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Timeero Customer Support: Real People, Real Solutions

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 1:44 AM
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Whether you're looking for direct interaction with our customer support representatives or prefer to troubleshoot issues on your own, Timeero offers a variety of support channels. 

From real-time chat and phone conversations to self-help resources in our Help Center, we aim to provide the right support exactly when and how you need it.

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What Makes Timeero Customer Support So Great?

Timeero Customer Support stands out for its exceptional dedication and efficiency, making it a favorite among our clients. 

What makes our customer support so outstanding?

✅Personalized Assistance. Every interaction with Timeero’s support team is tailored to the unique needs and concerns of the individual user. 

✅Technical Expertise. Our support representatives are not just friendly voices; they have deep technical knowledge and offer accurate and practical solutions to even the most complex issues.

✅Responsive and Quick Support. Recognizing how precious time is, our team is committed to delivering quick and efficient responses.

✅Proactive Problem-Solving. Timeero's support doesn’t just fix problems – it anticipates and helps users avoid them.

✅Availability and Accessibility. With support available through various channels, including live chat, phone, and email, customers can easily reach out in a way that best suits their needs and schedules.

✅Resource-Rich Support. Beyond direct interaction, we offer extensive self-help resources such as detailed videos, articles, webinars, and free templates. This way, we empower users to find answers at their own pace.

✅User-Focused Development. Customer feedback is a cornerstone of Timeero’s development. We listen, adapt, and evolve based on what our users tell us, constantly improving our service to meet their needs.

✅Global Understanding. Informed by a comprehensive understanding of diverse workforce management laws and practices across different regions, our customer support is relevant and effective for a global user base.

Employee Onboarding. We offer online specialized training for admins, managers, and employees to ease onboarding. Whatever your team members' questions or concerns are, we’re here to answer them and make sure they understand how to use Timeero efficiently. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers have to say.

User Experiences and Testimonials 

According to our clients, Timeero’s customer support is not just good, it’s exceptional. 

That’s what the reviews say and what the users experience. They appreciate the personal touch, genuine care, and proactive solutions our support team provides.

Phenomenal product and incredible Customer Service!

timeero apple store review

I work for a design and remodeling company, and this tool has been amazing. We are able to track our work staff to maintain integrity of our scheduling and happiness with our clients. Rarely, do you ever receive such a level of white glove high touch customer service that you will receive with Timeero, and specifically Amy Battista. Any time that we have had a question or a concern or further understand how we can further utilize this product, Amy has been our go to person and has been the guiding force behind assisting us in managing our work staff and making sure we hit the mark with everyone of our clients. As I stated in a title, phenomenal product and incredible Customer Service all the way! Five stars isn’t enough! 

"Excellent time & mileage track, fantastic customer service!"

timeero g2 user review

Timeero has made daily time clock and mileage tracking incredibly easy, for both employees and managers alike. The California specific settings have been a great help as well for dealing with CA's stringent labor/break laws. Fantastic customer service and support! Amy Battista and Melisa Pazalja have been attentive, helpful, and wonderful to work with the whole way through!

Google Play Store Reviews

Had my first issue using the app. Katelyn from support was quick to both respond and resolve my issue. App has been great so far, and the support team being so helpful for when an issue did arise is a huge plus! Thank you Katelyn and the rest of the team!

timeero reviews on google play store

Amy with Timeero delivered some of the best customer service I've experienced in a long time. Within an hour of experiencing an issue with the app, she had it diagnosed and fixed. Best time and GPS tracking tool I've uses. Massive shout out to Amy once again

Great App, even better Customer Service!

timeero review app store

Timeero, the app itself & their customer service overall is great! 4.5 stars in its current state, rated this as these quality of life updates will streamline some time spent Reporting wise on the backend. Far as gps tracking & including time tracking, this is one of the best combos out there. (Primarily what we utilize Timeero for)

I’ve primarily worked with Katelyn H. & a few others here & there for any company/back end needs. Katelyn has been patient, receptive, listens to understand vs just reply. Is professional & has provided great customer service in the few short weeks we’ve been customers.

