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7 Best GPS Apps for Truckers

David Kariuki
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April 18, 2024 3:03 AM
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Life on the road can be pretty challenging, as stress and unpredictable circumstances often characterize it. 

You never know what lies ahead, especially if you spend an extended period driving a massive truck. Think of the countless problems you may encounter when traveling as a truck driver, from heavy traffic to restricted routes and toll roads, not to mention the wrong directions and accidents that can put you behind schedule when you aren't using GPS navigation. 

Shockingly, from all the crashes recorded by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), approximately 510,000 involved large trucks. About 57 percent of all fatal crashes occurred in rural areas, while 25 percent occurred on rural interstate highways.

Using the most advanced technology, like the best GPS apps for truckers, can help you avoid these challenges, stay on time, arrive at your destination safely, and reduce costs. But before implementing GPS tracking technology, it’s important to have an employee GPS tracking policy to comply with the law regarding employee privacy and data protection. 

We decided to test and compare the best GPS apps for truckers in the market, and here are the top apps that made it to our list.

But before we dive into the best navigation apps suitable for truckers, let's look at the benefits and what to look for when choosing the right app.

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Benefits of Using a GPS App for Truckers

A GPS app has become essential for most, if not all, truck drivers. Some of the benefits of using a GPS app include the following:

  • Speed, as the app allows users to create truck routes and get a driver from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Driver's accountability, where truck drivers can take more ownership of their jobs and have a sense of clarity of tasks and result, allowing them to improve without being micro-managed. 
  • Saves time by providing truck-specific information and updates to help you identify truck-friendly routes to make more timely, successful, and cost-effective deliveries
  • It optimizes fuel costs by providing the shortest and quickest routes 
  • Access to safety information such as speed limits, weight limits, height limits, and more to help you navigate your route safely

With these benefits, getting the right GPS app for truckers is an investment you want to pay attention to.

What Makes The Best GPS Tracking Apps For Truckers

There are many GPS tracking apps for truckers to choose from. However, we decided to focus on the top seven that stood out.

  • Timeero - Best GPS and Mileage App for Truckers and Commercial Vehicles
  • Sygic Truck GPS Navigation - Offline GPS Navigation App for Truckers
  • SmartTruckRoute - GPS Navigation for Truck-Specific Routes
  • Trucker Path - Mapping and GPS App for Truck Drivers
  • Waze - Basic Trucking App With No Mileage Tracker
  • Route4Me Truck Routing Software - Routing and Navigation App For Truckers
  • Google Maps - Accurate Navigation App For Commercial Vehicles

If you're looking for the best navigation apps for truck drivers, there are a lot of features to look for. However, we have narrowed it down to key features to help you find the right truck GPS for your business.

Speed Monitoring And Mileage Capabilities

The best GPS apps for truck drivers should be able to monitor every driver's performance. This can help identify bad driving habits or reckless driving. Large truck owners can find this helpful as they can easily monitor drivers' behaviors, including other aspects, such as engine idling, to reduce fuel expenses

Truck Route GPS Routing Features

Truckers have unique needs when driving. And the best truck GPS app should help them navigate heavy traffic, road restrictions, constructions, or residential neighborhoods smoothly. The app should provide the shortest route to a specific destination. The routing feature should compare the shortest route with the actual one so that the driver can easily see the difference in mileage to help them decide which is the most optimal route that saves time and costs in the long run. 

Updated Navigation Maps

Accurate, updated, and reliable maps are critical for planning truck routes and navigating through these routes successfully. In addition, truckers should look for GPS apps that provide current information about traffic, road closures, road infrastructure changes, road works, and more to avoid a stressful drive. 

Look for mobile apps with zoom-in and out images and options to zoom down to street level, including using 3D maps for streets and highways.

Road Restriction Monitoring Features

Another feature that sets apart the best GPS app for truckers from the competition is the ability to account for all road restrictions that truck drivers might encounter while driving through their designated routes. So go for an app that offers features such as truck weight limits, bridge and tunnel height limits, commercially-approved roads, and more. 

Live Traffic Updates

Real-time traffic reports in the trucker GPS app enable drivers to avoid traffic jams during rush hours, avoid excess truck idling, and reduce time and money expenses related to road construction or other traffic incidents. 

