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Top 5 Best Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software for Pet Care Companies

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Several decades ago, pet-sitting and dog-walking appointments were made via a client’s landline. Schedules had to be set a week or several days earlier, visits were handwritten notes left on your doorway, and there was no texting whatsoever. 

Fast forward to today, pet care companies must have the best tools to ensure reliable GPS tracking, scheduling, invoicing, and client management. Whether running a pet-sitting service or offering dog-walking adventures, finding the best software solution can be a game-changer. 

Pet sitters can use such software to find prospects and update owners on their pet status. Pet care services can leverage the best pet sitting and dog walking solutions to manage schedules, track the pet’s GPS locations in real-time, maintain key records for every owner and pet, and perform administrative tasks such as accounting and inventory management. 

Many pet-sitting and dog-walking software are available, making it hard to identify the best choice to fit your business needs. We hit the ground running and tested several dog-walking and pet-sitting software. This review highlights the best five software that qualified on our list.

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Which Are The Best Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software for Pet Care Companies?

When selecting the best pet-sitting or dog-walking solution, you should consider the needs your business intends to meet. The best pick should provide GPS location tracking, time tracking, mileage tracking, scheduling, invoicing, payroll services, pet information management, and client and staff management.

Here is a quick look at the top pet-sitting and dog-walking software:

  • Timeero - Best Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Software With Live GPS Tracking and Scheduling
  • Time to Pet - Pet-Sitting Software for Scheduling Multiple Events
  • PetSitClick -Basic Dog Walking Software With Mapping Tools
  • Precise Petcare - Customizable Pet Sitting Software With Live Petsitter Map 
  • Pet Sitter Plus - Pet-Sitting Solution with a GPS Staff Activity Reporting 

Other honorable mentions that offer reliable pet-sitting services include Scout, Petpocketbook, and Handlr.

What To Look For In The Best Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software?

Pet sitting software contains almost similar features to kennel software. When choosing a dog walking and pet-sitting software, it’s essential to look for features that will help you streamline workflows and manage your clients efficiently. Here are some major features you should consider when shopping for the best pet-sitting software for your pet care business.

  • GPS Location Tracking: Pet sitters are responsible for walking the pets, feeding them, cleaning their litter box, brushing their fur and maintaining basic hygiene, giving them medications, and taking them to the vet if they fall sick. With such key responsibilities on their hand, you want to track and monitor the progress. A pet sitting or dog walking software that provides real-time tracking of pet sitters can help you track where they are at all times.

  • Appointment Scheduling: This feature makes it easy for pet sitters and pet parents to manage their schedules. They can easily assign tasks and appointments to their team, set timelines, and send reminders. 

  • Client and staff management: The right pet-sitting software allows you to store key details of your clients and their pets in a centralized database. The database can keep clients’ and pet-related information, including the vet’s name, past visits, vaccine dates, and food allergies. The app can also send real-time updates to the owner and track all communication in a centralized platform.

  • Invoicing and payment processing:  This feature lets pet companies generate invoices for every appointment. You can also process payments automatically for services rendered, taking the stress out of collecting payments from customers. You can also send reminders about pending payments through emails and text messages.

  • Communication and Feedback:  Communication and reliable feedback is crucial when working with pet sitters. The right pet-sitting services streamline communication between petsitters and owners via texting, email, phone calls, or voice mail to ensure they don’t miss their appointments. This is also a good way to collect customer feedback after every job.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Sitting Software?

Pet sitting and dog walking software offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved scheduling: Pet sitters can use pet-sitting software to manage their daily tasks efficiently. They can assign jobs to pet sitters, check appointments, and track all their clients in one interface.

  • Automated communication and feedback: Dog walking solution help streamline communication between staff, clients, and managers through automated text messages and emails.

  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Pet sitting software’s advanced safety features, such as automated check-in/check-out processes and GPS tracking, can guarantee the well-being of your client’s pets during their absence. This fosters trust between customers and pet sitters, ensuring those responsible for the pets deliver exceptional care.

5 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software

Now that you know the key features to consider when picking the best pet-sitting and dog-walking app, let’s dive into the top five pet-sitting software in the market.

