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MileageWise Review: Everything You Need To Know

David Kariuki
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Apr 18, 2024
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MileageWise is a mileage logging software that allows users to create IRS-proof mileage logs for both ongoing and retrospective purposes. You can track your trips automatically with the mobile app on Android and iOS or convert the trips recorded on Google Timeline into IRS-approved mileage logs. 

We took MileageWise on a test run to find out how reliable it is in tracking mileage and location for various professionals, including tax professionals, real estate agents, and freelancers, along with both remote and field teams.

In our MileageWise review, we will examine how the app works, its key features, and the pricing, and evaluate whether it’s worth your time and investment.

Also, we will put MileageWise and Timeero apps head-to-head to see how these apps stack up against the best mileage-tracking apps in the market.

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How Does MileageWise App Work?

MileageWise is a Web Dashboard and mobile app solution that helps users create IRS-compliant logs. In addition, it features a mileage tracker that offers automatic trip tracking and classification.  

When you enter your trips on the Web Dashboard or log your miles automatically on the Mobile app, you can create IRS-proof mileage logs even retrospectively in a few minutes. The app also features a built-in IRS auditor that allows users to check errors and conflicts in their mileage data to avoid IRS fines.

MileageWise also allows companies that use Google Maps Timeline to import data into the app and automatically convert the information to IRS-proof mileage logs. If you forget to log a trip, the AdWise feature on the app will help you recover the mileage lost based on your past visits and other parameters you set. We took MileageWise on a spin to see how it performs in real-life situations.

MileageWise App: Notable Features

MileageWise offers a variety of features that can be used by tax professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. 

Let’s take a look at some notable features of MileageWise that make the app stand out from the rest of the market.

Trip Tracking

MileageWise offers multiple tracking options, including vehicle movement monitoring, phone charge monitoring, and car Bluetooth monitoring to log your trips automatically.

MileageWise tracking options
MileageWise provides multiple tracking options for users

The app will show your trip’s start position and load all the locations. To log your trips manually, press the checkmark in the middle every time you arrive at a new client’s site, and your trip will be logged instantly. 

MileageWise checkmark
Press the checkmark to log your trips manually

That said, if you need to now the whereabouts of your field employee in real-time, you might not get the best results with the MileageWise app.

It will only calculate the mass door-to-door distances based on your client’s addresses. The app doesn’t provide route replay or breadcrumbs, so you won’t see exactly where an employee spent the day.

We also realized that it doesn’t offer much in terms of time tracking for your employees. You will only be able to track trips taken and the distance covered. You might want to get a dedicated time-tracking app like Timeero to help you track time spent in a specific location.

mileagewise location tracking
MileageWise doesn't show detailed information on specific client location

For businesses with trips recorded on their Google Timeline, MileageWise can convert them into IRS-compliant mileage logs. But, unfortunately, that is as far as trip tracking goes with MileageWise.

Automatic Mileage Tracking

Like Timeero, MileageWise has a dedicated mileage tracker that keeps track of your trips. Choose your trip recording option, and the app will automatically start tracking mileage from the start to the end of your destination.


In addition, we found that MileageWise accurately tracks and records mileage logs, which are easily accessible on the dashboard. For example, you can see logs of previous days, weeks, or months and access them in a few minutes. 

MileageWise falls behind other apps because it lacks features like invoicing, reimbursements, and accounting.

However, the app will not only record the mileage and the destination of the trip but also suggest how to categorize the trip for reimbursement or tax purposes (personal, business, and more). Additionally, the app will show the exact distance and route driven after the trip.

Different recommendations for saving your trip on MileageWise

The only caveat is that the app will not monitor your movement constantly during the trip. Instead, you will get all the details only after you arrive at your destination, including distance covered, time taken, and mileage. 

Timeero, on the other hand, tracks every move with detailed breadcrumbs on every route taken, including stops. At the end of the trip, you will get a detailed report, and you can replay the route to see where the driver spent the day.

MileageWise mileage tracker report
MileageWise mileage tracking report shows the time taken, distance covered and mileage.

That said, we did not experience any missing trips or logs. MileageWise also allows you to upload trips in your Google Timeline and convert them into IRS-compliant mileage logs.

