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6 Best GPS and Mileage Tracking Apps for Realtors

David Kariuki
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April 18, 2024 2:28 AM
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As a real estate agent who is constantly on the go, auto-tracking your mileage and keeping up with your appointments can be overwhelming. The effects of manual tracking mileage are even worse, ranging from potential inaccuracies in mileage logs to wasted time on tedious administrative tasks.

But do you wish there was a better, more convenient way to track your mileage and ensure you receive accurate reimbursement for your expenses? 

Well, using a GPS and mileage tracking app can help real estate agents save time and reduce inaccuracies in logs. To save you the trouble of choosing the best from a huge list of mileage tracking solutions, we reviewed the best GPS and mileage tracking apps for realtors available in the market.

Read on to find out the best mileage tracking apps in the market that can help streamline your mileage tracking and easily record your site visits, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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What To Look For In GPS and Mileage Tracking Apps for Realtors

While plenty of mileage tracking solutions are in the market, here is a glimpse of the six best mileage tracker apps you can find. Check out the key features, costs, and how the app can help you track mileage.

  • Timeero
  • MileIQ
  • Everlance
  • Hurdlr
  • QuickBooks Self Employed
  • TripLog

Now that you know the best GPS and mileage-tracking apps for realtors, let's look at the key factors you should consider when choosing mileage-tracking apps.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

Real estate agents have to cover a lot of ground, whether meeting with potential clients, making stops at mortgage lender offices, or government buildings dealing with property records. As such, they need an accurate location and time tracking solution that can handle everything from distance tracking to calculating fuel costs and tax deductions.

The app should track real-time locations and time spent on every location. This can help realtors track their time and bill clients accordingly. Some apps allow you to add photos and notes for every location, which is a plus when recalling what you did at a certain location.

That said, the frequency of GPS location tracking may differ depending on the business's specific needs. 

Remember that GPS tracking may raise legal concerns, especially when employees’ or real estate agents’ personal privacy and data protection are involved. So, it’s important to create an employee GPS tracking policy to implement the best GPS tracking practices without sacrificing the safety of your employees.

Also, if you need precise locations of your employees, then you need an app with a higher accuracy of GPS points. We’ve reviewed the GPS accuracy of some apps in the market; check out the article Best Employee GPS Tracker Apps to see how they performed.


Geofencing and GPS tracking go hand-in-hand. It’s a handy feature that allows you to set up locations and virtual boundaries for real estate agents. Every app on our list offers geofencing functionality which we will discuss later.

With geofencing, agents can set a virtual perimeter around a certain location, say a new property and control the activities that can and will be happening at that location. Agents and freelancers can also use the functionality to clock in and out within that area.

That said, this feature is still under continuous improvement thanks to technology, so you should research to know what’s new in the market.

Check out this article Geofencing software for businesses: the pros and cons to understand everything you need to know about geofencing. 

Automatic Mileage Tracking

In addition to time tracking, the best GPS and mileage app for realtors should automatically track your mileage as you drive. With the mileage auto-tracking feature, there is no need to signal the trip's start or even note your odometer reading. This can save you time and avoid errors when manually tracking the standard mileage rate. 

The best GPS mileage tracker for realtors on our list uses GPS technology to track the distance traveled and offers the best option to categorize your trips as either business or personal. Some apps may even allow you to add photos and notes to every trip to make it easier to refer to once your trip ends. This feature also comes in handy for businesses that reimburse their agents for using the company vehicle for business trips. 

Other Features Worth Considering 

Reports and Statistics

Once you've completed your customer or site visits, you should be able to get an overview of all the automatic trips taken, including business miles driven at the end of each day, week, and month. The apps on our list provide detailed free mileage reports and summaries of every trip, which can help you prepare for deduction claims when the tax season comes.


How much does it cost? Is a question you should ask when looking for the best apps for real estate agents with GPS. Many apps provide a free trial for basic functionalities, but you may want to subscribe for the premium plan to enjoy more features and better customer support.

