best QuickBooks Workforce FKA QuickBooks Time alternatives with Timeero - a great time, location, and mileage tracking tool ideal for companies with their staff on the go.


This QuickBooks Time alternative lets you track your employees' time, location, and mileage so that you always have all the relevant and accurate data in one place. Using Timeero's integrations with leading payroll and accounting software, you can automate these processes and ensure your employees are always compensated and reimbursed fairly and under the law.


However, besides tracking relevant data and providing IRS-ready reports with location and time stamps, Timeero offers much more. 


Its scheduling feature with automated notifications and messaging is powerful and straightforward, helping you improve workforce management. 

Timeero scheduling

Timeero’s Who’s Working feature offers real-time insight into your staff locations, jobs, and routes. This way, you can always find an available employee to cover for a shift and reallocate your resources most efficiently.

When managing mobile teams, keeping track of employees' time, location, and mileage is key to improving your employees' accountability and efficiency,  while ending buddy punching and other employee time theft schemes. Timeero's monitoring and management features can support you in these efforts. 

This user-friendly mobile app runs smoothly on both iOs and Android and keeps tracking even in distant locations where there is no signal. 



Basic Plan: $4 per user per month

Pro Plan: $8 per user per month

Premium: $11 per user per month

To learn how QuickBooks Time and Timeero apps compare, we put them to test. Read more in our article Timeero vs QuickBooks Time: Side-by-Side Comparison

Harvest: Track Projects, Time, and Expenses


We continue our list of the best QuickBooks Time alternatives with Harvest - a web-based tool for time and expense tracking, with invoicing and reporting features.

Used both by small and large teams, one of its most significant advantages is switching seamlessly across different devices and the desktop, web, and mobile app.


The tool can come in handy for the agencies as they can benefit from its advanced reporting, adding client data and notes to expense reports. In addition, smaller teams can use Harvest to connect with their freelancers and pay them per project.


Integrations with popular tools like Atlassian, Asana, Trello, Slack, QuickBooks, or Basecamp can help remote team managers track projects, time, and expenses and maximize productivity.


However, as Harvest lacks GPS and geofencing features, if you are looking for a tool for tracking and managing your mobile employees as well, there are better alternatives.


Free Forever: for up to 1 person and two projects 

Solo: $12 per month per person with an unlimited number of projects


Hubstaff: Versatile Time Tracking Tool


Hubstaff is a versatile advanced time-tracking app. The desktop, web, and mobile apps work seamlessly to track time, produce invoices, and help organizations streamline administrative tasks, such as timesheets and payroll.


Hubstaff, one of the best QuickBooks Workforce alternatives, comes in different plans with different features so that companies can choose the product they need based on their needs. 


However, with the more advanced features comes, the pricier product. 

For example, Hubstaff Time, which offers simple time tracking and reporting, comes in four versions - Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Automated features such as invoicing, payments and payroll schedules, and attendance are available with the Pro plan. 


Business owners and project managers that want to keep track of the time & attendance of their field and mobile employees will need to choose the Field Pro with GPS and geolocation features. 

Hubstaff pricing
Hubstaff pricing

Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial so that you can evaluate if this TSheets alternative matches your needs.

Wrike: Time Tracking and Collaboration For Creative And Service Delivery Teams


Like other tools on our best QuickBooks Time alternatives list, Wrike does a great job when it comes to tracking time. 


It allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously, as you can easily track time, pin essential tasks to your dashboards and create workflows to keep your teams on the same page.

Features such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards make Wrike a perfect solution for creative teams wanting to level their efficiency. 

Another one of Wrike's advantages point is its collaborative proofing and approving tools that make it much easier to outsource tasks to freelancers.


However, Wrike lacks GPS, geofencing, and proof of work features that many creative teams highly appreciate. If your business needs that kind of data, our list offers better QuickBooks Workforce alternatives.


Free for up to 5 users

Teams: $9.80/user/month when billed annually

Business: $24.80/user/month when billed annually

Enterprise: Contact for a custom quote 

Pinnacle: Contact for a custom quote



Toggl: Great for Freelancers

Toggl is QuickBooks Time Alternative

Toggl is a straightforward and easy-to-use QuickBooks Workforce FKA QuickBooks Time alternative for task and project-related time tracking and reporting. 


The free plan is designed primarily for freelancers, offering unlimited time tracking, automated time tracking triggers, and exportable reports for up to 5 users.

Paid plans offer more advanced features, such as billable rates, project time estimates and alerts, control of labor costs, a team dashboard, and profit and loss reporting. In addition, integrations with popular solutions make it a versatile tool for managing tasks and projects.

All plans come with a 30-day free trial of the Toggl Time Premium version to check out its features.

The tool has made it to our list of the best QuickBooks Workforce alternatives as it can benefit small teams and individuals whose practice doesn't require more advanced features such as proof of work or GPS tracking.