Ensure the “Location History” on Google Timeline is turned on to track every trip effectively, then transfer the information to MileageWise. Their built-in IRS auditor will feature check and correct any contradictions in your mileage log before printing. This ensures that your mileage logs are 100% IRS-proof for tax computation purposes.

IRS-Proof Mileage Logs

Creating IRS-proof mileage logs can be complex, especially when under pressure. 

Providing mileage logs with insufficient support documentation, such as trip gaps or contradictions, may attract fines worth $1000 or 50 percent of your yearly income. You want to ensure you submit the correct mileage logs with no errors.

The MileageWise AI-powered AdWise Wizard feature gives you trip recommendations to fill any trip gaps. 

 MileageWise IRS-Compliant report
MileageWise allows you to generate IRS-Proof mileage logs for tax computation and fair reimbursement.

You can create as many retrospective mileage logs as you want, and the AdWise feature will auto-populate your trips based on all the previously visited locations and the client’s addresses.

The built-in IRS auditor will then check for and correct any errors and contradictions in your mileage log to ensure they are completely IRS-proof before printing. 

Vehicle Expense Tracking 

Managing your vehicle expenses is key for fair reimbursement and maximization of your mileage tax deductions. However, the MileageWise vehicle expense tracking feature is available only on the Web Dashboard, not on the mobile tracking app. This feature allows you to input your car repair costs and other vehicle-related business expenses, to provide accurate and streamlined deductions based on the car ownership costs.

Also, the expense tracking feature is only available to users who select the actual expense method to calculate their total cost of vehicle ownership and tax deductions on mileage. 

Some vehicle expenses you can track  include interest on the vehicle, gasoline, lease payments, vehicle insurance, repairs & maintenance, new tire purchases, registration & license fees, and other expenses. Tracking these expenses will help you monitor fuel efficiency and vehicle depreciation expenses to optimize your tax deductions. 

Reports and Integrations

With MileageWise, you can quickly generate reports from the web and app in PDF and CSV spreadsheets. For example, you can get reports such as mileage logs and vehicle expenses such as fuel and business expenses.

Regarding integrations, MileageWise works with different tools to make it easier for users to generate mileage reports. 

MileageWise integrations with other tools

Some examples include:

  • Freshbooks for accounting
  • Volvo car apps
  • Waze
  • Excel for client and trip import
  • Google Timeline for Trip Import

MileageWise App Review: Pricing

Now that we have looked at some of the notable features and functionality on MileageWise let’s discuss the cost of accessing these features.

MileageWise pricing
MileageWise pricing plans

Free Trial and Free Plan

The free plan allows you to access some basic features for mileage tracking. However, you must upgrade to a paid plan if you want to enjoy more advanced features, such as a team dashboard, unlimited trips, vehicles, and users. You can also try out all the features for free for 14 days with MileageWise’s trial offer.

Paid Plans

MileageWise’s pricing is based on a per-vehicle basis. However, to enjoy more advanced features, you can use the paid plans depending on your business needs. Here are some paid plans you will find on MileageWise.

Small Monthly Plan: Charges start from $9.99 per month per vehicle for automatic mileage tracking, auto-classification, unlimited trips, a secure Web Dashboard in the cloud, and a built-in IRS auditor feature. 

Small Plan: The plan starts from $5.83 per month per vehicle or $69.99 yearly for all the features on the Small Monthly plan, plus an automatic IRS-Proof mileage log creator.

Silver Plan: Charges start at $13.33 per vehicle per month or $319.99 for two years for all the features on the Gold package plus two years volume discount.

Bronze Plan: The price starts at $16.66 per month per vehicle or $199.99 yearly for all the features on the Gold Plan.

Gold Plan: Price starts at $11.11 per vehicle per month or $399.99 for three years for all the features on the Small Plan plus Google Timeline import, shared dashboard for teams, past mileage log reconstruction, and recurring daily trips. 

MileageWise Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

We explored everything we thought would clearly show what MileageWise offers. From our findings, MileageWise is a simple mileage-tracking app that provides an easier time tracking mileage thanks to its dedicated mileage tracker. In addition, it has a built-in IRS auditor to check and correct any contradictions in your mileage log so you can submit IRS-proof mileage logs for tax computation.