6 Best GPS and Mileage Tracking Apps For Realtors

As a realtor keeping track of your mileage and expenses is important in your business. Traveling from one property to the next and meeting with clients can quickly add up. You need to ensure you’re accurately logging your standard mileage rate and expenses correctly for reimbursement and tax filing purposes.

We understand the hassle and have done the heavy lifting for you to test and review the best GPS and mileage-tracking apps for realtors in the market. Here is what we learned about each app, including its functionality and capabilities.

Let’s start with the best overall GPS and mileage tracking app - Timeero.

Timeero - Best GPS and Mileage Tracking App For Realtors On The Go

Hands down, Timeero ticks all the boxes as the best GPS and mileage tracker in the market for realtors. Its robust GPS, time tracking, and mileage tracking capabilities stand out, especially for realtors and freelancers who want a convenient and efficient app to track location, time spent with every customer, and mileage.

Timeero’s GPS and Time Tracking 

Timeero’s GPS and Time Tracking offer accurate location once you clock in. You can access a map showing the agent’s location and zoom in with details of the time the agent has been in that specific location. 

We discovered that you could also route replay if you’re unsure whether your agent visited the place. Simply, click the breadcrumbs to see where the agent spent the day. The GPS tracking feature is handy when you want to know whether an agent was working on that designated location and whether they are not punching in from locations outside the work area.

Timeero is the best gps tracking app for realtors
Timeero: Time and Mileage


If you want to create a virtual boundary around a specific location, then Timeero will help with that. The geofencing feature allows you to track the location of your agents. To get the best result, tick the “require geofencing” located on the job’s location details once you create a Timeero job. 

You can create a virtual boundary between 100 meters and a 1000-meter radius. A smaller geofence works better to get accurate information. Furthermore, an admin will receive a notification if an employee or a freelancer punches in or out of geofence.

This eliminates false time cards and claims for work agents and freelancers.

Timeero geofence set up
Timeero: Setting Up a Geofence

Mileage Tracking

The motion detection technology on Timeero helps record mileage when the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit. This is quite useful for realtors who want to keep track of their travel expense reports, reimburse their agents fairly and compute IRS tax deductions more accurately. 

All the information is recorded in real-time, and you can choose any period you want to retrieve all the mileage covered. The tool also shows the shortest route to the client’s location, an added advantage for agents who visit clients multiple times.

To learn more about how Timeero can help you push your business forward, check our our Timeero review.


Timeero offers three plans: The basic plan costs $4 per user monthly, the pro plan costs $8 per user monthly, and the premium plan goes for $11 per user monthly. A 14-day free trial is also available.

MileIQ - GPS Mileage Tracker For Automatic Tracking


MileIQ does a good job of tracking location and mileage for realtors. Its ease of use makes it a good app for realtors, but it’s slightly more expensive than the other options. You can set it up and have it run in the background of your mobile device (both iOS and Android) and even classify your drives as business or personal with a swipe function.

Here is what we found out.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

The GPS technology on MileIQ tracked our movements well and recorded the distance traveled, including the time spent on the road. The app offers automated detection that runs in the background so you don’t have to turn it on and off every time you start and stop your trip. This can help realtors who travel to different places track their time spent on driving and mileage. 

Also to help stay organized, the app allows you to add extra details, such as the client’s name and parking fees if there is any.

With MileIQ geofencing capabilities makes it easier to track time and location. When you set up a virtual boundary around the specific location, users can enter or exit the geofenced area, and the application will automatically log the trip and record business mileage and other key details. 

Mileage Tracking

MileIQ runs in the background and automatically keeps tabs on all the business miles you drive. 

This is the main strength of MileIQ. If you force quit the app, it will still keep running in the background and track your business mileage. The app also allows you to classify your mileage by swiping left for business drives and left to log personal drives.

One important thing to note about MileIQ is that it may drain your battery more than the manual mileage tracking apps.

The app sticks to mileage, so there might be better options if you want an all-in-one business expense tracking solution. To learn more about the app, check out our MileIQ review.


MileIQ plan goes for $5.99 per month. They also have a free trial for the first 40 drives.

Everlance - Easy To Use GPS and Mileage App


Apart from being an expense log app, Everlance is also a mileage tracker app. 

