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Everlance Review: We Put The App To The Test And Here’s What We Found

Andjelka Prvulovic
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Apr 18, 2024
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If you run a business with a field workforce or if you work as an independent contractor, food courier, or rideshare driver, you know how important it is to track your mileage and expenses. But doing so can be quite a hassle.


That’s why you may turn to the Everlance app.

Everlance is an easy-to-use mileage and expense tracking software, best known for its automatic tracking system. We've decided to take the app for a ride ourselves and see how well it performs, and the results are in.


In this comprehensive Everlance App Review, we will tell you all you need to know about Everlance. We will cover its features, pricing, pros, and cons in detail. We will also evaluate if Everlance is a good fit for business owners who need to track their employees’ work-related mileage.

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What is Everlance App?

Everlance App

The Everlance app may seem convenient for tracking your mileage and expenses. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, it records your trips, enables receipt uploads, and generates IRS-compliant reports.


Everlance focuses on three key areas:


●    Mileage. If you drive for work – as a rideshare driver, food courier, Amazon Flex driver, etc. – you can claim tax deductions for your mileage. Everlance records your miles and calculates how much you can save on taxes.


●    Expenses. You can also deduct many business-related expenses, such as your phone, data plan, etc. In addition, Everlance lets you capture and categorize your receipts with a few taps.


●    Revenue. If you need to keep track of all your earnings from your jobs, Everlance can help you monitor your income from different sources and compare it with your expenses.


Everlance stores all this information in your account, so you can access it and generate reports when it’s time to file your taxes.


Everlance App Review: Features


Now that we’ve covered what the software focuses on, we can continue our Everlance review and discuss its features in detail.

Mileage Tracker App


With Everlance, tracking mileage is much easier than relying on odometer readings and pen and paper. Everlance claims that as soon as you begin driving, the app's automatic trip-detection starts recording your miles.


Although you'll need to classify each trip, this should come down to swiping left or right on the screen – swipe right for work-related trips and left for personal ones.

everlance tracker
Swipe right to classify your business trips.


This classification system will generate a mileage receipt within the app, which you can use to claim mileage deductions later on.

 Besides the automatic mileage tracker, Everlance offers a manual tracking option for users who prefer more control and precision. This option provides a higher level of accuracy for users who want to monitor their mileage closely.


Taking Everlance for a Test Ride


We decided to take Everlance for a ride and see whether it does what it says on the tin.


While manual tracking seems to be working fine, we repeatedly experienced issues with automatic mileage tracking. For example, out of a few rides during a test, the app would capture just a segment or wouldn’t capture a trip at all.


After the first test ride gave rise to doubt, we decided to run both Everlance and Timeero apps on the same Android device to compare the results of automatically tracking mileage.


So, here are both testing results -  first compared with Google Timeline, and second with Timeero.


Everlance Vs. Google Timeline
Everlance Automatic Mileage Tracker test ride: Everlance Vs. Google Timeline

 And here are the results of Everlance Vs. Timeero mileage tracking testing.

Everlance Vs. Timeero Automatic Mileage Tracker Test: Everlance Results


Everlance Vs. Timeero Automatic Mileage Tracker Test - Timeero Results

As you can see from the screenshots,  Everlance captured only a short segment of rides automatically, even though all the settings were as recommended.


We wrote to the Everlance support team about the missed trips and received instructions for fixing the issue.

Email from the Support Team
Email from the Support Team


After ensuring there was no need for red FIXs, and following all the other instructions on resetting the auto-detection and logging a ride manually, we went for the final test ride.


And the results?


Well, unfortunately, we have no screenshots to present. Everlance just didn’t capture our ride automatically.


It’s fair to add that the weekend after our testing, Everlance started capturing trips automatically. However, it recorded even the ones we took on a bicycle or on foot. In addition, some of the routes it recorded weren’t exactly the ones we took.

Everlance Support Email
Everlance Support Email

We’ve also received a few emails from the customer support team and must say we’re satisfied with their responsiveness and willingness to help.


Our Take on Everlance Mileage Auto-Detection


After running several test rides, there is a concern about Everlance’s reliability when automatically tracking mileage. In addition, not having peace of mind about whether the app will log the ride can be a nuisance.