Best GPS Apps For Truckers

As a truck driver, tracking location, mileage, the best route, and expenses are essential for your business. You want an app that can offer all these functionalities in one. Here, we have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of every GPS tracker to help your team navigate their routes better.

Let's get started.

Timeero - Best GPS and Mileage App for Truckers and Commercial Vehicles

Timeero is among the best employee tracking apps to choose if you have a trucking business. Its robust time-tracking, GPS, and mileage-tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for truckers who want a reliable and convenient app to track traffic routes, time spent on the road, and mileage covered.

GPS Location Tracking

Timeero's real-time GPS location-tracking feature offers accurate information about the optimal routes that truckers can choose from. This helps avoid unsuitable bridges, sharp curves, and other restrictions that may lurk for trucks on their routes. 

Besides providing optimized routes, managers can see who is working on a certain task and the whereabouts of the trucker and get information on the hours worked and what job they are currently working on. Using the breadcrumbs feature, managers can see the truckers clock in and out of the location and all other GPS points they toured during their shift.

Timeero GPS and Mileage Tracking
Timeero: Best GPS and Mileage Tracking App for Truckers

What really stands out on Timeero is the geofencing functionality, where managers can set a virtual boundary around a particular location to monitor what task every trucker is working on at a specific moment.

When using geofencing, truckers will receive clock-in and out reminders once they enter or leave the location. Then, they can either punch in manually or use facial recognition to clock in. This ensures no punches are missed, even when truckers are in a hurry.

Timeero Geofencing
Timeero Geofencing Feature

Timeero works offline, meaning that maps are updated regularly on the app; therefore, truckers don't have to worry about being unable to maneuver around when there is no internet or Wifi connection. 

The app will also capture the actual locations of truckers, enabling the employer to get a complete picture of their driver's whereabouts. In addition, Timeero will also always display the current and maximum speed limit, which helps drivers avoid overspeeding.

Mileage Tracking

Truckers spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another. For this reason, they need an app that provides the most efficient route with no traffic or roadblocks to help them reach their destination quickly and fast. They also need an app that can calculate mileage to help calculate expenses at the end of the trip.

Timeero's motion detection technology helps to detect movement and record mileage when the vehicle exceeds 4.47 miles per hour. While this is the default speed in Timeero, it can also be customized according to your needs. This allows truckers to track mileage without tracing idle time spent in traffic. In addition, this enables fleet owners to reimburse their drivers fairly and compute IRS tax deductions accurately. 

Timeero also shows the trucker's exact routes while driving. Using the route replay feature, you can know the precise route the driver took, ensure they're not taking longer than expected on the roads, and are accountable for the mileage.

Timeero Report
Timeero Report

Segmented Tracking

But a feature that really gives Timeero an edge when compared to all the GPS and mileage tracking apps for truckers is segmented tracking.

Using this feature, you can see a truck driver’s entire workday at a glance in a single dashboard.

timeero segmented tracking
Timeero Segmented Tracking Feature

You can see each of the trips they made, including the distance and time spent traveling and the time they spent on various locations along the route.

Replaying each travel route, you can get more details using the breadcrumb trail, showing you even the speed of their vehicle. 

So, if there are any issues, such as speeding, excessive idle time, or not getting enough rest during travel - you can identify them quickly and take appropriate action.

Timeero Pricing

Timeero offers three pricing plans:

The Basic Plan at $4/month per user

Pro Plan at $8/month per user

Premium at $11/month per user

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation - Offline GPS Navigation App for Truckers

Available for both Apple and Android, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is an offline navigation app for truck drivers. It's designed for commercial trucks, buses, RVs, and vans. 

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation
Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

GPS Location Tracking

We discovered that this app has some location tracking features, including 3D GPS maps, voice-guided navigation, traffic information, truck parking support, and fuel pricing guidance. 

However, to get the right results, we discovered you must download a huge file of your specific map for your region, which may be a challenge if you don't have a good internet connection.

That said, it offers route planning for your preferred local and main roads, provides the fastest routes, traffic data, and more, which can help you create optimal routes to avoid unsuitable bridges, sharp curves, roadblocks, tunnels, and other restrictions on your way. 

