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Best GPS Fleet Tracking Apps in 2023

Andjelka Prvulovic
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July 28, 2023 4:47 AM
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If your business relies on fieldwork and numerous hours of drive time, it can be quite challenging to know where your employees and vehicles are at any given moment to optimize your resources and workflow. 

GPS fleet tracking app can be a lifesaver, especially when managing your fleet without immediate access to the desktop. 

To save you from the trouble of checking out all the options yourself, we’ve gathered info on the best GPS fleet tracking apps on the market today and summarized their features and functionalities.

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What Are GPS Fleet Tracking Apps?

GPS fleet tracking, also known as telematics, is most often used in transportation-related industries to keep track of company vehicles, assets, other equipment, and drivers. 

Comprehensive GPS fleet tracking systems let companies know about the locations of their equipment and goods by near real-time tracking and provide other valuable data about fleets and driver performance. 

This way, GPS fleet tracking apps allow businesses to reduce costs (for example, fuel costs), monitor their staff, manage vehicle maintenance, and improve compliance and driver safety.

Mobile GPS fleet tracking apps are often included as a part of these comprehensive systems.

Still, sometimes they come as standalone software solutions that you can use without additional hardware.

When making our choices, we tried to make a diverse list so that the apps could fit the needs of different businesses.

best gps fleet tracking apps

1. Timeero - The Best Fleet Tracking App for Small Businesses

As an accurate and reliable GPS time tracking app, Timeero is an excellent choice for small and growing businesses that want to improve their core fleet operations on an affordable budget.

The concept is clear - to track your fleet, you need to subscribe to one of Timeero’s plans, have your drivers install the mobile app on their mobile devices, and start tracking.

Then, as a manager or an admin, you can keep track of your fleet and manage it using your desktop, or the user-friendly mobile app, on the fly.

Timeero is the best gps fleet tracking app
Timeero - the best GPS fleet tracking app for small businesses

Timeero uses GPS points from their smartphones to track the location of your vehicles in near real-time and keep records of their routes. You can access their real-time location using the Who’s working tab on your desktop or mobile device. The Time and Mileage feature can replay your vehicles' routes, and the breadcrumbs view will give you more details, such as timestamps and speed.

Check out our article on best GPS employee trackers to see how Timeero compares to other GPS employee tracker apps.

Use Timeero to keep track of routes and mileage.
Use Timeero to keep track of routes and mileage

You can combine the Jobs and Scheduling features to assign and dispatch your drivers. Jobs in Timeero can be anything you need to schedule or track data for - a new job, a location, or a client.

Timeero geofencing feature
Timeero Geofencing for more efficient GPS Fleet Tracking

When creating a job, you can add all relevant information for your drivers, along with the contact person's details and geofences. Later, you can assign these jobs to your employees, ensuring they know their destinations and tasks.

Timeero Suggested Route can optimize your resources
Timeero Suggested Route can optimize your resources

When clocking into a predefined job if you enter the destination address, your driver will also get the route suggestion to reach their destination most efficiently.

Geofencing capability lets you create virtual boundaries around certain locations and provides even more benefits. For example, with the enhanced Segmented tracking feature that Timeero is rolling out soon, you can quickly see how much time a driver has spent on geofenced locations, which route they took from one destination to another, and how much time they took to get there.

Besides tracking and managing your fleet more easily, Timeero has robust reporting features that you easily customize to fit your business needs. In addition, you can export your drivers’ working hours for payroll, or if they’re using their private vehicles for business purposes, reimburse them for their expenses. 


Timeero Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracker of locations and working hours
  • Track mileage and routes
  • Set geofencing to mark significant locations and automate specific actions
  • Creat jobs, tasks, or locations with all vital information and assign them to your drivers.
  • Scheduling
  • Message blast
  • Attach photos to logs
  • Customizable reporting
  • Segmented Tracking
  • Suggested Mileage
  • Integrations with Zapier and most common accounting and payroll software
  •  Public API

Timeero’s Pricing

With three pricing plans to choose from, and no additional fees, Timeero’s pricing is straightforward. 

Basic Plan

$4 per month per user

Timeero’s Basic Plan gives you access to basic functionalities, such as real-time GPS tracking of locations, hours, and mileage for up to 10 drivers in your fleet and customizable reports.