GPS Location and Time Tracking

Everlance GPS tracking allows agents to keep track of their business-related trips for various purposes, including route planning, mileage reimbursement, and verification of client visits.

The map shows the actual location of the agent in real-time. You can also track their movement: whether they are standing in the same spot or on the move.

Agents can take pictures, attach them as proof they are at a specific location, and even add notes about their meetings. You also get to see the final mileage reports with all the details, including stops, routes taken, mileage, and duration of the trips.

Everlance app

The only caveat is that the agent needs to remember to start or end the trip otherwise, the app won’t start time tracking.

Mileage Tracking 

That said, Everlance allows you to track miles, classify drives, and access expense reports as personal, unclassified, work, medical, and charity. Similar to Quickbooks Mileage tracker, Everlance provides a “swipe” system to categorize your mileage and you can set the default category for your trips. We also discovered that agents can set work hours and automatically classify drives during those hours as business trips.

 We've tested the apps' automatic mileage tracking feature, so check out our Everlance review for more details.

As a bonus, Everlance also allows users to generate IRS-compliant reports, which makes the tax deduction process a bliss. 

Unfortunately, Everlance needs a route planning feature to identify the shortest route for field agents. Come tax time, you will be glad to access all your deductions in one place on Everlance.

The app also keeps and maintains strict IRS-compliant records to ensure the tax process is done as per the requirements. If you want to access the full report, go to the dashboard and export all your data to calculate tax, expenses, and reimbursements.

You can also connect Everlance with your business credit card and sync your bank account to track all your business expenses and deductions in one place.

Everlance will also scan your expenses and identify which might qualify as tax write-offs. 


Everalance has three pricing plans: The free plan for occasional drivers, the CPM program goes for $10 per user monthly and the FAVR program goes for $33 per user monthly.

Hurdlr - Best GPS and Mileage Tracking with Multiple Features

Hurdlr gps tracking app for realtors

Similar to Everlance, Hurdlr is a mileage tracker and expense logging app that automatically tracks your expenses, commissions, and deductions with auto-categorization. 

We took it for a test drive, and here is what we found:

GPS and Time Tracking

Hurdlr’s GPS tracking feature uses location data to automatically track the user’s movement and log the relevant mileage, including the route and time taken. The time tracking feature lets users track the time spent on specific tasks and projects. You also get real-time reports to help you track expenses and tax return computation.

If you want to know whether your agents clocked in and out in a specific region, then the geofencing feature on Hurdlr will help you with that. The apps automatically clock in and out within the stipulated geofenced area to help track time and expenses more accurately. 

If you step out of the virtual geofenced area, you will have difficulty clocking in or out. Hurdlr will also automatically track the time spent within the location and associate it with the appropriate business activity, such as “open a house event” or “property visit.”

Mileage Tracking

Hurdlr also offers mileage tracking capabilities that use GPS technology to automatically track the agent’s movement and record the relevant mileage. We found that Hurdlr automatically detects when your vehicle starts and stops with an option to classify business or personal trips. 

Users can also log their trips, categorize them based on client or project, and even add notes or photos to each trip. 

That said, we found that you have to remember to activate the mileage tracker function, otherwise it won’t effectively track free mileage if the function is deactivated.

Both Everlance and MileIQ offer IRS-compliant logs, but Hurdlr goes further to offer real-time reports of your business expenses, income, and expected tax deductions. 

Hurdlr is also a great option for independent contractors, uber drivers, small business owners, and rideshare drivers to track location and mileage and compute their profits and tax obligations.

Hurdlr Pricing

Plans start at $8.34 per month but they also offer a free version for part-timers. The premium version costs $10 per month with additional features such as auto-expense tracking, auto-income tracking, auto-mileage tracking, and real-time computation for self-employment and state taxes. The pro plan costs $16.67 per month.

QuickBooks Workforce (FKA QuickBooks Time) - GPS and Mileage App With Easy Integrations

QuickBooks Time app for realtors

QuickBooks Time, now known as QuickBooks Workforce, is another automatic mileage tracker that runs in the background. Realtors and freelancers might find the app convenient is because it uses minimal battery power when tracking location and mileage. That said, you still need enough power to run the app in the background.