Again, starting the tracking manually or adding a missed ride is always possible. Still, it can spoil the user experience and the app's overall usability.


Some extra attention is definitely needed for trip classification so as not to end up claiming reimbursement for a bike ride or a walk.

Click the Start Trip button to start recording your miles manually.


Regarding additional mileage tracking features and functionalities, choosing the Everlance Premium will let you set specific work hours in the app, reducing the need to classify each journey.


For example, you can set the app to classify the trips within the working window as business trips and those outside this timeframe as personal ones. As a result, you can focus on reviewing and categorizing trips made during their likely work hours, streamlining the process.


Setting up working hours in Everlance App

In case you forget to track mileage, Everlance also allows you to add a trip manually, entering the travel's start and end address and time. With this data, you can also make it a round-trip.


Adding your trip to Everlance app
Adding your trip to the Everlance app


As stated in Everlance's help center, the app can track mileage offline if certain settings are enabled on the phone. For Android users, location settings must be set to High Accuracy.

Additionally, Wi-Fi should be turned on, as this greatly improves location accuracy.


While the app can track your mileage offline, the accuracy may not be flawless. As a result, you may need to manually edit or add trips in case of discrepancies or gaps in the recorded data.


Besides tracking mileage, Everlance offers additional functionalities, such as a favorite trip or place recognition, vehicle management, trip notes, etc.


Expense Tracking and Receipt Management

Efficiently managing your expenses is crucial, and Everlance offers various ways to achieve this. For example, with the free version of the app, you can capture photos of your receipts - for gas, maintenance costs, phone bills, or other expenses - and store them in the cloud.


Besides adding photos, Everlance Premium lets you connect your credit card and bank accounts directly to the app and sync your transactions.


Once your transactions are imported, you'll find them within the app, ready to classify as personal or business expenses, using the same swipe mechanism as mileage tracking.


Besides organizing your expenses as business or personal, Everlance's expense management software allows you to gain more control over your financial data.


Deduction Finder

Everlance's Deduction Finder can help you identify potential tax deductions based on your income source.


By scanning your expenses, the app suggests which transactions could be tax-deductible, maximizing your tax refund possibilities.


However, to access this feature, you must have an active Premium subscription and select "Self-Employed 1099" as your work status. It’s also important to note that this feature is available on iOS devices only.


Everlance for Companies


So, from our Everlance App Review, it’s pretty clear what Everlance can do for freelancers, Uber and Lyft drivers, or DoorDashers.


But what if you’re running a business and want to use this tracking app for capturing your employees' business mileage?


At this price range, we must say that there are more accurate and reliable solutions that, besides mileage reimbursement, can help you streamline other essential and time-consuming workflows.


But let’s get through using Everlance for Businesses in more detail.


Managing the Everlance App


When you open the Company Dashboard, you will have an immediate insight into any reports that need your approval or payments, and you can access them easily for further processing.


Everlance Company Dashboard 


Besides that, you can access other company features and settings, such as members, teams, data exports, reports, compliance, etc.


Inviting new members is easy - you can send an email invitation or upload a CSV file.


Adding new members in Everlance
Adding new members in Everlance

You can give your employees different roles and permissions, such as member, reviewer, manager or manager limited, super admin, or account owner. Everlance also lets you create teams with different settings, rates, managers, etc.


Everlance Company Account Settings


You can regulate a few things in your company account settings, such as commute disallowance, expense tracking via bank integration, and logging long rides.


Commute Disallowance


If you’re reimbursing your employees for the mileage, you know that commuting to and from work is considered a personal expense. Turning the commute disallowance on can be useful, as it will remove commute rides from the employees’ mileage reports.


Setting Commute Disallowance in Everlance
Setting Commute Disallowance in Everlance


First, you must define how many miles per day will be deducted from the default daily roundtrip commute. And if you set member-specific commute amounts, they will override the custom settings.


Expense Tracking via Bank Integration


In Everlance, you can choose whether to let your drivers connect their bank accounts to the app.


