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We Tested Connecteam: Here Is Our Unfiltered Review

Samson Kiarie
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Apr 18, 2024
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Are you planning to implement Connecteam? Whether you stumbled upon the app on the web or got a referral from a friend, we compiled this detailed Connecteam review to help you make an informed decision. 

Connecteam is an easy-to-use scheduling and time clock software for companies with office-based, remote teams, or both. We took the app out on a test drive, stretching it to its limit to discover its full capabilities and shortcomings.

We also compared Connecteam to some of the best time-tracking software options such as Timeero, to give you an idea of what you should look for in a time-tracking tool.

We liked Connecteam’s ease of use, responsive customer support, and automatic reporting feature. However, as is the case with most SaaS tools, Connecteam has some blemishes - but overall, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Read on to explore our detailed findings. 

* We recognize that this article was written in 2023 and changes may have been made within the Connecteam app since this article was published.

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Connecteam Review: Features Walkthrough

We tested all the key features, and here’s how Connecteam performed on various fronts:

1. Time Tracking

conecteam mobile app
Connecteam is best suited for small business owners.

Connecteam includes the right time-tracking feature in a simple and intuitive app. The user-friendly interface ensures that employees, including the non-tech savvy team members, won’t fumble around trying to find key functions. Clocking in is as easy as clicking “start shift” and selecting the assigned job.

There are multiple tools geared toward accurate time tracking. For example, you can configure the app to prevent early clock-ins for scheduled employees. Better still, you can configure Connecteam to clock out employees automatically at the end of the shift. 

One potential drawback of clocking employees out at the end of their shift is that it might make it harder to enforce overtime rules. However, there is an alternative auto-clock-out function that can be used instead. This function automatically clocks employees out when they reach a certain number of hours.

Let's say your default work day is 8 hours, and the daily overtime limit is 2 hours. You can set the app to automatically clock out employees when they exceed 10 hours.

Beyond that, you can configure Connecteam to notify employees and remind them to clock in at the start of the shift and clock out as they leave. The good thing is that the reminders and auto-clocking features work in unison to ensure that every employee remembers to punch in or out. 

Connecteam’s Multiple Time Clocks

Connecteam lets you create a standalone time clock for each of your company’s locations and branches. This way, individual locations show their unique jobs, payroll settings, geolocation data, break, overtime, and shift attachments.

As a result, you can stay on top of labor costs, regardless of the number of branches your company has established. Plus, you won’t have to crunch the numbers at the end of the month trying to attribute labor leaks or differentiate time spent on each task.


connecteam geofence
The geofence restricts office-based or deskless employees from clocking in outside the job location.

Connecteam enables you to create job locations with geofences, a helpful feature for companies with teams bound to a physical location. There are three geofence options: 

  • Required: Employees can’t clock in or out when outside the geofence.
  • Off: Employee location will not be tracked
  • Optional: GPS location tracking is optional 

In our review, we created our geofence location and set the option to “required” to see how adept the app is at preventing off-site punching. We attempted to clock in outside of the geofence, and the app successfully blocked us, displaying the error ‘you are not in the work zone.’


When we entered the geofence area, we were able to clock in without a hitch. The only drawback is that the geofencing feature is not available in the Basic plan which is a disappointment for companies with teams on the move. 

Face ID Login

Connecteam face ID login is available on the Kiosk App, which you can download on any employee device. The face ID snaps a photo of employees as they clock in or out. 

Unlike Timeero facial recognition, it doesn’t compare the photo to an employee's profile picture to pinpoint mismatches. Instead, it attaches the photo to an employee’s activity log. 

Admins can catch potential buddy punchers when reviewing employees’ activity logs. Sadly, that can be a lengthy and tedious process, particularly for companies with hundreds of employees in multiple locations. 

Connecteam Time Tracker Glitches

‍We looked up user reviews online, and we found several complaints about Connecteam regarding constant crashes. Luckily for us, Connecteam never crashed while in use. This does not mean the time tracking app has no weaknesses -- far from it. 

There are definitely some areas for improvement. For example, it kept displaying the error message “Could not determine your current location. Turn location services on and try again,” rendering the app unusable.