We’re very grateful for Timeero & Katelyn’s services. Helping us track, meet & exceed expectations when working with our in-field reps needs.

Love their ideas & feedback portal / roadmap. Helps provide both customers & Timeero current customer needs, what’s been & in the works to be implemented. Thanks again Timeero! 🙏🙏

So, whether it’s a technical issue, feature request, or general inquiry, the support team handles your needs with patience, expertise, and professionalism. They help customers get the most out of our software and integrate it seamlessly into their business operations.

Users also love how Timeero listens to their feedback and freely shares its developmental roadmap with customers. They feel valued and involved in the software’s evolution. These are the reasons why Timeero is widely regarded as offering “incredible” and “fantastic” customer service.

Let's look at just one real-world example to understand better the synergy that exists between our customers and our support team.

Customer Support in Action: Real-World Scenarios

At Timeero, customer feedback is more than just valuable input; it's a driving force behind our innovation and development. A prime example of this is the creation of the California Break Tracker.

Our customers in California faced a significant challenge that led to the inception of the California Break Tracker. They had to comply with California’s strict meal and rest break laws

Securing cumbersome paper trails overwhelmed many of our customers. Employees in the field were often required to confirm on paper that they followed the mandated break regulations, leading to logistical nightmares and potential legal troubles.

Our customer support team played a pivotal role in this phase by identifying this pain point through regular client interactions and presenting it to our development team as a critical user need.

Recognizing the challenge California businesses face, Timeero's team sprang into action. We had brainstorming sessions with developers, customer support agents, attorneys, and management to conceptualize a solution. We consulted our clients along the way.

The goal was clear: develop a feature within Timeero that simplifies compliance with California's break laws, particularly for mobile and field workers. In addition, this effort ensured that the feature wasn’t just technically sound but also user-friendly and tailored to real-world scenarios.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Our customers loved it. Instead of being bogged down by paperwork, they now had a smooth, hassle-free solution that could help companies comply with labor laws effortlessly. 

This is just one of the examples of Timeero's commitment to customer-driven innovation. Our dedication to listening to and actively responding to customer needs has improved our product's functionality and reinforced our reputation as a customer-centric organization.  

By organizing an expert Californa Break Law Compliance webinar and through a series of well-researched articles and resources, we continued educating our users on this matter. 

Having highlighted why our customers love Timeero’s customer support, we will now delve into its various aspects and how they contribute to a smooth and effective user experience.

timeero customer support options table

Timeero Customer Support: Direct Support 

Choosing the right channel to communicate with customer support often depends on the nature of your issue, urgency, and personal preference.

When it comes to direct communication channels, Timeero offers chat, phone, and email support. 

Let’s explore how they each function. 

Timeero Customer Support: Chat 

When it comes to getting quick and efficient support, live chat is often the best choice. It's ideal for real-time assistance with straightforward issues or queries that require immediate attention. 

Live chat is particularly useful if you need step-by-step guidance or quick clarification of Timeero's features or functionalities.

Unlike automated responses from a chatbot, Timeero’s live chat connects you with a real person in often less than a minute, providing a more personalized and understanding approach to your concerns.


To access chat by desktop, all you have to do is click on the bubble on the bottom right corner of your screen. To start an SMS text chat with the support rep, begin clicking on “Chat with us” or open Live Chat from the Help Center in the app. Our real-time support ensures minimal interruption to your workflow, quickly resolving your queries.

timeero mobile support

Timeero customer support chat is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm MST and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm MST. 

Note: After the chat session with our reps, you will automatically receive an email with the transcript. 

Timeero Customer Support: Phone

For personalized assistance and in-depth support, don't hesitate to dial Timeero's customer support phone number, 888-998-0852.

