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Best GPS Tracking Apps for Pest Control Businesses

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April 18, 2024 3:07 AM
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The best pest control companies seek out new strategies to stay ahead of the competition. A potential avenue for improvement is through the implementation of GPS tracking technology. 

Leveraging the power of GPS tracking apps for pest control businesses is a great way to optimize technician routes, streamline operations, and provide timely and effective services to clientele. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of using GPS tracking apps in pest control companies and look at four top choices transforming the sector. We’ll also cover how GPS tracking software can make all the difference for your business. 

* We recognize that this article was written in February 2024 and changes may have been made within the apps mentioned since this article was published.

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Why Use Pest Control GPS Tracking Apps?

GPS tracking apps are indispensable for pest control companies, and here’s why:

  1. Effective Resource Management: By using GPS tracking, managers can assign technicians tasks based on how close they are to the client's location. This reduces travel time and costs, ensuring available resources are used in the best way possible. 
  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Technician location can be tracked in real time with GPS tracking applications. This makes it possible for management to see whether workers  adhere to timetables and promptly respond to urgent service requests. It is best to draft a policy addressing privacy and data protection issues in order to prevent conflicts. To get started, use our free employee GPS tracking policy template.
  1. Enhancing Customer Service: Being on time, giving precise job estimates, and addressing issues quickly are all essential components of excellent customer service. By providing precise arrival times and reducing service delays, GPS tracking applications enable companies to meet and surpass their customers' expectations.
  1. Better Security: The use of global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology improves the safety and security of technicians by allowing management to monitor their whereabouts. This is particularly beneficial in situations when technicians are located in remote or dangerous areas. When an emergency occurs, managers are able to find and help technicians in a short amount of time.
  1. Data Analysis and Reporting: GPS tracking apps generate useful data of service durations and travel patterns. This allows organizations to evaluate trends, identify areas for improvement, and optimize operational processes.

Top GPS Tracking Apps for Pest Control Businesses

Choosing the right software for your business can be daunting. However, by determining which features are most needed, you can find the best GPS pest control app for your company. We tested several apps and have narrowed our list down to the best four options for your pest control business: 

  1. Timeero – All-In-One GPS Tracking Solution For Pest Control Businesses
  2. Synchroteam – Best For Route Optimization
  3. Jobber – Good For Client Management
  4. Gorilla Desk – Ideal for Job Scheduling

Let’s take a closer look at the details of each of these apps.  

Timeero – All-In-One GPS Tracking Solution

Timeero is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that helps pest control companies manage their schedules, accurately track time, and increase productivity. This app is a go-to choice because of its vast feature set and user-friendly interface.

GPS Tracking

Timeero's GPS tracking feature allows pest control companies to monitor the whereabouts of their technicians in real time while they're on the job. 

This feature is especially useful for pest control companies because it allows technicians to view the Who's Working dashboard and confirm that they are where they should be. For organizations, this increases efficiency and accountability. 

timeero who's working dashboard
Timeero’s Who’s Working dashboard.

Segmented Tracking

Timeero's unique Segmented Tracking feature is a game changer for pest control companies. Instead of making multiple entries, employees only need to clock in once at the start of the day and clock out once they complete their shift.

The software automatically tracks every place the technician visits using GPS data. You can then see a breakdown of these locations and the amount of time spent at each in a single glance.

timeero segmented tracking overview
Timeero’s segmented tracking feature.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is critical for pest control companies to accurately record the hours worked by their technicians both in the field and in the office. Timeero enables technicians to clock in and out from their mobile devices, making it simple to track their work hours regardless of location.

Pest control companies that accurately track time can ensure that technicians are fairly compensated for their work and that labor costs are properly accounted for in project budgets.

timeero employee timesheet mobile
An employee timesheet on Timeero.

For more accountability, Timeero offers a Signatures feature. Multiple clients can sign the timesheet as confirmation that your worker finished their work there, and the employees can sign off on their hours. 

This is particularly important in states with strict break laws, like California, where Timeero's California Breaks Tracker is a very useful tool.

Tmeero Signatures feature
The Signatures feature on Timeero.

Mileage Tracking

Pest control companies can precisely track and record the miles that their technicians drive for work-related purposes with Timeero's mileage tracking feature.

Employees in the pest control industry often make trips between client locations to conduct HVAC inspections, pesticide treatments, and follow-ups. Mileage tracking helps businesses capture the true cost of vehicle usage and reimburse accordingly.

Technicians can simply log their mileage with Timeero on their mobile devices without the need for paper logs or manual record-keeping. Mileage tracking also allows pest control businesses to optimize route planning, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and comply with tax regulations regarding mileage deductions or reimbursements.

Mileage tracking Timeero mobile
Mileage tracking on Timeero.


For pest control companies, scheduling is crucial for managing day-to-day appointments. Timeero provides a user-friendly interface for small business owners to schedule these appointments efficiently.