Secondly, some of Connecteam’s buttons were unresponsive. For example, we had instances when we clicked the ‘switch job’ button and there was no response on the first attempt. 

But, that’s not all we found. The unresponsive ‘end shift’ button was the most glaring of Connecteam’s malfunctions. 

As you can see in the images below, we clicked ‘end shift’ after working 1 hour and 43 minutes. Unfortunately, the button kept loading, only to end our shift 15 minutes later.

connecteam frailties
Connecteam’s end shift button can sometimes be unresponsive, preventing employees from accurately tracking work hours.

‍ The additional 15 minutes post-clock out ended up being reported on our time card. Now, imagine if this glitch affected your entire workforce. What if ten employees work shifts and the same glitch happens when they try to clock out? The app will log an additional 150 minutes across all time sheets. And while this might benefit employees, it will result in financial loss for your company.

2. GPS Location Tracking

The best GPS tracking apps loop you in on employees’ whereabouts. For example, when you click the “Who’s Working" tab on Timeero, you get real-time updates on employee location, the tasks they’re working on, and how long they have been working. Read the full Timeero review to learn more.

Connecteam has a similar tool, though it’s tucked away under the time clock. You must select the relevant time clock (assuming you have multiple time clocks) and click “today” to see all clocked-in employees. In addition, you can zoom in to see an employee's clock-in or out location, their work hours, and the tasks they have completed.

connecteam scheduling
Connecteam has a suite of workforce management tools, including employee scheduling, task management, and PTO tracking features.

Breadcrumbs Live Tracking

In addition, Connecteam uses breadcrumbing technology. It creates a trail of each employee’s location, allowing you to see where each employee has been while on the clock. The problem is that you can’t determine how long an employee was at a location because Connecteam doesn’t record the GPS information often enough throughout the workday.

This is where Timeero’s route replay shines. The app updates the GPS pings every other minute. So, for example, if you're tracking a sales rep, you can check the time difference between breadcrumbs to determine how many minutes they spent with a customer.

Another limitation is that Connecteam doesn’t track mileage, and that’s a huge loss for companies whose workforce is always on the move, such as delivery drivers, realtors, sales reps, etc. However, Connecteam does allow employees to add mileage when submitting time cards manually.

But, this practice is ineffective as it means you have to use two distinct pieces of software, which can heavily increase your company’s software stack. It doesn’t make sense to use this method for workforce tracking, especially when there are all-in-one trackers such as Timeero which record mileage, time, and location. 

Offline Mode

We switched off our mobile data after clocking in. The app didn’t warn us about a faulty internet connection. When we clicked “end shift,” the app kept loading and didn’t clock us out. We switched the internet back on, and we were able to clock out. 

The Connecteam app only functions with an internet connection, which is a huge caveat. It rules out the app for teams in areas without a stable internet connection. Plus, if your office is hit by frequent internet interruptions, you’re better off using another app with a robust offline mode.

3. Job Scheduling And Employee Management

Companies with automated employee scheduling software record two times more revenue per employee than those without automated schedules. Connecteam’s scheduling modules enable you to get the most out of employee hours. 

With Connecteam, constructing schedules is easy to do, thanks to premade morning and evening shift templates. You only need to drag and drop a template to the relevant employee’s time slot, and that’s it. Alternatively, you can build customer shift schedules and use color codes. 

Employees are at liberty to set their availability on mobile devices. The “availability” function works in tandem with “find replacement” to help you maintain the correct staffing numbers. Employees can pick a shift replacement from the list of available employees and forward the request for approval. 

On the other hand, managers can create open shifts and allow employees to claim them. That’s a nice way to get more done without overworking anyone. When employees claim a shift out of their own free will, they’re more likely to deliver better results than when you assign a shift to them.

Scheduling Notification

Connecteam notifies team members of new and updated shifts.

Connecteam notifies employees via mobile (iOS and Android), web push, or email when you publish a new shift or edit an existing shift. You can also notify employees when the manager approves or declines a shift, such as when finding a replacement.

