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We really wanted to start organizing and getting rid of paper. It's something we had always wanted to do but had not prioritized.
Rhonda Pyle
Payroll Supervisor

A Pineywoods Home Health Care

The A Pineywoods family of health care companies have been locally owned and operated for over 25 years. Their two agencies provide skilled nursing, physical therapists, medical social workers, certified nurse aides and caregivers in their home.

Prior to Timeero, A Pineywoods relied heavily on paper to track time and mileage. Tracking time and mileage with paper was creating a lot of inefficiencies and getting costly in terms of time and money.

For our companies specifically. We were all paper. So paper timesheets paper and recording, and everything was paper. And so, that lends a lot of inefficiencies when trying to transfer data from any point to any other point. And then also efficiencies, you know, with just having multiple people having to touch it. In order to be able to manipulate it. And so, for, for us it was really about saving the time savings and having to have multiple people do things with the same data, and, and then also just getting rid of the redundancies of paper. - Jennifer LaCorte

With Timeero, A Pineywoods was able to streamline a lot of their processes. They were able to dramatically cut down on paper usage. In addition to tracking time and mileage, A Pineywoods also uses Timeero to manage the schedules of their caregivers.

The caregivers can now electronically receive their schedules and also have the option to accept or decline open shifts.

Also the reporting feature of Timeero has been very useful to the A Pineywoods team.

Reports have been very useful. And then for the supervisors when they can pull up reports by group, they can evaluate their own team. - Rhonda Pyle

By using Timeero, A Pineywoods has been able to simplify their time tracking, mileage tracking, scheduling and reporting all in one place.

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