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They are amazing! This app so far has been what our company needs. The team has been by our side the whole time.
Melissa Barron
Accounting Manager

Crest Contracting Boosts Efficiency with Timeero

Based in Tucson, the home of Saguaro, Crest Contracting has been in the solar and roofing industry for over 30 years. Their expertise lies in roof installation, re-roofing, HVAC, plumbing, painting, flooring, and plumbing

With the mission of delivering top-notch services to their clients, Crest Contracting provides high-quality renovation at a competitive price.‍

Before Timeero

Being the office administrator for a growing field services business, such as Crest Contracting, is no small task.

Before Timeero, Melissa Baron, the office administrator at the company, managed timesheets using paper and trust. 

However, the manual process was getting out of hand for several reasons:

  • Tracking employee whereabouts was a challenge. They didn’t know if the work crew was showing up to the jobs on time or if they were showing up at all. Moreover, customers had reported some dissatisfaction with the work being done. 
  • Excessive time padding. Some workers did not work the hours they claimed. Even more challenging was that no mechanism was in place to verify the hours worked.‍
  • Job costing was tedious. Accurately calculating job costs proved problematic as the crew submitted hours without specifying which jobs they were allocated to. So, to determine job costs, they had to estimate how many hours were spent across various job sites. 
  • Messy paper timesheets. Workers simply forgot to track their time and jobs worked. This meant a lot of guessing, resulting in inaccurate and expensive payroll. The crew members were good at building and repairing roofs but not at tracking time.

Embracing Timeero

As paper and trust were not cutting it, Crest Contracting decided to embrace Timeero.

  • Onboarding their work crew couldn’t have been better. Some crew members at Crest were not tech-savvy. To ensure a smooth transition, the Timeero team conducted video screen-sharing calls. They even organized in-person assistance visits to answer all the questions about GPS tracking and ensure everyone was comfortable using the software. ‍

  • Reminders to clock in and out. Forgetfulness is no longer a barrier to accurate time tracking. With geofencing, guys do not have to worry about clocking in and out. They get a notification when they arrive at a worksite—another extra task on their plates!

  • Accurate and real-time time tracking. Waiting for the crew to turn in time cards was a very frustrating experience. Even worse, some workers never did. With Timeero, Melissa no longer has to wait for the crew members to turn in their time cards. Now, she gets the data in real-time, and payroll is a breeze.

  • Team messaging. Another added benefit of Timeero is communicating with the crew from anywhere and at any time. She can now send companywide messages and know who has read them.

  • GPS tracking. When out working, the guys are all over town. In the past, Melissa had no way of knowing where everyone was. She could just hope they were where they needed to be. With Timeero, all Melissa has to do is open the Who’s Working dashboard. She can see all the workers in a single place and view their locations, clock-in times, and jobs they are working on.

  • Proof of work. In addition to tracking time and location, team members can now capture photos to document their work. The proof of work is handy in helping Crest Contracting hold its team accountable and as documentation against potential false customer claims.

  • Accurate labor and job costing. Precisely tracking time translates to more precise job and labor costs. Gone are the days of uncertainty about hours worked; the robust system now efficiently manages all those details. 

  • Peace of mind. With Timeero, Melissa and her team now have insights they never had before. Most importantly, she is freed from the mundane task of time tracking and accountability issues that used to take up a good part of her week. She can now focus her administration efforts on other, more meaningful and productive tasks. ‍

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