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Timeero & Zapier Integration ⚡️

Barima K.
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April 18, 2024 2:50 AM
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Here at Timeero, we frequently have our users and prospects ask if we integrate with other platforms. Zapier has been our go to solution for many integrations. Anyone who has used Zapier knows how revolutionary it is.

We use Zapier very heavily here at Timeero and we figured it would be useful to our customers too. Hence we decided to build an integration with Zapier and it has been game-changing for our customers. If you’ve never heard of Zapier, keep reading.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that moves data between web applications automatically. The Zapier marketplace has over 3000 apps, including Timeero.

For example, if you ever wanted to save your emails in a spreadsheet, Zapier can help with that. So instead of having to copy and paste each email into the spreadsheet all by yourself and every single time, Zapier can watch your email and create an entry in the spreadsheet.

It automates a lot of the manual and repetitive tasks. You can get really crazy and creative with Zapier automation.

For Zapier to work, you need to connect at least two apps, the initiating app and the receiving app. The following words are important to understand how Zapier works:

  • 1) A trigger is an event that happens in the initiating app.
  • 2) An action is an incoming event to the receiving app.
  • 3) A zap is a combination of a trigger and action. Every zap has at least one trigger or action. e.g. a zap would be save an email in a Google sheet.
  • 4) A task happens when a zap is called or executed e.g. when an email is received through Gmail and an entry is created in Google Sheets, it counts as a task.

How do you pronounce Zapier?

We've heard people pronounce Zapier in many different ways. From the official Zapier Twitter account we've learned this is the proper way to pronounce it:

How does the Timeero and Zapier integrations work?

We currently offer 4 triggers and one action:

1. Clock In/Start Mileage trigger - this triggers when a user clocks in. This also signifies the start of tracking mileage.

2. Clock Out/Stop Mileage trigger - this triggers when a user clocks out. This also signifies the end of tracking mileage.

3. New Job - this trigger happens when a new job is added.

4. New Schedule - this trigger happens when a new schedule is added.

Zapier integration

The following action is supported:

1. Create a Job - this creates a job inside of Timeero. A job in Timeero can represent a work site, a lead, a customer or a work order. The job creation action allows you to pass in addresses for the job. Jobs with addresses can be converted to location coordinates on a map.

Timeero and Zapier integration

What you can do with Timeero and Zapier

Log mileage to Google sheets

Tracking mileage is important for many reasons. If you are looking to reimburse your employees for mileage driven or track your own mileage for personal records, then this is a great place to start.

With this Zap, you can automatically log all your mileage driven to a Google Sheets if you prefer to store them outside of Timeero. There’s no longer a need to write down your start and stop odometer readings.

Timeero Schedules added to Google Calendar

Scheduling is a big problem for many businesses. Fortunately, there are a plethora of solutions out there to help you manage your scheduling woes.

Combining Timeero scheduling with Zapier can empower your team. With this zap, any schedule created within Timeero can show up on a Google calendar. Let us know what you think!

Log clock in and out times to Google Sheets

Time tracking is at the core of what we do and being able to track time however you want it is very critical. With this zap you can log time entries to Google Sheets and do what ever you want with it.

Add customers from JobNimbus CRM as Jobs to Timeero

If you are in the roofing business, you’ve probably heard or use JobNimbus to manage your business. It’s very important your team members are working on the right jobs.

If you are using Timeero to track your crew’s time and location, then combining Timeero and JobNimbus zap may just be the right for you.

With this zap, you do not have to manually enter jobs for your crew into Timeero. You can automatically add your new customers to Timeero

How the Zapier pricing works

If you’ve read this far, then you are perhaps considering using Timeero and Zapier. Zapier comes with a free plan that gives you 100 free tasks. Timeero does not charge any extra fees to use Zapier.

Setting up Timeero with Zapier:

  • 1) If you do not have a Timeero account yet, create one here.
  • 2) If you are an admin, log in to your Timeero account and then go to Integrations > Integrate with Zapier.
  • 3) Click on Generate Zapier API Key. You will need this key to integrate with Zapier.
  • 4) Next log in to your Zapier account and then go to “My Apps” on the top bar and choose Add connection.
  • 5) Search for Timeero and select it.
  • 6) Now you are all set to integrate Timeero with any app.

We will love to hear your feedback on the Timeero Zapeir integration. We'll also love to learn more about the cool zaps you have created with Zapier.

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Barima K.

Barima is the founder of Timeero. He loves playing soccer and spending time with family and friends.

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