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Scottsbluff, NE

We travel on dirt roads and country roads and it was very difficult for me to check on employees to know if they were safe or where their locations were. Since using Timeero I can actually view them out in the fields and area even though it’s so rural.
Abby Abbot
Data Specialist

ESU 13's Journey to Reliable Staff Tracking with Timeero

In the heart of Nebraska, the Educational Service Units are pillars of educational support.

Spanning an impressive 14,181 square miles across 11 counties in western Nebraska, ESU 13 serves over 14,000 students, with the dedication of nearly 1,300 teachers. It offers a broad spectrum of services, including alternative education, early childhood, psychological and behavioral health, special education, and Title 1C education.

Amid its wide reach and the mobility of its workforce, ESU 13 faced significant challenges in tracking and accountability but found a fix with Timeero’s smart tools.

Verifying Locations Was a Huge Challenge

Being a data specialist and collecting accurate workforce activity is no small feat. Abby Abbott, a data specialist for the Title 1C program—a federally-funded initiative designed to support and supplement the educational needs of migrant children—faces the challenge of tracking the activities of several staff members who work across different districts.

 “Our program essentially works with families that work in agriculture, meaning that their students and their families are very mobile. And we just make sure that, in education, they’re not missing any gaps because of that high mobility within those moves,” Abby explains.

Many of these staff members worked in different districts, and there was no reliable way to verify their locations. Knowing employee location is crucial for safety and accountability reasons, and their previous GPS solution wasn’t very reliable. 

“We had a lot of hard times because we work with 39 school districts within different time zones. We had a lot of issues with maps and our locations being off,” Abby recounts the difficulties faced before Timeero.

Timeero’s Reliable Tracking Is a Game-Changer

Since adopting Timeero at the beginning of the school year, ESU 13 has seen a significant improvement in tracking and accountability. Abby shares:

“We love Timeero. Since buying, we can accurately know where some of our staff members are.” 

This accuracy is particularly crucial given the nature of their work, which often takes them on country roads and through rural areas not accurately mapped by traditional GPS services.

 “We actually travel on country roads, dirt roads. And it was very difficult for me to check on our employees and make sure that they’re safe,” Abby adds.

The Timeero app works offline, ensuring ESU 13 staff can track their time and location, even in the most rural areas.

 “I can actually view them, out in the fields, and working within that area, even though it’s so rural and so, not on the maps,” says Abby, highlighting the system’s reliability.

Managing Payroll Is a Breeze

Timeero has made holding everyone accountable so much easier and also made it easy to get payroll done.

Abby appreciates how Timeero has streamlined administrative tasks. Unlike the previous programs they used, managing payroll and retrieving logs is now straightforward, and downloading them as accurate PDFs is quick.

“I highly encourage anyone looking for any GPS tracking, kind of pop-ins, pop-outs to Timeero. So thank you for all of this support, Timeero, and we look forward to continuing with you,” Abby encourages others needing dependable GPS tracking for their workforce.

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