Sygic also provides information about fuel stations and parking spots for trucks and buses. You can even switch off the Wi-Fi connection while using the app, and it will keep tracking your location accurately.

Mileage Tracking

While Sygic Truck GPS Navigation scores highly regarding route planning and navigation, it lacks a mileage tracker. The tool will show the shortest route to a certain destination, but you will not have the ability to track your mileage, which can help you keep track of your travel reports

This is where Timeero has a dedicated mileage tracker that provides a map with your exact routes. In addition, it shows detailed point-to-point timestamps using breadcrumb technology that you can review later to see where the driver has been

Sygic Truck GPS App Pricing

The premium plan for the Sygic GPS app goes for 79.99 € or $ 86 for a lifetime license with three years of map updates.

SmartTruckRoute - Trucker App With GPS Navigation for Truck-Specific Routes

SmartTruckRoute is an option that offers truck drivers key features to help them navigate the road better while staying safe. Here are the features they offer for GPS location and mileage tracking.

smart truck route

GPS Location Tracking

The SmartTruckRoute app creates truck-specific routes with live map updates to ensure you’re up-to-date on what’s happening on the ground. This helps avoid low bridges and sharp turns, as well as staying away from parkways and residential areas. 

We also found that it comes with a few customizations. For example, you can input details such as your truck’s type or size, weight, hazmat level, etc. into the app to receive better navigation instructions.

An interesting feature of this app is that you can speak or type your destination. Within seconds, you'll have a truck-specific route with turn-by-turn directions and Points of Interest (POIs) that use truck-friendly roads. You can also select the regular street map view or navigate your route with satellite images for a more realistic view.

Mileage Tracking

While SmartTruckRoute claims to track mileage, we did not get accurate results on mileage tracking during our testing. This means that truckers might have difficulty accurately tracking their travel expenses and computing their IRS tax deductions. However, Timeero excels in mileage tracking with real-time reports to help with reimbursement and tax deductions.

SmartTruckRoute Pricing

SmartTruckRoute offers a two-day free plan and special plans for Android and iOS users.

Android plans start at $15.95 per month, while the iOS plan starts at $28 every three months.

Trucker Path - Mapping and GPS App for Truck Drivers

Available for iPhone and Android, Trucker Path is a good mapping and GPS navigation app for truckers looking for an easy and improved GPS navigation system.

Trucker Path
Trucker Path

GPS Location Tracking

The trip and route planners are perhaps the most popular feature on Trucker Path. With the route planner, truck drivers can easily plan their routes in minutes, see traffic updates, get live updates on fuel prices, access turn-by-turn navigation and points of interest, see how busy rest areas and truck stops are, and more. They can also identify the weigh stations, truck stops, fuel stops, and parking along their routes.

The trip planning feature provides safe navigation, and you get assured truck-ready routes, allowing you to save time on the road. Customize your search with thousands of points of interest to truckers and select those that matter to you.

In addition to the GPS feature, Trucker Path has an enterprise-edition fleet management system and a Truckloads platform where freight companies post freight hauling requests. 

Mileage Tracking

During our test, we discovered that Trucker Path would show you the miles you have covered and the route taken. To track mileage and access the overall report, you have to subscribe to the Diamond plan. 

It also offers a fuel-saving planner to optimize fuel spending and enjoy savings. The app will help you see your fuel consumption, detailed reports, alerts for over-acceleration, and idling and over-revving reports. Trucker Path will also provide truck maintenance reminders by mileage, time, or engine hours to ensure optimal engine performance.

Trucker Path Pricing

The app offers two pricing plans:

The Gold plan is $14.99 monthly, and the Diamond plan is $29.99 monthly. 

All the plan includes a 7-day free trial.

Waze - Basic Trucking App With No Mileage Tracker

Waze is another navigation app that relies on crowdsourcing to provide truck drivers with updated information about traffic, routes, gas prices, accidents, road closures, etc. While it isn't a truck-specific GPS app as some of the candidates on this list, it's still worth mentioning because it's easy to use and accessible.