However, if tracking the real-time GPS location and routes of your employees is vital for your business, then you may need a more advanced time and location tracking app like Timeero.

Timeero: An Accurate and Reliable Alternative to MileageWise

While Mileagewise has shown great potential in mileage tracking, it lacks some key features, such as time and GPS location tracking, essential for managers who want to track and monitor remote and field teams.

This is where Timeero takes the top spot for the market’s best GPS location and mileage tracking app. It’s a more robust time-tracking app that offers stand-out features such as:

Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

If you manage a team working remotely or in the field, it’s crucial to know their exact location at any given time. Timeero’s real-time GPS tracking features allow you to see who’s working at a specific site and at what time. In addition, the breadcrumb technology blends perfectly with the route replay feature, showing you every route the employee takes with detailed timestamps to show where they spend the day.  

Timeero breadcrumb report
With Timeero, you can see the exact path and speed of your vehicles at any time. Timeero records and shows you when and where your vehicles were, and how fast they were going.

Managers can also use Timeero’s geofencing feature to create geofences around their work sites to ensure employees clock in and out on that site. You can also set automatic reminders and restrictions for punching in and out of the geofenced area. This ensures you get accurate reports at the end of the working period for fair reimbursement to employees and tax computation purposes. 

Mileage Tracking

Timeero’s automatic mileage tracker has plenty to offer, including automatic mileage tracking capability once you’re clocked in and attain the required speed threshold. 

Timeero clock in interface
An employee should clock in first via a mobile app to start mileage tracking.

Timeero’s timesheet
 Total mileage tracked on Timeero’s timesheet

Managers can use the reports generated from mileage logs to reimburse employees for miles driven and generate detailed reports for tax season deductions and reimbursements. 

Timeero mileage tracker report
Timeero mileage tracker provides detailed reports of all mileage logs

Timeero can also show the driver the shortest route to a certain destination and compare the mileage of the actual route to the suggested route. You can see all the information about when the trip was taken and the specific time on Timeero’s timesheet.

timeero timesheet report mobile
Timeero Timesheet with all the mileage logs

To learn more about what Timeero has to off, read our full Timeero Review. Also, don’t forget to try some of the features to gain first-hand experience.

Accurate IRS-Proof Mileage Logs

Timeero motion detection technology allows the app to track and record mileage logs once it exceeds the predefined speed. This ensures that every drive is logged except when the vehicle is idle, such as in traffic. 

This guarantees accurate mileage tracking, saving you time and money that might otherwise be spent compensating drivers for miles not traveled. The interesting part is that Timeero doesn’t miss any trip, so you won’t have to use another tool to populate missed logs or contradictions for the driver to get maximum mileage reimbursement. Whether you live in California or any other state with strict laws on mileage reimbursement, you don’t have to worry because Timeero provides IRS-proof mileage logs to avoid hefty fines.

You can also read our guide on employee mileage reimbursement for more information on reimbursement rules, regulations, and rates.

Other Notable Features

  • Face recognition
  • Time off
  • Scheduling tool
  • Offline mode
  • Files and photo attachments
  • Reliable customer support

MileageWise Review: FAQs

How Does MileageWise App Work?

The MileageWise mileage tracker app allows you to enter your trips on the web dashboard or automatically log your miles on the mobile app so that it can create IRS-proof mileage logs. It also allows you to create as many retrospective mileage logs as possible, and it will make sure all the logs are legit before printing them. If you forget to log a trip on the app, the AdWise feature will help you recover all the lost mileage logs with references from past visits and other patterns.

Is MileageWise App Free?

MileageWise offers a 14-day free trial to try out their features. No credit card is needed. After that, you must upgrade to the paid plans to enjoy more features. The available MileageWise plans include the Small Monthly Plan for $9.99 per month, Small Plan for $5.83 per month, Silver Plan for $13.33 per month, Bronze Plan for $16.66 per month, and Gold Plan for $11.11. 

How Do I Track My Distance on MileageWise?

The built-in maps with mass door-to-door distance calculation on the MileageWise app for Android and iOS ensure you manually calculate the distance covered. Record or import the client’s logs from Excel; the app will simultaneously calculate all your client distances. 

Try Timeero, a reliable GPS location and mileage tracking alternative to MileageWise

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