Pro Plan

$8 per month per user

Besides features included in the Basic Plan, Timeero Pro Plan gives you more control over your entire fleet with an unlimited number of vehicles, as you can access features such as geofencing, scheduling, and time off tracking and jobs. You can also use some of Timeero’s integrations to Zapier or popular payroll and accounting software to streamline your workflow. 

Premium Plan

$11 per month per user

Besides all the features and functionalities included in Pro Plan, if you opt for Premium Plan, you can also access features such as suggested mileage and segmented tracking, capture start and end addresses of your drivers, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

There is no contractual minimum length for customers -.you can pay for Timeero every month or choose an annual subscription and get a discounted price.

Also, there is a 14-day free trial, with no payment info required, that you can use to check the app’s functionalities.

Timeero Downsides

Timeero’s mobile app offers great GPS fleet tracking and management features for small businesses working in the field. 

However, if you’re working in transportation or freight, you might want more refined telematics and additional features, such as asset tracking and vehicle or fleet maintenance.

2. Azuga Fleet - Best for Improving Drivers’ Safety

Azuga’s GPS fleet tracking app is a part of its comprehensive fleet management solution, tailored to fit the needs of fleets of all sizes. 

The FleetMobile app can also come as a stand-alone edition, meaning that you won’t need to invest in any new hardware - fleet tracking will be done using employees’ mobile devices.

The app has two separate views - for drivers and administrators.

Azuga app
Source: azuga.com

Its admin view provides real-time insight into your vehicles' locations and routes, weather updates, and traffic, so it’s easy for you to find the nearest vehicle and optimize your workflow. 

You can access the details of each one of your vehicles and see how their day has been without having to leave the screen.

When you access details of a vehicle, you have access to all relevant information, such as its GPS location, geofencing entries, and exits, as well as details on drivers' behavior - speeding, idling, and hard braking.

Azuga Fleet pays a lot of attention to improving driving safety and minimizing the risk of your fleet on the road. 

For example, its Distracted Driving feature lets you monitor calls made, received, and missed during a ride. In addition, the DriveSafe feature (available on Android only) can block smartphone distractions when a fleet vehicle is on the move, such as phone calls, texting, and app use. 

Whenever drivers are in an emergency and need help, they can use the Panic Alert feature to alert their managers instantly and get the assistance they need.

Using rewards and gamification, the app can help you promote safe driver safety. The drivers’ scores feature lets you see driver performance and how they stack up against one another.

Azuga fleet tracking app
Source: azuga.com

You can use this to spur healthy competition among your drivers and send rewards to your best drivers using the FleetMobile app.

One of the features offered in the pricier package is Azuga Coach. Their driving coaching program aims to improve driving behaviors using personalized safety coaching videos.

Azuga GPS fleet tracking solution is used in various industries, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, landscaping, equipment rental, commercial security, specialty contractors, and more. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes in Android and iOS mobile versions. 

For those using Azuga software, customer support is available via the web, over the phone, and through email. 

CompleteFleet Plan also offers Concierge Support - a dedicated Customer Success Manager to address specific business needs and questions.

Azuga Features

  • Live maps & breadcrumbs
  • Trip detection and details 
  • Stop time & number of stops 
  •  Driver grouping & hierarchies
  • Usage Summary
  • Geofences 
  • Custom reporting 
  • Scheduled reports 
  • Driver coaching

Azuga Pricing

Your employees can use Azuga GPS Fleet Tracking app if you subscribe to one of the three plans they offer.


$25.00 per vehicle per month.

The plan includes core vehicle tracking plus driver scoring and rewards, such as GPS tracking, geofencing, driver scores and rewards, alerts, notifications, and reports.

Customer support is also included in the package; you can access unlimited web-based, email, and phone support.


 $30.00 per vehicle per month.

The plan has all BasicFleet options. For an additional $5 a month per vehicle, you now have access to additional safety features, as well as tools that can improve your company’s efficiency.

When it comes to Enhanced Safety options, this plan gives you access to Panic Alert, Distracted Driving, and Speed Safe. 