Timeero - Best Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Software With Live GPS Tracking and Scheduling

To start the list, we have Timeero, which checks all the boxes regarding real-time GPS tracking, time tracking, scheduling, invoicing, client and staff management, and effective communication. 

These are essential features for reliable pet-sitting and dog-walking software.

Read our in-depth Timeero Review to see the app’s other features.

GPS Location Tracking

Pet sitters, owners, and pet-sitting companies want to know where their pets are at all times.

Timeero’s real-time GPS tracking functionality allows all pet owners and dog companies to track their pet sitter’s location in real-time.

timeero mobile app
Timeero app shows the live location of your pet sitter/dog walker

They must ensure the pet sitters clock in and out of their location, and the app will do the rest. The pet manager can click the “Who’s Working” dashboard to see who’s working on what pet, including the time spent at that specific location. You can zoom in to see the finer details, such as the location and which pet they’ve been assigned to cater to. 

timeero who's working
On Timeero’s Who’s Is Working, you can see the current time and location of the pet sitter in real-time

If the pet sitters decide to take the pet on a walk, you can track the actual trail they took and see every activity during the walk on the app. This is made possible by the route replay feature and breadcrumbing technology that works hand in hand to provide the nitty-gritty of the pet sitters’ route, including where they clocked in and out.

timeero route replay
Timeero’s route replay and breadcrumb technology show the trail of a pet sitter/dog walker, including the stops and breaks.

To learn more about how Timeero compares to other best GPS tracking apps, see the results of our testing.

Scheduling and Invoicing

Pet sitters must also notify owners if their pet has suffered an injury or has fallen sick, and they must take them to the vet. This requires proper scheduling to ensure the pet doesn’t miss key appointments.

Timeero offers scheduling functionalities to help pet-sitting companies assign tasks and appointments to pet sitters and set timelines for these appointments. Simply select a pet sitter or a group of pet sitters, choose a task from the list, and set a date and time when they can start pet sitting. You can select the option to create a repeating shift or use drag-and-drop functionality to quickly reschedule the shift to another day or pet sitter.

Timeero makes scheduling pet sitting easy using drag-and-drop functionality.

Timeero allows pet companies to assign different colors to schedules for easier visual representation. Pet sitters will automatically get notifications through their mobile apps when assigned a new schedule. 

In addition to scheduling, Timeero streamlines invoicing and payroll processing. The app allows pet companies to create summary reports, such as time records for every pet sitter or the entire time, and generate payroll reports to summarize hours worked and total billable hours. This allows pet-sitting and dog-walking companies to reimburse pet sitters fairly.

Timesheet Management

Using Timeero management software, pet companies can record and keep track of their pet sitter’s work time. This means that employers can see exactly how many hours every pet sitter or dog walker has worked and generate electronic timesheets to ensure payroll data is accurate based on every pet sitter’s logs. 

Timesheets generated on the Timeero app can be exported to software such as QuickBooks with a click of a button to streamline the payroll data across all platforms.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for all types of pet-sitting companies
  • Reliable and accurate real-time GPS location tracking
  • Robust scheduling tools
  • Route replay with breadcrumbing technology
  • Accurate timesheet management for staff and clients
  • Reliable customer support
  • Generate detailed reports 


  • No automatic clock in and out for pet companies. Timeero developers have discovered that the technology behind the automatic clock in and out feature isn’t as reliable. Therefore, the software doesn’t support this functionality. 

However, Timeero comes with the highly beneficial Segmented Tracking feature, that outshines auto-clock functionality and makes it almost redundant.

timeero segmented tracking

With a single clock in and out in the app, you can get a breakdown view into your pet sitters day, segmented into their jobs locations and times, travels and distances.

Timeero Pricing

Timeero offers three pricing plans:

  • The Basic Plan at $4/month per user
  • Pro Plan at $8/month per user
  • Premium at $11/month per user

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Time To Pet - Pet-Sitting Software for Scheduling Multiple Events

Designed for small to large dog-walking and pet-sitting companies, Time To Pet is a pet-sitting software that allows users to manage client databases, appointment schedules, employee invoices, customer payments, and more.