If you do, the app will automatically sync all their transactions so that any transaction they classify as Work can be added to their expense reports.


Everlance account preferences also let you choose to allow your drivers to use “long trip session” settings. With this option on, you won’t see the individual stops they make. In addition, you can control email notifications for your team, and you can select whether you want your team members to be able to edit mileage on the trips they log manually.


Mileage Expense Reports and Approval


When an employee submits their mileage report for approval, you get a detailed overview of their ride, including the route, start and end address, mileage, and expense.


Everlance Mileage Report
Everlance Mileage Report 

If employees add a note to their report, you can view it and comment.


With all these details on the ride, you can reject or approve the report, confirming that you’ve reviewed it. If you reject the report, you must add a reason for such a decision.

Everlance: Approving the expense report
Everlance: Approving the expense report

Setting up Approval Flow in Everlance


As Everlance integrates with specific payroll and accounting software, such as Xero or Freshbooks, you can use the data from your reports for reimbursement.


Our Take On Everlance for Businesses

If you want to use Everlance for business, you can capture data on your employees' mileage and expenses, and streamline approval and reimbursement processes.


But during our testing, we found data accuracy and reliability issues, which can be a serious problem.


We’ll cover this matter further below.


Everlance Customer Support and Service


There are a few ways Everlance offers customer support and service to their customers, such as email, phone, chat, live user training, or customer success managers.


However, according to their website, users with the free plan have only one option: email.


Customer Support Options from the Everlance App
Customer Support Options from the Everlance App


While working on our Everlance App Review, we had to try out customer service for our mileage issue. We were satisfied with their speed of response - the reply to our questions came in less than 24h, followed by an email checking to see if we successfully resolved the issue.


According to numerous online Everlance reviews, customer support receives high praise. In addition, users often mention the responsive and helpful nature of the customer service team.


However, for those on a free plan, having only the email support option can be problematic - it doesn’t allow immediate response or resolution.


Other Everlance Reviews


While browsing the online Everlance reviews, we discovered that users appreciate the platform's features, user-friendliness, customer service, and cost-effectiveness.


Everlance Capterra Review
Everlance Capterra Review


Overall, Everlance enjoys a solid reputation among its customers. However, some users report occasional issues, such as the app shutting down unexpectedly, tracking unintended trips, or experiencing data syncing and exporting difficulties.


Here is what some of the users there had to say:


Google Play Store Reviews



How Much Does Everlance Cost?

Pricing for Individuals



Everlance has different plans for individuals, depending on what you need.


Basic Free includes the following:

●    30 trips per month that are tracked automatically

●    start and stop the tracker manually with ‘Start Trip.’

●    upload receipts

●    track your expenses and income manually

●    export your data to CSV files


Premium Plan comes at $8 per month, or $5 per month if you pay for a year upfront.


So what is Everlance Premium?


Well, if you subscribe to this plan, you can:

●    get unlimited trips per month that are tracked automatically

●    set your work hours and sort your trips automatically

●    link your credit card to sync your transactions and receipts

●    link your bank to track your income from different sources

●    export your data to PDF files for a professional look

●    export your data with advanced options like custom fields and filters

●    get live training and phone support


Premium Plus Plan


The plan will cost you $10 per month if you pay for a year upfront or $12 per month if you pay monthly.


Besides everything included in the Premium Plan, you can:

●    customize your PDF reports with your layout and logo

●    add more fields and filters to your advanced data export

●    get Motor Vehicle Record checks to see your driving history and eligibility

●    get a Customer Success Manager to help you out and give you advice

●    get quarterly reviews to improve your usage and performance



Pricing for Businesses

Everlance has two different plans to help you track and pay your employees for their mileage, so you can pick the one that works best for your business:


FAVR Program: If you opt to reimburse your employees’ mileage expenses using the FAVR plan (Fixed & Variable Reimbursement), this program allows you to pay them based on their role, location, and current costs, so they get fair and tax-free benefits. Subscribing for the Everlance FAVR program costs $33 per user per month (if you pay for a year upfront). It comes with personalized rates, monthly updates, direct deposits, driver and insurance checks, and more.