Whether you need help finding an option in the app or figuring out how to set up a feature, expect a friendly and knowledgeable support representative to provide thorough help. 

timeero customer support phone

To get in touch with a rep via phone, Timeero customer support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm MST. 

Phone support is ideal for complex issues or when you prefer speaking with someone for immediate assistance.

Timeero Customer Support: Email 

Email is the best way to reach us outside of working hours. You can contact the Timeero Customer Support team anytime at hello@timeero.com. Once you’re a customer with us, you will have direct email access to your customer success manager on Pro, Premium, and Enterprise Plans.

When Is It Better to Choose Timeero Customer Support Email Over Instant Support?

Choosing Timeero customer support email over other channels of communication can be convenient in several scenarios:

✅Non-Urgent Queries. An email is a good option for issues that don’t require immediate attention. It gives the support team time to investigate and respond in detail.

✅Documenting the Issue. Emails provide a written record of your communication, which can be helpful for future reference. 

✅Convenience and Flexibility. Email communication doesn’t require you to be available at a specific time, compared to phone calls and chat support. You can send an email at your convenience and review the response when it's suitable for you.

✅Follow Up On a Ticket Status. Email can be effective if you're following up on a previous issue. You can refer to earlier communication or include previous ticket numbers for continuity.

✅When Sharing Sensitive Information. Email may be preferred when sharing sensitive information like account details, as it's typically more secure than chat or phone.

✅If You Prefer Written Communication. Some people find it easier to express their concerns in writing than verbally. Email is ideal for those who prefer to communicate this way.

✅Time Zone Differences. Email allows communication without worrying about working hours or time differences if you are in a different time zone than the customer support center.

Tips for Writing Effective Emails for Faster Resolution

Writing effective emails for customer support can significantly improve the speed and quality of the resolution you receive. Here are some tips to consider when drafting a Timeero customer support email for faster and more effective resolutions.

New to Timeero? Streamline Your Journey with Timeero Employee Onboarding

Adopting a new tool for your business can be daunting, but with Timeero, it doesn’t have to be. Our dedicated team at Timeero is committed to guiding you every step of the way.

From addressing initial queries to resolving specific usage concerns, our online onboarding sessions will answer all of your questions about Timeero. We aim to make the transition seamless and empower your admins, managers, and employees with the knowledge and confidence to be able to use Timeero in their daily tasks.

With Timeero onboarding, you can implement a new tool without disruptions, improve efficiency, and focus on what truly matters - running your business successfully.

Employee onboarding is available online to all new Timeero customers with Pro, Premium, and Enterprise subscriptions.

Timeero Customer Support: Self-Service Options

The Timeero Help Center and FAQ section are designed to empower users to find information independently and efficiently. You can often find immediate solutions, eliminating the need for direct contact with customer support.

So, when does troubleshooting the issue on your own make the most sense?

  • Common or General Inquiries. If your question is about basic functionality, setup processes, or general information about Timeero, the FAQ and help center likely have the answers. These resources are designed to cover a wide range of common queries.

  • Non-Urgent Technical Issues. For less urgent technical problems or troubleshooting, the help center often provides step-by-step guides and solutions you can follow at your own pace.

  • After Business Hours. If you need information outside of customer support working hours, the help center and FAQ section are available 24/7 and provide immediate assistance.

  • Understanding Features and Best Practices. When you want to learn more about specific features of Timeero or best practices for using it effectively, these resources can be valuable for detailed, self-guided learning.

  • Before Contacting Support for Complex Issues. Checking the help center or FAQ might provide background information or preliminary steps to solve an issue, which can be helpful before contacting customer support for more complex problems.

Timeero Help Center

Timeero Help Center is a comprehensive resource designed to help you navigate and use Timeero's wide range of features. It is loaded with helpful tips, best practices, and solutions to common issues you might face.