GPS Location Tracking

While Time To Pet is more of a scheduling software for pet-sitting and dog-walking companies, we discovered that it allows users to capture basic check-in and check-out times for visits and track routes using GPS and time-tracking features. 

time to pet app
Time To Pet app displays GPS check-in and check-out locations for pet sitters

The staff app’s GPS tracking feature lets pet sitters and walkers view all their events, ensuring service delivery and accountability. They can also use the app to review important client and pet information they need right from their phone.

The app also sends real-time updates to clients from pet sitters, including photos from the walk, notes, and a visit report card to keep tabs on their pet’s progress.

Scheduling and Invoicing

Like in Timeero, scheduling, and invoicing is easy with Time To Pet. Clients can use the booking system on the app quickly book appointments and pay for pet services on the app. Hover over the clients and add your clients and pet list. Then go ahead and create their schedule on the scheduler tab. You can schedule a single event, multiple events, or ongoing services for your daily clients.

time to pet scheduling
Time To Pet dashboard shows the schedules for all pet sitters

All scheduling on Time To Pet is linked to invoicing. This means that whenever you schedule services for your client, you will also create the invoice services simultaneously. Once you select the client you want to plan events for, the app will ask you to invoice them immediately. If you don’t invoice them, check the “Do Not Invoice These Services” option and create an event. 

Time To Pet will also allow you to create schedules for multiple events at once using the Trip or use Repeat tools on the event that is repeated once per day based on your specific program. 

Client and Staff Management

Time To Pet allows you to manage different aspects of your team.

The apps allow your staff to access their events and relevant client and pet information even when they are in the field completing visits. They can complete events and send updates and pictures directly to the customer from their smartphone. The app also allows pet managers to collect time stamps when staff members check in and out of every visit. Pet sitters can see how much time they have left for every visit. 

In addition, on the app, clients can request visits for their pets. The pet company can see and review every request before approval. With Time To Pet, clients can view all their scheduled or pending requests, make changes to their requests, and add notes when making requests to make the process even better.


  • Reliable GPS and time tracking
  • Simple-to-use scheduling tools for online booking
  • Automated invoicing
  • Effective client and staff management tools


  • There is a learning curve for its complex features

Time To Pet Pricing

Time To Pet offer three price tiers:

  • Solo plan at $40 per month for one active staff
  • Team plan at $30 per month plus $14 per month per active staff
  • Large team for teams over 25 active staff - price upon request

A 14-day free trial is also available.

PetSitClick - Basic Dog Walking Software With Mapping Tools

PetSitClick is a SaaS ERP mobile and web solution designed for pet-sitting and dog-walking companies. The service manages all aspects of a pet sitter’s large or small business, from customer tracking to scheduling and invoicing. It also features a drag-and-drop calendar, mapping tools, and reliable mobile access.   

GPS Location Tracking

While it’s not as accurate as Timeero, PetSitClick offers easy-to-use tools to track the location of your pets and clients to ensure you capture their key information to help serve them better. The software allows you to create custom fields to track your clients and pet’s information that works best for you.

pet sit click app


The app further allows you to send automatic visit reports via email or SMS text. Once a pet sitter or dog walker marks a visit complete, you can send them all the service details, including visit notes, pictures, and GPS check-in and check-out. The service allows you to customize what every customer receives. 

PetSitClick dashboard
PetSitClick dashboard shows the GPS details of your pet sitter

What perhaps stood out for us was the PetSitClick software is the mapping tool that allows you to see your scheduled visits for the next day on a single map. You can see where you need to route your sitters for maximum output. The feature has a steep learning curve, but it gives you an idea of where the most revenue comes from and where to focus your marketing efforts.

Scheduling and Invoicing

PetSitClick also offers a scheduling and invoicing feature.

On the dashboard, you can drag and drop visits, schedule new visits, and edit any existing visits on the calendar with a few clicks. PetSitClick also allows you to edit and change walkers and sitters. You can even assign a color for each one to simplify scheduling.

‍ PetSitClick scheduler
PetSitClick scheduler shows all the tasks assigned to a pet sitter/dog walker

In addition to scheduling features, PetSitClick offers an accounting suite to help you generate professional invoices and make necessary payments on time. You can create invoices both before and after the service and generate them within a short time. 