CPM Program: By subscribing to the CPM (cent per mile) program, you reimburse your employees a fixed amount for every mile they drive based on their mileage logs. Everlance CPM program costs $10 per user per month (if you pay for a year upfront) or $12 per month (if you pay monthly). The program includes an automatic mileage tracker, smart trip sorting, commute rules, expense management, reports and approvals, CSV and PDF exports, and more.


Everlance also offers a free plan for Occasional Drivers who need the basic features. This plan lets you record your trips and other expenses with GPS and a simple platform. But this plan only gives you 30 auto-detected monthly trips and doesn’t have features like work hours and credit card integration.


Read our Guide for Employee Mileage Reimbursement for more detail on choosing the plan that will fit your business needs.

Is Everlance Worth It?

Everlance is worth it if you are a freelancer or an independent contractor who needs to track expenses and mileage for tax purposes. The app can be particularly valuable when tax time approaches.

Besides the automatic mileage tracking issue we’ve experienced repeatedly, we liked the app. It’s user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Is Everlance a Good Choice for Businesses?


But, when it comes to using Everlance to track your employees' mileage, we can confidently say that there are much better alternatives at this price range.


Besides being more affordable, some of these alternatives are more complete, enabling you to streamline more processes with a single app, such as time, location, mileage tracking, scheduling paid time off, etc.


If you’re primarily looking for a mileage-tracking solution, we suggest you read our article 7 Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2024.


Timeero - Cost-Effective and Accurate Everlance Alternative

Timeero Mobile App


If you’re looking for an app to streamline mileage tracking and reimbursement, Timeero is the best choice for your money. Not only does it track your employees' mileage accurately, but it also offers a variety of features to boost your daily operations and practices at a fraction of the cost.


And we’re not the only ones making this claim.


For example, Timeero won over the G2 reviewers with its simple setup, ease of use, and smooth administration. They preferred using it to Everlance and looked forward to working with Timeero in the long run.

Everlance vs Timeero G2
G2: Everlance Vs. Timeero

They also found that Timeero suited their business needs more than Everlance. Moreover, they trusted Timeero’s customer support more and felt more at ease.


On top of that, Timeero had a more promising roadmap than Everlance. As a result, the reviewers were impressed by Timeero’s features and improvements and saw more potential in the app.


So, Why Should You Choose Timeero?


●    Mileage tracking. Timeero lets you track and reimburse your employees for the miles they drive for work and generate detailed mileage reports for tax purposes and reimbursement. You can see the routes your employees took and the distance they covered and gain control over commuter mileage. Timeero can also show your drivers the shortest route to take and compare the mileage of the actual route to the one suggested.


Timeero Suggested Route
Timeero Suggested Route

●    Employee Time Tracking. Whether you need to track time for payroll, billing, or productivity, Timeero makes it easy and convenient. You can monitor employee hours, overtime, and breaks from any device.


●    Employee GPS Tracking. With Timeero, you can always know where your team is and what they are doing. You can view their location history and track their whereabouts during working hours with timestamps.


●    Geofencing. Timeero lets you create geofences around your work sites to ensure that your employees are clocking in on-site. You can also set up automatic reminders or restrictions for clocking in or out based on geofences.


●    Scheduling. Timeero makes creating and managing shifts for your employees easy. You can assign shifts to individuals or groups and notify them instantly. Your employees can also accept or decline shifts and view their schedules anytime.


●    Time Off. Timeero simplifies the process of managing time off requests. You can approve or deny requests from your email or web portal with a single click.


●    Face Recognition. Timeero eliminates buddy-punching. With the face recognition feature, you can verify the identity of your employees when they clock in or out.


●    File & Photo attachments. Timeero can help you improve communication and collaboration with file and photo attachments. You can upload photos showing proof of work, expense receipts, safety issues, etc. You can also attach files to share important documents or instructions.


For more information on how this app could benefit your company or small business, you can check out our Timeero Review.


Alternatively, you can subscribe to our 14-dayfree trial. No credit card needed, no obligations whatsoever.




Try Timeero, the Best Everlance Alternative.

Sign up for a free trial today
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