Budapest, Hungary

I wish everything went this well, like it does with Timeero!
Zsuzsa Rihay
Communications Manager


Kultindex is a nonprofit founded by Atila Zongor, with a mission to organize and strengthen the position of the cultural sector in Hungary through high level services. Their activities are mainly focused on education, application writing and event organization.

Before Timeero, Attila's nonprofit had no way to track activities of the regular teachers during the summer camp. They needed a way to account for the working hours and locations of the teachers and instructors during the summer camp.

Nonprofit organizations usually must classify all of their expenses into appropriate categories. Since it is common for an employee to spend their work week in different areas of an organization, it is important that their compensation expenses show the areas they worked and Kultindex did not have a good way to track these expenses.

The Timeero Treatment

Since there was no way to properly account for the whereabouts of everyone, Attila knew it was time for a change. After many hours of research, they finally found Timeero.

Setting up Timeero was easy for the Kultindex team. The onboarding process was seamless and easy. Employee accounts were set up and everyone got going in little to no time. 

His employees can now track their times worked and GPS locations all in real-time.

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