If you have many invoices, it can take a while to generate them on PetSitClick. Still, you will eventually see all the logs and invoices generated on the invoicing page.

Client and Staff Management

PetSitClick lacks reliable features to qualify as a go-to app for client and staff timesheet management. That said, we discovered that clients could send booking request appointments for their pets, cancel or make changes to their requests, and add notes making requests. Pet managers can review these requests and provide feedback on the portal or through text messages.


  • Reliable customer tracking
  • Mapping tools to see scheduled visits for the next day
  • Drag and drop scheduling feature


  • Lacks reliable client and staff management tools
  • Lacks customization options for specific business needs

PetSitClick Pricing

PetSitClick offers three main pricing plans:

  • The Solo plan at $27.99 per month for one walker/sitter
  • 2 to 5 walkers/sitter option for $39.99 per month
  • Unlimited walkers/sitters at $59.99 per month

A 30-day free trial is also available.

Precise Petcare - Customizable Pet Sitting Software With Live Petsitter Map 

Precise Petcare solution is a management, scheduling, and billing tool suite that offers a flexible interface and is fully customizable to clients’ specific needs. 

GPS Location Tracking

Precise Petcare app users can access the full-walk GPS tracker and see the GPS markers for their arrival and completion location on their browser app. To get the best results, users must ensure their GPS location is shared by enabling it on iOS and Android apps and the web browser.

 Precise Petcare dashboard
On the Precise Petcare dashboard, users can see the GPS location of their pet sitter/dog walker

Managers, sitters, and clients can all access the GPS maps. Managers can see all the client’s maps, including the live sitter map on the Master Schedule and the Pet Care journals. Pet sitters can access their maps using the “Map/Live Map” button on their My Schedule Page. Clients can access their maps only if they are allowed to see them by their manager.

Scheduling and Invoicing

Precise Petcare features an “Ongoing Schedule Lookahead” option that automates the scheduling of recurrent visits. This can be done on all days of the week. The app will also show the groomers’ availability and notify you when there is a conflict to prevent overbooking and time off conflicts. Drop-off and pick-ups can be scheduled on the Key Requests page unless the pet sitters can pick up and return the pet themselves. 

Precise Petcare scheduler
Precise Petcare scheduler displays the pet sitter’s task. Pet managers can see who’s working a certain shift and who is available for a new task.

For pet owners who want everything on a single calendar, Precise Petcare offers the iCal Feed feature for any form of schedule in the system. This allows clients and staff to see their schedules from Google Calendar, Outlook, Mac Calendar, and any other calendar app. 

The precise Petcare app also makes it easy for users to generate income and pay reports automatically. Once you turn on Auto Invoicing, the app will choose which visit statuses can be auto-invoiced. You can use the Credit Card Gateways integrated with the app, including Stripe, Paypal, Payeezy, or Authorize.Net, to ensure clients get their invoices on their due date and make timely online payments. 

Client and Staff Management

The To-Do List on Precise Petcare allows pet managers to schedule and assign custom tasks that will be sent to pet sitters. Managers can also create single tasks on the Task Type option for a group of users or an individual pet sitter so that you can set up tasks easily based on your business needs. 

The app also allows you to manage client keys on the Key List and Drop-Off/Pick-up Schedule to ensure you know where every key is located. Managers can set the system to request keys from users or enable a few sitters who can pick up and return keys without the approval of the request. Every key’s location is recorded throughout the process. 


  • Full-walk GPS tracker
  • Customizable to client’s needs
  • Automated scheduling for recurrent visits
  • Auto invoicing


  • Lacks a live GPS tracking functionality
  • A bit cumbersome when performing simple tasks such as requesting visits

Precise Petcare Pricing

Precise Petcare offers different pricing plans depending on the number of users;

  • The solo plan costs $15 per month
  • 2-5 active staff members start at $35 per month
  • 6-10 active staff members go for $75 per month
  • 11-20 active staff members cost $140 per month
  • 21-30 active staff members start at $180 per month
  • 31-50 active staff members go for $230 per month
  • 51-100 active staff members cost $290 per month
  • 101+ active staff members cost $390 per month

A 30-day free trial is also available.

