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Prior to Timeero we had never had an application that was really successful with hours tracking as well as scheduling.
Spenser Koenig
Billing and Office Manager

Trowbridge Custom Floors

Catering to Beautiful California

Trowbridge Custom Floors is a licensed C-15 flooring contractor with over 15 years experience, specializing in custom residential hardwood and natural stone flooring. They also offer laminate and tile flooring for residential or commerical spaces throughout southern California.

Before Timeero

Time is a precious commodity for Spenser Koenig. Spenser manages the billing and general administration at Trowbridge Custom Flooring. Before Timeero, Spenser's team had been using paper timesheets and a few other time tracking apps prior to Timeero. The paper timesheets didn't work out for many reasons:

  • 1) The crew members were simply forgetting to clock in and out.

  • 2) It was difficult figuring out bad handwriting.

  • 3) The jobs weren't being properly allocated to the correct times.

  • 4) If customers complained if the crew was late, Tyler and Spenser had no way of knowing that.

Timeero to the rescue

Since paper timesheets were just not cutting it, it was time to move on to something else. After trying different time and scheduling apps, Spenser finally found Timeero. Timeero was the only app that was able to meet her needs of time tracking, location tracking and employee scheduling.

Since using Timeero I have had a lot of success. It's really streamlined everything that I thought I needed from this type of application and we've been really happy with it. We are a small team but we have operations all over the city happening and we've been able to track hours, track mileage and all the good stuff.

With Timeero, Trowbridge Custom Floors has been able to streamline their processes, save time and money.

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