To improve fleet efficiency, Azuga SafeFleet gives access to features such as Messaging, Trip Logs and Tags, Vehicle Diagnostics, Fuel Card Integration, Scheduled Maintenance, Track Me, Occupant Recognition, and API Integration.

Regarding customer support, SafeFleet offers the same support included in BasicFleet.


 $35.00 per vehicle per month

This plan offers everything included in SafeFleet and additional features for comprehensive fleet tracking.

Extra benefits you get with this tier are Azuga Coach, for improved safety of the drivers, and Fuel Saver, for extra efficiency.

Also, the plan includes enhanced data on your vehicles, including electric ones.

CompleteFleet also includes exclusive services, such as One-minute Tracking, Custom Reports, and Quarterly Fleet reports.  

Besides customer support options offered in the two packages above, this plan comes with Concierge Support.

For extra security on the road, you can have a dual-facing HD camera at the price of $29,99 per month, with 36 monthly contracts with each one of these plans.

Unfortunately, Azuga’s website does not mention a free trial, but there is a free demo option you can sign up for. 

Azuga Fleet Downsides


However, there is a huge downside to Azuga’s pricing -  it only comes with a three-year contract, which can be quite challenging for small businesses just getting started or growing businesses looking for a more flexible solution.

Plus, for access to minute-to-minute tracking, you need to subscribe to the most expensive plan offered and pay $35 per vehicle per month.

3. Verizon Connect - Best for Granular Control

Verizon manager mobile app is an easy-to-use fleet racking and management app that pairs with Verizon’s fleet management system and pulls data from the Verizon Connect Reveal app.

The app provides relevant vehicle information, such as location, safety, fuel efficiency, and distance traveled, helping fleet managers decide how to use resources more efficiently.

To use the mobile app, you need to use Verizon Connect's GPS fleet tracking system. Their plug-and-play GPS hardware is easy to install on most vehicles, the model year 1996 or newer, with an OBD-II port.

Verizon Connect gps fleet tracking
Source: verizonconnect.com

Using Verizon Connect, you can easily see all your tracked vehicles on a live map, along with Google Maps traffic details, near real-time. Such insight allows you to locate your vehicles easily, optimize routes and organize your drivers, even while you are on the go. You can also replay the routes of your vehicles for better insight into their activity.

The geofence functionality lets you set notifications for activities occurring at predefined locations and times.

Verizon Reveal Geofencing
Verizon Reveal Geofencing; Source: verizonconnect.com

Regarding geofencing, Verizon offers even more functionality called Suggested Geofences. The system recognizes the areas your drivers visit often and suggests them as locations worth your attention.

Besides geofence notifications, you will receive automated near-real-time alerts for key events, such as speeding or idling.

Reporting is another strong point of Verizon. Besides data you can get on-demand, such as daily miles, arrival times, and speeding, you can view daily reports that include start and arrival times, stops, idle time, and distance.

Detailed reports will show you a complete travel history of a vehicle, assets, and drivers. You can also generate geofence reports to monitor the visits to the predefined locations or get reports on the distance to see how far your vehicles traveled during working hours.

Verizon Connect enables automated compliance with  DVIR, ELD, and HOS, among others.

Verizon Features

  • View live map with tracked vehicles
  • Replay routes
  • Geofence
  • Google traffic data
  • Mobile manager app
  • Reports
  • Automated alerts
  • Driver mobile app 
  • Dashboard metrics  
  • Maintenance scheduling.

Verizon Pricing

Reveal Starter

New US Verizon customers can get this package at the price of $0.76 per vehicle per day, which comes to around $22.8 per vehicle per month, plus fees and taxes, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

However, there is a three-year contract, and this offer is available for online purchases only.

Reveal Starter includes Plug-and-play OBD-II GPS tracking devices, fleet management software, and a mobile manager app for iOS and Android.

Reveal Starter is tailored to fit the needs of small businesses that need to streamline how they manage their fleets, cut costs, increase productivity, simplify maintenance, and improve safety.

Some of the core features of the plan include a live map with route replay, speed and location data, geofences, basic reports, and alerts.


Reveal targets companies of all sizes that want to manage vehicles, drivers, equipment, and jobs more efficiently. 

