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I know from experience that I/we do have partners at Timeero who can be counted on to be responsive and resolve issues in a timely manner. I don't expect an issue-free relationship and when they have come up, you and especially Melisa have provided solutions and been great to work with.
Mike Westler
Production Manager


Atterholt Construction & Interiors is a full service restoration company that has been in business for over 35 years. They currently serving the Anaheim part of California.

Prior to using Timeero, ACI was using a paper and trust system to track time, employee time off and location. This meant that Mike Westler had very little insight into what was going on in the field. He could not tell if employees were showing up late or even worse not showing up to a job at all.

Since employee labor tracking costs are factored into the job costing process, relying on employees to turn in their time entries was a nightmare. Relying on employees to track their time was asking for trouble. Just like most teams that rely on paper based time tracking, the field workers at ACI were having to round and guess their hours worked.

Also time cards were not being turned in on time and job costing was a problem. Having to sit and wait for hours tracked and jobs worked info meant invoicing and other crucial items were being delayed.

Mike also needed an accurate way to track time off and leave management. Having employees request time off was more cumbersome than it needed to be.

Then comes Timeero

By transitioning from a paper-based system to Timeero, Mike was able to streamline the job tracking process at ACI. Now employees can clock in and he can have a record of where everyone has been. The team at ACI can go back to any point in time and see where everyone was to the very minute.

The geofencing and GPS tracking capabilities have been extremely helpful in fostering more accountability at Timeero. Rest breaks and lunch breaks are also required in the state of California. Timeero has a great way of managing rest and lunch breaks meaning that the team at ACI can now stay compliant.

When it comes to employee labor, the laws in California are a little different from other parts of the US. So Mike also needed a software system that could take care of the overtime laws of California. Timeero has a built in system that manages overtime tracking specifically for California, meaning he did not have to deal with any of these on his own.

For leave management, the field team can now request time off through the Timeero mobile app. When a time off is requested the managers and supervisors at ACI can now view the time off request and approve or decline it.

Timeero has definitely helped ACI streamline their process and save on costs.

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