Free: for up to 5 users

Starter: $10 per user per month

Premium: $20 per user per month

Enterprise: customized prices


Time Doctor: Great for Office Teams Looking to Track Time and Activity

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is known for its time-tracking feature. It has made it to our best QuickBooks Time alternatives list as it offers a lot more for traditional office and remote teams looking for ways to boost their efficiency.

The app is great for teams that are, besides tracking time, interested in looking into how their employees spend their online time via desktop activity tracking features. 

As it allows tracking website and app usage, you can highlight productive and unproductive apps for each team member, monitor their performance, and make the proper adjustments to boost productivity. 

TimeDoctor lacks GPS and geofencing features, so there are much better options on this QuickBooks Workforce alternatives list for companies with their staff on the go.

There is no free version of the products, and more advanced features, such as URL and app tracking, payroll, and integrations, are available starting with the Standard plan.


Basic: $7 per user per month

Standard: $10 per user per month

Premium: $ 20 per user per month

ClockShark: Time Tracker for Construction Workers


ClockShark deserves a place on our best QuickBooks Time alternatives as a time-tracking and scheduling software built primarily for construction businesses.

ClockSharks's Employees can clock in and out of their job with a single click using a single Kiosk time clock, their desktop, or a mobile device. 

However, ClockShark's functionalities are very different depending on your chosen plan. For example, the Standard plan offers time and attendance traffic, scheduling, geofencing, and admin features for small businesses.‍

Be ready to pay more for the Pro Plan created to fit the needs of growing businesses, such as paid time or multi-department controls and advanced job costing controls. The price is, again, significantly higher.



Standard: $8 per month per user plus a $20 monthly base fee

Pro: $10 per month per user plus a $40 monthly base fee


Paymo: Great for Professional Service Teams and Universities

Payomo app

Like other products that made it to our best QuickBooks Workforce alternatives list, Paymo is a great time-tracking software. 

It lets you clock in and out quickly, with the single click of a button, and streamlines timesheet creation. But, besides accurate time tracking, it offers a lot more. 

As Paymo helps teams manage multiple projects and workflows, the app is especially beneficial for professional service teams - designers, content teams, advertising agencies, and similar.


The Team scheduler feature lets project managers see who is available for work and who is overworked to make an informed decision when appointing tasks. 

With its built-in collaboration tools, such as Kanban boards and options to attach files and discuss, Paymo also targets a unique audience - universities.


The free version of the product, intended for personal use, is limited in the number of clients, invoices, and features. The Starter pack is aimed at freelancers, allowing them unlimited clients and invoices. The Small Office suite has additional features like a meta kanban board and live time reports. At the same time, the Business edition offers employee scheduling and workload, leave management, Gant charts, etc.


Free: A basic tool for personal use

Starter: $5,95 per user per month, maximum 1 user 

Small office: $11,95 per user per month 

Business: $24,95 per user per month 

VeriClock: Clock in with an SMS or a Phone Call



If you are looking for a robust cloud-based time-tracking tool that can work almost on any device (including flip phones), VeriClock is worth checking out. 


Using VeriClock, one of the best QuickBooks Workforce mobile app alternatives, your employees can clock in and out via smartphone or web clock punch, but they can also do it via SMS or a phone call. 


Its GPS geotagging feature and time stamps ensure transparency and honesty regarding the punch's time and location. In addition, the digital signature option enables direct communication between employees and managers and allows employers and employees to sign off their time cards. 


VeriClock reporting features, such as payroll or job costing, gives you easy access to key data to see where your business's time and money are going.


You can also export all your time tracking data for easy integration into the most common accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Sage 50.



$5 per person per month plus a $10 monthly fee


BigTime: Complete Solution for Enterprises

Big Time app


Although it focuses primarily on project management and improving productivity, BigTime has robust time tracking and billing features.


This tool is an excellent option if, besides timekeeping, you want to keep more prominent projects on track.


Using BigTime, you can create projects and allocate resources, submit deadlines and expenses, manage deadlines and deliverables, send invoices and report on metrics.


However, BigTime is a reasonable solution for enterprise teams with many projects because of its higher price and minimum user caps.


For smaller teams, there are many better QuickBooks Workforce alternatives on our list.



Essentials: $20 per month per person

Advanced: $35 per month per person

Premier: $45 per month per person

Projector: from $60 per month per person


So, What Is a Better Alternative to QuickBooks Time?

While we've presented you with the ten best QuickBooks Time alternatives, many other great TSheets competitors are on the market.

Even though all these apps have one thing in common - time tracking,  they differ significantly in their features, capabilities, and prices. 

Luckily, most of these tools offer a free trial period to understand all the functionalities better. 

And if you are looking for a time, location, and mileage tracking solution for your mobile team, you are in the right place.

Track and Manage Your Staff More Efficiently with Timeero.

Watch a recorded demo to learn more.
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