Waze Navigation and Live Traffic
Waze Navigation and Live Traffic

GPS Location Tracking

Relying on feedback from other drivers, Waze provides real-time traffic updates, road conditions, constructions, speed traps, accidents, and more. Unfortunately, Waze doesn't offer a robust list of specific features, such as height and weight restrictions, to help professional truckers navigate their journey. Similarly, it doesn't let you route your trip around areas where truck drivers are not allowed. 

That said, truckers will get a live update on the estimated arrival time based on the length of the journey and information on potential road hazards that can affect the route they choose. If you're driving a large truck, consider using another app with robust navigation capabilities.

Mileage Tracking

The main objective of Waze is to identify any upcoming hazards on the road, such as traffic, roadblocks, and more. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a mileage tracker for drivers, so you cannot track travel expenses or get key data to compute tax deductions. 

Whether you have a small or large fleet, Timeero can help you track mileage so that you can be reimbursed fairly and get accurate tax deductions in real time.

Waze Pricing

Waze is a free app that you can download and use.

Route4Me Truck Routing Software - Routing and Navigation App For Truckers

This robust truck routing and navigation software offers a seamless experience throughout route planning and dispatch processes, from route navigation to route optimization and tracking.

Route  for Me

GPS Location Tracking 

Route4Me features a cloud-based route optimization web platform, an iOS route planner, and an Android route planner app. You can add or import multiple locations or addresses, then optimize your routes. The app will give you the fastest and shortest routes possible to your destination. The GPS navigation feature also allows you to track route progress in real-time to get an overview of traffic, road deviations, fuel prices, weather conditions, and other factors that may affect the efficiency of your optimized routes.

The app also allows fleet owners to track fleet logistic metrics and KPIs and generate reports to monitor drivers' performance and fleet efficiency. 

They can collect data for every route taken, replay drivers' routes, and receive alerts for route deviations. 

Mileage Tracking

Route4Me utilizes bleeding-edge technologies and route optimization algorithms to plan and dispatch multi-stop routes. In addition, it provides user-friendly tools to plan routes when a driver needs to visit multiple destinations within different time frames.

That said, we discovered that Route4Me doesn't calculate mileage for the distance covered. But you will access the actual location of the driver and monitor your driver's GPS distance, track breadcrumbs, create geofences around your area of interest, and use a route simulation tool. 

Route4Me Pricing

Route4Me offers three pricing plans for route management at $200 per month, Route Optimization for $300 per month, and Business Optimization for $450 per month.

Google Maps - Navigation App For Commercial Vehicles

While Google Maps is the most popular navigation app, other time-tracking apps like Timeero are more accurate. That said, Google Maps GPS tracking features give real-time updates, allowing you to explore restaurants, gas stations, and hotels and exchange information with other drivers.

Google Maps App
Google Maps

GPS Location Tracking

As you may know, Google Maps is not a dedicated truck-specific app. But it's a helpful app with plenty of features to help you track multiple routes. 

With constant map updates and real-time traffic, Google Maps is a great navigation app when driving a car. Still, it lacks most CDL-specific features like some other apps on this list. It can, however, be helpful when looking for the nearest restaurants or gas stations or navigating around an unfamiliar city.

Mileage Tracking

Google lacks a dedicated mileage tracker to help fleet owners, and drivers track their mileage and see their tax deductions. However, Timeero does a great job with mileage tracking. You get a detailed mileage report of the distance covered, travel expenses, and all the information you need for your tax calculations.

That said, Google Maps will help you track where you've been before, including all the routes taken using the location history, which can be helpful when keeping mileage logs. 

Google Maps Pricing

The navigation app is free for Android and iOS users on Google Play and the App Store.

Pick The Best GPS App For Truckers

Selecting the best truck navigation app makes all the difference for truck drivers. 

Ensure you choose an app with reliable GPS tracking, routing, and mileage tracking. 

Timeero is an all-rounded mobile app that lets you get the best real-time route to help you navigate your journey faster. The trucking company can see the actual path the driver took using the route replay feature and even set geofencing to track the actual location of the driver. 

Drivers can also track mileage using the mobile app for accurate reimbursement and tax deductions. 

Now that you know what Timeero offers, try the 14-day trial today.

Get real-time updates on your truck driver's location and mileage.

Choose Timeero.
Start your free 14-day trial today!
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