Here is what we discovered about the app.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

Location and time tracking on Quickbooks Workforce FKA QuickBooks Time is easy, but you have to clock in first. Once you’re clocked in, the app will automatically start tracking time and location using GPS technology. As you work, the app will continue to track time and provide accurate timesheet records of the hours worked and the location where you worked. Agents can add more shifts by clicking the “switch” button on the track time dashboard.

The map displays the location of the agents, which refreshes in real time. You can monitor their movement and track their movements with geofencing functionality. Users can also add notes and attach photos of their location as proof they were at that spot during a specific time.

Mileage Tracking

QuickBooks Workforce, previously known as QuickBooks Time, makes tracking mileage easy for agents when conducting customer visits, property visits, or when attending property events. Once we clocked in, the automatically started tracking time, including the distance covered. Realtors also need to enter the starting and ending odometer readings for every trip, including the purpose of the trip: whether for business or personal use. The app will track mileage as expected as long as you start the trip.

That said, QuickBooks accounting software allows you to add mileage from your tracker directly, which is particularly useful for invoicing.


Elite: $ 10 per user/month +  $40 base fee per month

Premium: $8 per user/month + $20 monthly fee

TripLog - Mileage Tracker For Multiple Vehicles At a Go

TripLog app

Another best app for real estate agents with GPS worth mentioning is TripLog. This GPS and mileage app for realtors offers much in terms of tracking time spent on trips and distance covered. TripLog allows you to use the app for free for up to five vehicles, complete, and it comes with a manual and GPS-trip tracker, a time tracker, and an expense tracker.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

TripLog’s GPS and time tracking feature allows users to automatically track personal and business-related travel time using their phone’s GPS. The app will record every trip's start and end time, including the starting and ending location.

One shortcoming we found on TripLog is that you have to manually start the GPS tracking to get the actual time traveled and business mileage. 

TripLog location tracking

That said, you can generate automated summaries of reports on time traveled and customize reimbursements for different types of trips. This feature makes it easy for realtors to record their time on the field and get accurate compensation for their time on the road.

TripLog offers a geofencing feature that is helpful for location and time tracking. Realtors can create virtual boundaries around a specific site, like an office or property. Once the agent enters or leaves the geofenced area.

Mileage Tracking

With TripLog’s mileage tracking feature, realtors can easily keep tabs on the miles they drive for personal and business purposes. 

Note that you have to start the trip manually to get accurate results. Agents that fail to start the trip will have a hard time tracking mileage in real-time. Once you start GPS and mileage tracking, the app immediately logs your miles and uses the GPS to track the distance you drive automatically. Once you reach a speed threshold of 3km/h or 1.8 miles/hour, the app will automatically start tracking mileage.

You can track automatic trips as the apps run in the background on your phone or use a car Bluetooth technology or a car USB device to achieve the desired results.

TripLog allows you to track mileage for multiple vehicles on the same account and access detailed IRS reports for tax filing purposes. You can also prepare the day’s route before your trip. On top of that, you can get all your tax-compliant reports in one spot to help you with tax deductions and bookkeeping purposes.

Read our TripLog Review for more info about the app.


Teams, TripLog's entry plan for multiple users starts at $10 per user per month. Enterprise plan is also available,  but you must request pricing on their website.

Best GPS Mileage Tracker For Realtors: Bottom Line

While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to time and mileage-tracking apps, the best choice will offer accurate time-tracking capabilities, reliable mileage-tracking functionalities, and real-time records on time spent and distance covered for reimbursements, expense-tracking, and tax deductions.

That said, the best GPS and mileage tracking apps offer different features. Some excel at tracking time and location, while others are great at tracking mileage. It all depends on your business and specific needs.

If you want a reliable and affordable app that can track GPS location and mileage, Timeero is the best option. Your team will not only track their work hours and mileage, but you will also monitor their field activities and specific locations and have easier computing reports for these activities. 

Try Timeero’s 14-day free trial today and enjoy more functionalities on one platform.

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