By having a centralized scheduling system, pest control companies can ensure that technicians are allocated to the right tasks at the right times, minimizing scheduling conflicts and maximizing productivity.

scheduling feature timeero
Adding a schedule on Timeero is quick and easy.


Pest control businesses can set virtual boundaries around particular areas, like client properties or service areas, using Timeero's geofencing feature. These restrictions prevent technicians from clocking in outside of geofenced areas, helping guarantee technicians log hours at client locations or work areas only.


Timeero provides comprehensive reporting features that let pest control companies examine employee patterns. They are able to generate reports on a range of parameters, including miles traveled, overtime hours, and total hours worked.

These reports assist companies in identifying improvement opportunities and making data-driven decisions that will increase profitability and operational efficiency.

timeero reporting
You can access customizable reports on Timeero.

Timeero integrates with applications like QuickBooks, Gusto, Rippling, Zapier, Vieventium, Xero, ADP, Paychex, and Paylocity. It is also well-known for its exceptional customer support, with personalized assistance for each user. 

Other Key Features:

  • Message Blasts
  • Route Replay
  • Facial Recognition
  • Offline Capabilities


Timeero offers four pricing plans:

  • Basic: $4 per user/month
  • Pro: $8 per user/month
  • Premium: $11 per user /month
  • Enterprise customized plans

Synchroteam – Best For Route Optimization

Another leading cloud-based field service management software is Synchroteam. Its goal is to manage mobile workers in real time, including inspectors, technicians, and service-oriented staff.

Route Optimization

Synchroteam's route optimization feature helps pest control companies cut down on fuel expenses and travel time. Managers can enter multiple service locations which the software then uses to automatically create optimal routes based on variables like appointment priorities, traffic conditions, and proximity to the locations.

This allows pest control businesses to increase technician productivity, lower vehicle wear and tear, and quickly serve customers by streamlining their routes. 

 Synchroteam routes
You can optimize specific routes on Synchroteam.

Time Tracking

Synchroteam offers comprehensive time-tracking capabilities, allowing pest control businesses to monitor and manage the time spent by their technicians on various tasks. Technicians can use Synchroteam's mobile app to clock in and out, record breaks, and log their work hours accurately.

Time tracking data provides valuable insights into technician productivity, helps calculate payroll accurately, and ensures compliance with labor regulations.

 shift entries on Synchroteam
You can see shift entries on Synchroteam, including time logged.

GPS Tracking and Mapping

Pest control companies can track the whereabouts of their technicians in the field in real time by using Synchroteam's GPS tracking and mapping feature. This feature makes it possible for dispatchers to view the technicians' locations on a map, facilitating effective resource allocation and dispatch.

GPS tracking on Synchroteam
GPS tracking on Synchroteam.


With Synchroteam's powerful scheduling features, pest control companies can easily arrange and coordinate service appointments, inspections, and follow-up visits. By using its drag-and-drop interface, you can directly schedule appointments on the calendar, taking into account service priorities and technician availability.

Automated reminders and notifications help ensure that technicians are aware of their upcoming appointments. This reduces the likelihood of missed visits and improves customer satisfaction.

 Synchroteam schedules
You can add schedule updates on the calendar.

Job Management

With Synchroteam, pest control businesses can create comprehensive job profiles containing client data, job specifications, service history, and unique instructions or notes.

Through the mobile app, technicians can access real-time job details and updates, giving them all the information they need to finish tasks quickly. 

Job information on Synchroteam
Job information on Synchroteam.

The features Synchroteam provides are especially suited for field service businesses, making it a great option for pest control teams that are out and about. Please note that its most notable feature, route optimization, is a paid add-on separate from the subscription. 

Other Key Features:

  • CRM
  • Job Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Contact Management


Synchroteam has two pricing options:

  • Standard: $36
  • Premium: $59

Jobber – Good For Client Management

Jobber is an app that helps small home service companies manage their overall operations, from assigning tasks to employees, scheduling, billing clients, and receiving payments.

Client Management

Contact information, service history, notes, and preferences are just a few of the pieces of client data that Jobber's client management feature helps to centralize and organize.

It's crucial to keep track of specific information about clients' properties for pest control. These include past treatment histories, pest problems, and any unique instructions or concerns. Pest control businesses can customize Jobber's custom fields and tags to fit their unique requirements for a client management solution.

Jobber clients
Jobber simplifies handling clients.


Jobber's scheduling feature keeps scheduling appointments and assigning jobs to technicians simple. Pest control companies run seamlessly when their routine maintenance or inspection appointments are organized.  Scheduling with Jobber ensures that no appointments are missed.

Jobber’s drag-and-drop calendar interface makes it easy to reschedule appointments. This is a great way to manage urgent service requests and make adjustments due to weather related events or technician availability.

 Jobber schedules
Scheduling on Jobber.


Jobber automates invoice creation, delivery, and tracking, streamlining the payment process. You get professional-looking invoices that you can customize by adding service details, costs, and terms of payment.