Task Management

The task management module isn’t a complete project management software feature, but rather helps organize work. For example, it enables you to create quick tasks that don’t require the time of an entire shift and assign them to qualified employees. 

Tasks such as picking up supplies, organizing the cold room, or redesigning a banner, don’t need the hours of a whole shift, but still require time to be completed. You can also create sub-tasks under dependent tasks to keep the operation ticking along flawlessly. 

Connecteam allows you to set task deadlines and reminders to streamline workflow and keep responsible employees on their toes. 

4. PTO, Overtime & Break Management

86% of employees claim that taking breaks makes them more productive. In certain states, you legally must give employees a break during their shift. This accentuates the need for software that manages breaks, overtime, and time-off functions. Connecteam checks that box. 

Paid Time-Off (PTO) Tracking

Without a proper PTO tracking policy, you may experience understaffing issues, and chronic absences could derail your company from hitting your target. This is where Connecteam PTO tracking comes into play. 

The app provides pre-made templates for various types of time off, such as bereavement leave, floating holidays, and personal days. In addition, you can create custom policies for unpaid time off, PTO, and sick leave. Each policy enables you to set limits on the amount of time that employees can take off. As employees submit requests, they can see their time-off balance for better planning.

Overtime Enforcement 

The top-tier time tracking tools enable employers to enforce standard overtime rules, such as the California Overtime Law, with a click of a button. Connecteam doesn’t include a similar function. Instead, it gives you the autonomy to dictate your overtime rules, whether that be:


  • Weekly overtime
  • Daily overtime
  • Holiday overtime
  • Partial day overtime
  • Consecutive days overtime
  • Pay period overtime

Break Management

connecteam break management
Connecteam enables you to create and enforce break rules.

In some states, employers have to grant non-exempt workers a 30-minute unpaid break and two paid 10-minute breaks in an 8-hour shift. Connecteam enables you to configure break rules to comply with such state rules. 

However, setting break rules is one thing; ensuring employees adhere to them is another. Connecteam offers two break tracking options, manual or automatic. The manual option allows employees to track their break time, whereas the automatic option effectively ensures employees take their unpaid breaks.

When you activate automatic breaks, the app automatically deducts 30 minutes after a daily total of 8 hours to make sure all employees take their mandated break.

Sadly, this option does not prevent employees from taking longer breaks than allowed. We found that no notifications are sent informing employees to return to work when break time is over.

5. Connecteam Auto-Reporting & Integrations

Connecteam lets you generate attendance, GPS, timesheets, and payroll reports. The reports dissect various aspects of your business, enabling you to derive insights for better decision-making. 

Rather than generating a report each time you need to analyze an aspect of your workforce, automated reporting is a helpful time-saving feature for busy managers.

When using automated reporting, the Connecteam app will send a report to your email based on the predefined time intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly. 

You can automate any report, including:

  • Overtime Reports
  • Employee Timesheets
  • No-Shows
  • Absences

Connecteam Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Connecteam's options are limited. The vendor prioritizes payroll processing, so it’s not surprising that it supports Gusto and QuickBooks Online integration. Beyond that, you have to request integration for your go-to cloud-based systems, such as:

  • ADP
  • Paychex
  • Xero
  • Paycor
  • Paycom
  • SurePayroll
  • Sage
  • Myob
  • Wellsfargo
  • Paylocity

When integrating with other software, you can link your existing software stack with Connecteam through an application program interface (API) or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). 

6. Connecteam Team Communication

connecteam employee communication
Connecteam live chat is a reliable employee training and onboarding tool.

Connecteam has communication tools that enhance employee engagement and cohesion. The live chat enables managers and team members to communicate in near-real-time. It lets you configure who can start a conversation and set file-sharing permissions.

Restricting file sharing is critical, particularly in an era where insiders cause 20% of data breaches. You can restrict employees from sharing company files outside the app or prevent them from sharing messages with file attachments outside of authorized groups or private conversations.

7. Connecteam Pricing

The best time-tracking apps offer straightforward, per-user pricing models. 

