GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions regarding GPS tracking and how it affects your employees. Knowing where your employees are during the work period is essential in creating a more accountable workplace environment.

Does GPS tracking cost extra?

No GPS tracking does not come with an extra cost.

What is the difference between “While Using the App” and “Always”?

If the Location setting is set to Always, Timeero can collect locations in the background only when the employee is clocked in.
However, if the employee has set their location settings for Timeero to “While Using the App”, then Timeero can only capture their location while the user has their app open. The latter tends to lead to a lot fewer locations getting captured because users mostly don’t have their apps open.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

GPS tracking gives you a bird-eye view of where your employees are at, anytime they are on the clock. You will have a better idea of who to assign jobs to based on closest proximity to customer or job site. Tracking with GPS also helps employer

s monitor fraudulent employees that may leave the job site they are supposed to be. GPS tracking also provides safety benefits toĀ employees as their employers can have an idea of where they are.


When does Timeero start tracking GPS location?

GPS tracking starts when the employee clocks in. Timeero does not capture any locations after an employee clocks out.

How often and what causes a GPS tracking point to be recorded?

Timeero captures a new GPS point when an employee travels more than 150 feet from their last location.

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How accurate are GPS points?

GPS point accuracy is dependent on the mobile device.

Can GPS tracking be optional?

Employers can turn on/off GPS tracking on specific user accounts, by visiting employee page.

Are employees tracked while off the clock?

No. Employees are only tracked when they are clocked in. Location tracking ceases after an employee clocks out.

Can employees see each other’s GPS locations?

Employees can see their own GPS locations. Also, an employee’s manager and administrators can see the employee’s location.

Does GPS tracking work when employees turn off GPS tracking on their phones?

No. Users need to enable location access for Timeero to be able to access their GPS locations.

Does GPS tracking work without an internet connection?

Yes. GPS capture does not rely on an internet connection. Since Timeero is built to work offline, the GPS location and time can be captured and stored on the device. It will only be available in the cloud after the user gets back online.