Here's an overview of the main topics covered:

  1. Getting Started. This section provides all the necessary information to jumpstart your experience with Timeero, making your initial setup smooth and hassle-free.
  2. Using Timeero. Learn the ins and outs of Timeero with detailed guides and tips on effectively using the software for your business needs.
  3. Integrations. Available in the Premium and Pro Plans, this part explains how to integrate Timeero with other tools, enhancing your workflow and productivity.
  4. Video Library. A collection of instructional videos that walk you through various features and functionalities of Timeero.
  5. Mobile App. Find details on mobile app settings, FAQs, and a tracker checklist to maximize the utility of Timeero on your mobile device.
  6. Employees. Your employees need essential information to use Timeero while effectively contributing to your business's efficiency.
  7. Scheduling. Learn about scheduling features in the Premium and Pro Plans to manage your workforce more effectively.
  8. Mileage. Guidance on accurately tracking mileage using Timeero, an essential feature for mobile and field employees.
  9. Jobs & Tasks. Explore the functionalities related to managing jobs and tasks, a feature offered in the Premium and Pro Plans.
  10. Troubleshooting. A section dedicated to helping you resolve common issues and navigate any challenges you might encounter.
  11. Billing. Answering all your billing-related questions ensures a clear understanding of Timeero's pricing and subscription model.

Each section of the Help Center provides targeted assistance, ensuring users can find exactly what they need to manage their time tracking and employee management processes effectively.

Timeero FAQ Section

Navigating new software can bring up a lot of questions. That's where the Timeero FAQ section steps in, offering clear, concise answers to your most pressing concerns. 

Here's a glimpse into some of the key topics covered in the FAQs:

  • Facial Recognition. Discover how Timeero's facial recognition technology enhances security and accuracy in employee time tracking.
  • GPS Time Clock. Understand the GPS time clock feature, including how it captures employee clock-in and clock-out times and locations.
  • GPS Tracking. Get insights into the GPS tracking capability, which monitors employees' whereabouts during work hours, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • How It Works. This section breaks down the basics of Timeero, guiding new users through its functionalities and how to get started with the software.
  • Integrations. Learn about Timeero's compatibility with other tools and platforms, such as QuickBooks and ADP, and how these integrations streamline business processes.
  • Mileage Tracking. Find out how Timeero accurately tracks mileage for employees on the move, a crucial feature for businesses with field teams.
  • Pricing. Delve into Timeero's pricing structure, billing, and free trial specifics.
  • Segmented Tracking. Explore the segmented tracking feature, which is particularly useful for employees visiting multiple sites daily, ensuring detailed recording of each segment of their journey.

Resource Center: Supporting Our Customers Beyond Traditional Channels

Besides traditional Timeero Customer Support Channels, our Resource Center is a learning hub that aims to equip businesses and individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. 

Here's a summary of the essential resources we offer:

Informative Articles and Guides:

We offer various articles covering crucial topics such as state-specific labor and break laws (like Washington, Colorado, Florida, and Texas), overtime regulations in different regions (including Canada, the UK, New York, and Illinois), and other essential employment policies. We created these articles to help you navigate complex legal landscapes and stay compliant.

Webinars and Case Studies:

Our webinars, such as the "California Break Law Compliance" session, provide in-depth insights and practical advice. We also share real-world case studies, like "How One Timeero Customer Cut Costs and Gained Peace of Mind," offering a glimpse into how our solutions impact businesses.

Free Templates:

Timeero provides a variety of free templates, such as mileage logs, employee breaks policies, GPS tracking policies, and company vehicle policies. These templates are created to streamline your administrative tasks and ensure best practices in your workplace.

Besides a rich knowledge base that businesses can rely on, Timeero blog articles offer insights into the current trends in field workforce management.

At Timeero, we're committed to making sure your journey with our GPS time and mileage tracking software is as smooth and efficient as possible. That's why we've developed a comprehensive support system should you encounter any hiccups along the way.

Dive into our comprehensive Timeero review to explore its features, or experience them firsthand by signing up for a free trial.

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