Besides core features offered in Reveal Starter, it includes features such as the Driver mobile app, dashboard metrics, advanced reporting and alerting, and  maintenance schedule.

The price has not been provided on their website, but you can get a free tailored price quote.

According to review websites, the price of Azura Reveal can range from $20 to $40 per vehicle monthly.

Once you purchase the Reveal or Reveal Starter plan, you can opt for additional features, such as ELD, Fuel Card Integration, Dashcam, Roadside Assistance, Proof of Delivery, Commercial navigation, and vehicle sensor data.

Verizon Downsides

The situation is quite similar to the one of Azuga. Despite this GPS fleet tracking software's great functionalities, committing to a three-year contract may be quite challenging for growing or small businesses.


4. Samsara Fleet - Vehicle Management Solution

In the competitive market, Samsara shines with its top-notch features and functionalities. The GPS fleet tracking app is a key component of the comprehensive platform, bringing even more power to manage fleets easily.

Samsara Fleet app is built to meet the needs of managers on the go. With it, they have all the information they need to stay in control of operations - tracking vehicles, assets, sensor data, diagnostics, monitoring hours of service, and even communicating with drivers - all in one place. 

Samsara gps fleet tracking app
Source: YouTube, @SamsaraHQ

The app also sends real-time alerts, allowing managers to quickly investigate potential incidents and review safety events, like distracted driving or harsh braking, from the app itself.

Furthermore, the app enables quick customer responses and easy sharing of live ETAs.

Samsara fleet tracking app
Source: YouTube, @SamsaraHQ

Samsara's GPS fleet tracking system provides up-to-the-second visibility into your fleet, with live vehicle tracking, real-time traffic, and weather updates, mapping the quickest route for drivers and ensuring they arrive on time. Its route optimization fan includes up to 20 stops, allowing for less driving time, more efficient deliveries, and reduced fuel consumption.

 With Samsara's geofencing capabilities, administrators receive automatic updates on arrivals and departures at specific locations and any unusual activity. For administrators, the software keeps tabs on vehicle movements, stops, performance, and breakdowns. To streamline operations and optimize the fleet, it provides performance analytics and vehicle and engine diagnostics.

The software generates many reports from the vehicle's sensors, including performance, driving, maintenance, and highly detailed fuel reports. 

Admins can receive extensive information about the vehicle and driver, including the driver's name, vehicle ID, fuel level, fuel consumption intervals,  idle time, engine run time, and average fuel consumption.

Samsara also integrates with a range of third-party software, such as payroll, TMS, CRM, inventory management, route planning, fuel cards, and more, maximizing the value of existing licenses.

Samsara goes above and beyond basic fleet tracking and management by incorporating hardware integrations, like wireless sensors, dashcams, and paper digitization. 

For instance, it offers temperature tracking for refrigerated goods, providing proof of delivery and sending alerts if temperatures fall outside safe limits. Delivery documents can be digitized, with custom forms created through drag-and-drop functionality for more efficient order processing with back-office automation.

Finally, the Samsara Driver mobile app is also part of this unified platform, providing drivers with guided workflows and real-time updates to help them perform their jobs more efficiently.

Samsara Features

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenence
  • Inventory
  • Driver Tracking
  • Driver Behavior
  • Driver Safety
  • Driver Onboarding
  • Vehicle Performance
  • Driver Performance
  • ETAs
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Route Optimization
  • ELD Compliance (Hours logged and HOS status, preventive maintenance, DVIR, etc.)

Samsara Pricing

There are no pricing details on Samsara’s website. However, on certain review sites, you can find that the average monthly price per vehicle is from $27 to $33.

Depending on the contact length, the hardware price per unit is between $100 and $150.


The minimum length of a small business contract is three years, paid upfront. However, Samsara offers a 30-day return period, risk-free.

Samsara Downsides

When it comes to Samsara's downsides, we must say that with entry-level prices higher than competitors, it just might not fit everyone's budget.

How Do I Choose the Best GPS Fleet Tracking App?

The best GPS fleet tracking app is the one that fits the needs of your business and won’t make a hole in your budget. 

So, if you’re looking for core fleet tracking and management features, at an affordable price and without a need to commit to three-year contracts, Timeero is your top choice.

Want more control over your fleet?

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