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 "We really are happy that we made the switch and appreciate all of your help with this transition. Timeero truly cares about us and our needs as a company."
Erin Gutierrez
HR Assistant

How Clear Motivations Thrived with Timeero's Easy Tracking and Instant Support

Coaches are at the heart of Clear Motivations' success. They embody the organization's commitment to empowering adults with disabilities through direct employment and community integration.  

Job and activity coaches play a crucial role in participant growth and overcoming challenges along the way.

From Monday through Friday, they work in different cities in vibrant Orange County. Their commitment extends beyond participant support and empowerment—it involves significant travel across the region, for which Clear Motivations compensates mileage. 

The job demands flexibility, dedication, and a strong belief in every participant's potential to succeed in today's workforce.

Time, Location, and Mileage Tracking Was a Big Issue

Before Timeero, Clear Motivations grappled with significant logistical hurdles. 

  • Inaccurate Time Tracking. Employees were being clocked out randomly for no apparent reason, leading to inaccuracies in time records.
  • Difficulty in Tracking Mileage. Coaches faced challenges tracking mileage as they had to use a separate application which complicated the reimbursement process.
  • Location Switching Issues. The need to switch locations frequently without a seamless way to record these changes added to logistical challenges.
  • Administrative Burden. The existing system required substantial administrative effort to manage time tracking, mileage recording, and location switching, detracting from the company’s primary focus of supporting participants.

Erin Gutierrez, an HR manager at Clear Motivations, shares her firsthand experience with the transformative impact Timeero had on their operations.

 "We had a lot of issues with our employees being clocked out randomly for no reason. We had some trouble with our employees having to switch locations, and tracking mileage was a big issue, as coaches had to use a separate application."

The breaking point for Clear Motivations came when the realization hit that the challenges regarding time and mileage tracking could be addressed with a more integrated and efficient system.

The Transition to Timeero

The decision to switch to Timeero was met with a few obstacles, primarily due to the scale of training required for approximately 100 coaches on a new application. 

Yet, the transition was surprisingly smooth and brought about a remarkable change in operations. 

Erin shares:

 "Our experience after switching to Timeero has been amazing. Mileage for our employees is tracked automatically, which saves us so much time."

Reasons for Making the Switch to Timeero

  • Automated Mileage Tracking. Timeero offered an automatic solution for mileage tracking, which yielded significant results that separate applications could not produce.
  • Unified System for Time Tracking and Location Management. Timeero provided a single platform for managing time tracking, switching multiple locations, tracking mileage, and streamlining operations.
  • Improved Support and Accessibility. The superior support from Timeero, including immediate chat, phone, and email assistance, especially during times of emergency was a large factor in the decision to switch to Timeero. 

By using Timeero, the logistical challenges that once burdened the coaches of Clear Motivations have been significantly reduced. 

The app's ability to accurately track work hours and mileage across various locations has streamlined daily operations, allowing coaches to concentrate their focus on participant support. 

This has simplified the administrative aspects of their roles, fostering a more positive work environment and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the organization's mission.

Erin highlights the critical improvements that were made by switching to Timeero, especially those regarding support and communication. 

"We no longer have to deal with switching locations. Our employees can get out there, coach our participants, and not have to worry about where they're clocking in or where they need to switch to. They're not worried about logging into a separate app to make sure that their mileage is being tracked correctly." 

She also points out that the immediate support from Timeero in times of need has been invaluable,

 "Within seconds, we have somebody on the chat, on the phone, or we can reach them through email. That is so important in a business like ours, where things are ever-changing and they're fast paced. When we have issues, we need help right then and there. "

Great Support Equals Success

Despite initial hesitations, the transition to Timeero was smoother and more straightforward than anticipated, thanks to excellent support and user-friendly features.

Reflecting on the ease of the transition and the ongoing support from Timeero, Erin's testimonial is a powerful endorsement of the app's impact.

 "The transition for us was extremely easy... The support is just hands down the best. Any questions I had were answered within minutes."

Here is what Gabriela Gonzalez, a caseload manager at Clear Motivations, says about the switch:

 " I like that you can reach somebody right away. I had an issue a couple of months back, and a quick instant message helped us fix the issue right away. This was a significant change from previous experiences with other applications, where getting a hold of someone was quite challenging. Like somebody is already there waiting for the phone call or that IM on the other side. So, customer service is 100%. You guys always find a way to help us on this end to fix or resolve any issue as quickly as possible. It’s also very easy to navigate; our coaches have little to no issues navigating the app. It's the same on our end; it’s very user-friendly.

The commitment shown by Timeero's team, including visits from the founder to listen to feedback and suggestions for improvement, demonstrates a level of care and engagement that was beyond what other companies offered.

Erin concludes with heartfelt appreciation:

 "We really are happy that we made the switch and appreciate all of your help with this transition. Timeero truly cares about us and our needs as a company."

Together We Grow

Coaches with busy schedules—from fitness and health support to shopping and work assistants—can seamlessly track their work hours as they travel to different locations using Timeero.

Timeero not only ensures employees are accurately compensated for their hard work and travel but also reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. This allows organizations like Clear Motivations to focus more on their core mission: supporting their participants.

Timeero’s partnership with Clear Motivations showcases how the right technology can help organizations efficiently manage logistical challenges and fully commit to their missions.

As we work alongside our clients, we provide technology that supports their growth every step of the way. 

Choosing Timeero means choosing a technology partner dedicated to overcoming challenges today and in the future. We're proud to offer a platform that not only addresses current needs but also grows with our clients, helping organizations like Clear Motivations continue to make a meaningful impact on those they serve.

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