This pest control management software provides a range of flexible billing options. These include batch invoicing for multiple clients, recurring billing for service contracts, and one-time invoices. It also offers tools for managing accounts receivable, reminding people to pay, and monitoring the status of invoices.

jobber invoicing
Creating an invoice on Jobber.

Mobile App

The Jobber mobile app enhances efficiency and communication by enabling pest control technicians to view client information, update job statuses in real-time, and access their schedules.

Technicians can also accept job assignments from the app and use GPS to find client locations. The app also makes it easy to record crucial information about service visits through notes to ensure that the work is done. 

jobber mobile app
Managers track employee locations via the app (available for iOS and Android).

With Jobber’s offline capabilities, field technicians can continue working in places with spotty or nonexistent internet connectivity. This guarantees continuous service delivery as the data will sync with the Jobber platform after connectivity is restored.


Comprehensive reporting tools from Jobber provide insights into client satisfaction, job profitability, and sales performance. These reports support the process of measuring business growth over time, identifying areas for improvement, and allocating resources optimally. 

jobber reporting
Reports on Jobber.

Pest control businesses can concentrate on the metrics that will help them meet their goals using Jobber's customizable reports.

Overall, Jobber is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies your pest control operations. Employees can learn how to use it quickly without going through a detailed onboarding process. For smaller businesses, however, the pricing is on the higher end.

Other Key Features:

  • Timesheets
  • Online Booking
  • Client Hub
  • Email Marketing
  • Quotes
  • Job Forms


Jobber offers several pricing plans, which include:

  • Core: $69
  • Connect:$169
  • Grow: $349

GorillaDesk - Ideal for Job Scheduling

GorillaDesk is a pest control software solution made to help businesses keep track of their client list, appointments, and tasks. Its user-friendly features and intuitive interface make it easy for you to manage your customer interactions effectively.


Pest control companies often deal with recurring appointments, especially for routine inspections and treatments. The scheduling tool in GorillaDesk makes it simple to set up recurring appointments, preventing missed service appointments.

Pest control specialists can access their schedules on the go and plan their routes efficiently by syncing their schedules across multiple devices. This allows them to promptly attend to client needs.

Scheduling Gorilla Desk
Job scheduling on Gorilla Desk.

Client Management 

For pest control companies to stay in business and continue to offer individualized service, they need an efficient CRM. CRM tools are available from GorillaDesk to handle client data, service records, and communication preferences.

The CRM features allow pest control companies to keep track of customer interactions, including service requests, questions, and reviews. This data can assist in customizing pest management strategies to meet the needs and preferences of individual clients.

GorillaDesk CRM
You can easily organize customers on Gorilla Desk.

Route Planning

Route planning is essential for pest control technicians to maximize productivity, cut down on travel time, and organize their daily schedules. With the help of GorillaDesk's route planning feature, technicians can arrange the best routes for covering several locations in a single day.

GorillaDesk reduces fuel costs and streamlines operations for pest control companies. It does this by factoring in things like location proximity, appointment times, and traffic patterns.

Technicians can adjust to unforeseen circumstances like new service requests or cancellations and still keep an effective schedule thanks to real-time updates and route modifications.


An essential component of running a business is sending out invoices, allowing you to track payments and bill for your pest control services. GorillaDesk streamlines the invoicing process by automatically creating and sending invoices to customers. Invoices can be customized to include information about services rendered, costs, and terms of payment.

gorilladesk invoicing mobile
The app automatically generates invoices.

GPS Tracking

GorillaDesk's real-time scheduling map displays individual location coordinates when GPS tracking is enabled. However, from our testing, their location tracking feature was sometimes inaccurate. 

For instance, for an employee who was at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, the dashboard location pinned them to a different location closer to Cuba. This discrepancy can result in issues regarding route planning if the app does not pick up the right coordinates. 

gorilladesk gps desktop
GPS tracking on GorillaDesk.

Other Key Features:

  • Dispatching
  • Email & SMS
  • Quotes 
  • Commission Tracking
  • Work Orders
  • Online Booking


GorrilaDesk offers two pricing plans:

  • Basic: $49
  • Pro: $99

Choose the Best Pest Control Software With GPS

As we wrap up our discussion on the top GPS tracking apps for pest control businesses, it's clear that these tools are more than just a convenience — they're a necessity. With the right pest control business software at their disposal, companies can streamline operations, optimize resources, and deliver unmatched service to their clients.

Nevertheless, Timeero stands out as the best option in terms of reliability and efficiency. Its extensive feature set, which includes geofencing, real-time GPS tracking, and thorough reporting, provides all the tools a pest control business needs to succeed. Learn more about this solution from our comprehensive Timeero review.


What Are the Top-Rated GPS Tracking Apps for Managing a Pest Control Business?

Timeero is the top-rated GPS tracking app for running a pest control company. Other apps worth mentioning include Synchroteam, Jobber, Housecall Pro, and Gorilla Desk. Real-time tracking, geofencing, scheduling, dispatching, and reporting are just a few of their features.

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