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Scottsbluff, NE

We travel on dirt roads and country roads and it was very difficult for me to kinda check on employees to know if they were safe or where their location were. Since using Timeero I can actually view them out in the fields and area even though it’s so rural.
Abby Abbot
Data Specialist

ESU 13


Being a data specialist and collecting accurate workforce activity is no small feat. Abby collects data from several staff members for the Title 1C program, a federally- funded Title 1 program that provides support and supplemental educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that result from frequent moves.

Many of these staff members worked in different districts and she had no way to know if people were really where they claimed to be. Knowing employee location is important for safety and accountability reasons.

Their previous GPS solution gave them several different problems and mostly dealing with a lot of issues with tracking GPS. They work with a lot of school districts across different time zones.

With Timeero

Now they can accurately pinpoint where each employees is. The ESU 13 team can now know if employees are safe and where each employee has been.

The previous GPS tracking solution did not work well in rural areas. This was a huge problem because a good amount of the areas served by ESU 13 is in rural areas. The Timeero app works offline and workers can track their time and location even without an internet connection.

It’s made holding everyone accountable so much easier and also made it easy to getting payroll done.

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