Pet Sitter Plus - Pet-Sitting Solution with a GPS Staff Activity Reporting 

Pet Sitter Plus is a web-based software that enables pet daycare, dog walking, and pet-sitting companies to run their schedules effectively monthly. It features powerful GPS reporting, time recording, scheduling, client and pet information customization, bulk email, and credit card or ACH payment processing. 

Pet Sitter Plus Homepage

GPS Location Tracking

Pet Sitter Plus software offers a reliable GPS staff activity reporting feature that lets you see when pet sitters check in and out their designated tasks. The apps also send useful notification alerts when there are problems with service delivery.

For instance, the app has a “Late Check-in” that sends a warning that a pet sitter’s check-in hasn’t occurred or when it happens but is late. The “Short Service” alert is a warning that a client did not receive the correct length of service. 

At the same time, the “Locations Too Far Apart” provides a warning when check-in and check-out do not occur at the new service locations. This shows that the pet sitter was not where they were supposed to be.

Scheduling and Invoicing

Pet Sitter Plus offers reliable scheduling tools for small and large pet-sitting businesses.

On the app, the client can send a service request to the pet manager to process. Similarly, clients can use the “time blocks” feature to limit requests to a series of pre-set time windows created by the manager during setup (say, 3 PM to 5 PM). This prevents scheduling conflicts or miss-set expectations of service delivery.

The app is also customizable to fit any client and pet profile. You can use the custom field to organize information into pages, fields, and sections and choose from an extensive list of different types of data, including drop-down lists, dates, and notepads.

Pet Sitter Plus makes invoicing easy for pet companies—the software leverage data from the pet sitter’s schedule to create invoices automatically. The app integrates with other payment solutions, such as Stripe, to ensure you securely make payments with credit and debit cards. 

Clients can also link to their bank accounts and pay only via ACH for USA residents.

Client and Staff Management

Pet Sitter Plus makes it easy to manage staff and clients. 

The software allows pet companies to update pet and client profiles regularly and maintain communication via text messages and emails to keep everyone updated. The client and pet profiles are also customizable based on the user’s needs. Clients use the mobile or client portal to customize and configure information to their requirements, including visit reports, messaging, invoicing, and payments, as well as scheduling and cancellations.

Pet Sitter Plus also allows pet sitters to deliver great customer service. Pet sitters can access their required key lists on the dashboard and see where they are needed to complete their schedule for the day. Still, pet sitters can see their tasks on the staff dashboard, review client information, and acknowledge and complete services as the day progresses. 

They can also use GPS check-in and out functions to provide proof of service, send tailored visits reports that clients need, and stay in touch with the client via the in-App messaging service. 


  • Reliable GPS staff activity reporting. 
  • Client and pet information customization
  • Effective client and staff management
  • 3-way communication method


  • A steep learning curve for most features
  • Fewer functionalities on the mobile app
  • It takes a while to get approved for an account. The team has to review your request for a free trial which may take up to 24 hours.

Pet Sitter Plus Pricing

The Pet Sitter Plus app offers three pricing plans:

  • The Solo plan for single-user companies costs $32 per month.
  • The Team plan (2 to 25 staff) costs $24 per month plus $11 per active user. 
  • The large Team plan costs $299 per month. The price for this plan is capped at 25 active staff. Active staff over and above 25 are provided free of charge.

A 30-day free trial is also available. 

Choose The Best Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software

Your best choice for pet sitting and dog walking software depends on your individual and business needs. But the most important thing is ensuring the software offers key functionalities such as real-time GPS tracking, scheduling, invoicing, staff, and client management. 

If your pet sitting or dog walking business requires reliable and accurate pet sitting or dog walking software, Timeero offers all the features you need to build a successful pet sitting or dog walking business.

You should try the 14-day free trial today and get a firsthand feel of Timeero’s robust features. 

Unlock the secret to stress-free pet sitting and dog walking with a reliable GPS tracking app for pet companies!

Sign up for a free 14-day trial on Timeero and explore all the features!
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