Connecteam paid plans slightly deviate from the norm, capping the maximum number of users per paid plan at 30 users while charging you an extra fee for any additional user. That might sound cheap for companies with fewer than 30 users, but the price can add up quickly when you outgrow that limit. 

Connecteam Free Trial & Free Plan

Connecteam has a 14-day free trial of each paid plan allowing you to get a first-hand feel for the app. With the free trial, you experience all the features Connecteam offers.

Connecteam does offer a free plan for small businesses that includes features such as task creation, event planning, and chat. Unfortunately, the plan is limited to one employee time clock, making it unreliable for small businesses with employees in multiple locations. 

Connecteam Paid Pricing Plans

There are three paid plans:

  • Basic: The plan sets you back $29 per month for the first 30 users and $0.5 per user per month for additional users. You get the basic time clock features with a single clock. This plan does not include the ability to create geofenced job locations.
  • Advanced: The plan costs $49 per month for the first 30 users and $1.50 per user per month for additional users. You get Basic plan features, unlimited geofences, breadcrumbs, GPS location tracking, and three automated reports. You can set up 3 time clocks and 10 geofenced locations. 
  • Expert: The plan goes for $99 per month for the first 30 users and $3 per user per month for additional users. With this plan, you can create unlimited geofences, 6 time clocks, and up to 3 automated reports.

8. Connecteam Customer Support

Connecteam offers 1-on-1 customer support, as well as email, live chat, and online knowledge base support. Connecteam’s knowledge base is a good self-service option for less technical issues such as adding a user. Connecteam’s 1-on-1 support along with emailing, is the perfect option to use if you have an overly technical problem and want to attach documents or images to describe your case in detail.

The live chat option is ideal for issues that require an immediate human response. However, when you initiate contact via live chat, Connecteam responds via email. We found that email responses were sent promptly.

Connecteam App Review: Is It Worth It?

Connecteam packs a punch when it comes to time tracking, employee management, collaboration and communication. It has all the bells and whistles found in an intuitive mobile app, which are easy to use for all employees. 

With that being said, the app doesn’t go without some shortcomings. User reviews on the Google Play store agree with our results. The Android app garnered 3.7 stars (2023), and many users complained about the bugginess of the app. The iOS app seemed to run quite well, we didn’t find a lot of complaints about glitches when using this platform.

Overall, Connecteam works fine, but time tracking accuracy dissipates when the glitches and bugs manifest.  The Android app will need to be patched up to put an end to constant glitches. We also expect Connecteam to revamp its offline mode, enabling more effective time tracking capabilities.

There are various time tracking apps out there that are just as efficient as Connecteam, but feature a working offline mode as well as bug-free Android apps. Our Connecteam alternative of choice is Timeero.

Timeero: The Smarter Connecteam Alternative

We’ll highlight some features below that give Timeero a leg-up on Connecteam:

  • No glitches or annoying bugs- Timeero is regularly updated to patch up emerging issues (if any). As a result, you’ll never experience glitches that prevent accurate and effective time tracking.
  • Facial recognition- The app snaps a photo of an employee during clock-in and clock-out and compares it to the employee’s profile picture. In case of a mismatch, the app flags the time entry and alerts the manager immediately, so buddy punchers have nowhere to hide.
  • Mileage tracking- The app uses motion-detection technology to track miles only when the vehicle moves. This means it won’t track miles when the vehicle stops or is stuck in traffic. We also have a suggested mileage feature, which suggests the shortest and most efficient route. 

Please don’t take our word for it. Take Timeero for a risk-free spin for 14 days to get a first-hand feel for these unique features.

Connecteam Review: FAQs

How Secure is Connecteam?

Connecteam is secure and doesn’t breach employee privacy. It tracks employee location only when they’re clocked in. 

How Does Connecteam Work?

Connecteam tracks the time and GPS location of employees and has scheduling and task modules that enable you to organize your work and human resources to get the most out of employee work hours. 

Does Connecteam Track Your Location?

Yes, Connecteam tracks your location only when you’re on the clock. There is no tracking enabled when you are off the clock.

Want to test Timeero without paying a dime?

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