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“Overall, I think we're really happy with Timeero, both from a relationship basis as well as the actual program working for us.”
Shruty Parti
CEO and founder

Core Analytics and Timeero: Growing Stronger Together

In the healthcare industry, where timely and accurate service is paramount, Core Analytics Lab & Radiology stands out for its dedication to excellence and innovation for over a decade. From a team of 150 in 2019, Core Analytics has impressively grown to over 300 staff members, reflecting its commitment to providing excellent healthcare.

However, managing a mobile workforce of experienced phlebotomists and technicians across various locations presents unique operational challenges.

By adopting Timeero in 2022, Core Analytics embarked on a journey to streamline its workflow, ensure labor compliance, and further solidify its commitment to exceptional patient care and service delivery.

Accurate and Timely Mileage Reimbursement Was the Greatest Challenge

In California, employment laws rigorously protect workers from bearing the cost of business-related expenses.


In this state, adequate employee mileage reimbursement is not just a matter of operational concerns but a legal necessity. 

Core Analytics experienced certain hurdles running a business in a state with strict labor laws.

  • Manual Mileage Tracking and Reimbursements. Manually calculating mileage for a sizable mobile workforce was time-consuming and prone to errors. It often led to reimbursement delays, impacting employee satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Labor Law Compliance. California's stringent mileage reimbursement and labor laws require meticulous management of breaks, working hours, and business-related mileage expenses, which can be complicated, especially for a mobile workforce. 

  • Operational Inefficiencies. The lack of an integrated system for time, location, and mileage tracking for mobile employees led to inefficiencies and issues with accountability.

“Before we moved to you guys, it was a nightmare. We have a lot of people on the road. At the end of every month, we would take our work home on weekends. We would literally manually calculate all of their miles and try to figure out if they were writing 20 miles or 40 miles. And that would also delay the reimbursements. We didn't want to reimburse ten people and leave the other thirty waiting for payment. “ Shruty Parti recalls.

The app Core Analytics’ staff were using back then didn’t sufficiently address their needs. For one, the app lacked a mileage tracking feature and the GPS tracking was not precise or reliable. Not to mention its customer support was far from satisfying.

For Core Analytics, ensuring fair and prompt compensation for the business use of personal vehicles became a priority. This highlighted the need for an innovative solution to maintain their commitment to employee satisfaction and adherence to legal standards.

A Challenge Met with Innovation

In search of a solution to these operational hurdles, primarily mileage tracking, Core Analytics Lab and Radiology turned to Timeero, software designed to address the unique needs of mobile workforces. 

Timeero offered several key features to streamline operations and ensure compliance with labor laws:

  • Automated Mileage Tracking. Timeero's GPS-enabled mileage tracking feature automates the calculation of travel distances, reducing administrative workload and improving reimbursement accuracy.

  • Labor Compliance Features. Timeero offers tools designed to manage and enforce breaks and work hours. This way, users can navigate California's complex labor laws more effectively.

  • Real-Time Data and Reporting. Access to real-time data and actionable insights allows for better management decisions and overall operational efficiency.

Making the Switch To Timeero

Making the change to Timeero required a strategic approach. The process involved:

Training and Onboarding. Comprehensive training sessions for administrative staff and mobile employees to familiarize them with Timeero’s features and functionalities.

System Integration. Integrating with Core Analytics and Radiology’s payroll system to ensure smooth data transfer and processing.

Ongoing Support and Feedback Loop. Regular check-ins with Timeero’s support team allowed Core Analytics and Radiology to address any implementation challenges promptly and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

From Operational Efficiencies to Human Stories

 “We are really happy with what Timeero provides. Now, the reimbursement is done with our payroll. And, you know, nobody really complains about the miles. It's been a great tool for us. You’ve come up with a great product.”

Implementing Timeero resulted in immediate benefits for Core Analytics Labs & Radiology.

The once burdensome process of mileage tracking and reimbursements became seamless, and the administrative burden was lifted, allowing the team to focus on what they do best: care for their patients.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

Barima Kwarteng, CEO of Timeero, visited Core Analytics and its founder and CEO, Shruty Parti, in February 2024. The two leaders didn't see their meeting just as a mere check-in. 

Rather, it was an opportunity to acknowledge past successes and brainstorm ideas for future collaboration. 

California break tracking, PTO tracking, and employee verification of timesheet changes were on the agenda, with both CEOs committed to navigating these together.

The essence of this partnership lies in the shared belief that growth is a journey where challenges are best met with creativity and resilience.

"I wasn’t hesitant to give you all the good feedback and successes we have had together. Our input helped you make it a better program, greatly benefiting us. It’s been a really good addition to our system to make it streamlined,”  reflects Shruty Parti.

Indeed, their feedback has been beneficial to Timeero’s development. Barima Kwarteng, echoing this sentiment, highlights the value of customer insight:

 "Our best ideas come from our customers. Our company focuses on helping your companies hold their teams accountable and reduce fraud so you can focus on what you do best."

We Grow As You Grow

As Core Analytics continues to grow and serve the healthcare needs of the aging population, its journey with Timeero is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. 

The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and each challenge should be viewed not as a barrier but as an opportunity to grow stronger together.

This sentiment echoes through the halls of both organizations, a reminder that at the heart of technology lies the potential to transform lives, one milestone at a time.

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