The Best 6 Hospice Apps You Should Know About

Natasa Djalovic
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April 18, 2024 3:02 AM
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If you're looking for a way to streamline your hospice agency operations, you've come to the right place! 

We'll introduce you to the best hospice apps that can help you simplify your workflow, optimize communication, and enhance patient care.

These apps can provide a seamless experience for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients, ensuring that your employees deliver end-of-life support with compassion and efficiency.

Track caregivers’ time, mileage, and location, simplify scheduling, and more with Timeero.

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Timeero - A Hospice Care App with EVV, Mileage Tracking, and Scheduling Features 

Although primarily designed as an accurate time, mileage, and GPS-tracking platform, Timeero's powerful scheduling, EVV, and integrations with the most popular payroll software solutions make Timeero an effective and user-friendly palliative care app. 

Depending on your specific needs, Timeero works great in conjunction with other dedicated palliative care tools or workflows. 

Timeero lets you manage your caregivers on-the-fly

Key Features 

  • EVV: EVV stands for electronic visit verification, a system that verifies when and where a visit occurs. With Timeero, you can use EVV to document your visits to palliative care patients and provide proof of service. EVV can help you comply with the federal and state regulations requiring hospice care providers to implement this technology.

  • Time and attendance. Timeero's time and attendance feature helps hospice agencies accurately track caregivers' hours and location and prevent time theft and fraud. By ensuring staff accountability and eliminating dishonest practices, Timeero reduces costs and boosts overall efficiency. This focused approach to time management ensures hospice agencies can deliver high-quality care while maintaining operational integrity and trustworthiness.

timeero gps time clock
Use Timeero to Always Know Your Employees Time and Attendance
  • Mileage and GPS tracking. Timeero is a complete solution for tracking the time, mileage, and location of your hospice staff. You can see where your caregivers are at any time and ensure they show up on time for their visits with patients. You can also set up reminders for your staff to help them stay on schedule. Another benefit of this feature is that it enables you to save money and improve efficiency by preventing mileage fraud, unnecessary detours, or personal trips during work hours. Plus, mileage tracking is automatic, which makes medical mileage reimbursement easy and provides better insight into your expenses.

Timeero Tracks Mileage Accurately
  • Geofencing. Timeero lets you create geofenced locations so the app can remind your employees to clock in and out when they enter or leave the workplace. In addition, you can use the app to restrict employees' punches to these areas so that they can only clock in or out if they're onsite.

  • Breadcrumbs paired with timestamps. See the exact location of your caregivers in real-time at any given moment, as well as view and replay the routes they took throughout their work day retroactively. 

  • Employee scheduling. When running a healthcare agency, avoiding scheduling conflicts is crucial for patient satisfaction. Timeero also simplifies scheduling, thus saving you a lot of time, ensuring all visits are assigned, avoiding overlapping bookings, and enhancing the caregiver experience. The Who's Working tab shows you a quick snapshot of all the available team members. 

With Timeero, you can easily manage your employees’ schedules, time and mileage using GPS technology.
  • HIPAA Compliance. Timeero is HIPAA compliant, meaning your hospice agency can confidently manage sensitive patient information while following the highest industry standards for patient privacy and data protection.

  • Integrations. Timeero integrates with over 5,000 apps through Zapier, thus facilitating your essential operations management. There are also the most popular invoicing and payroll platforms, such as QuickBooks, Gusto, and Rippling, to streamline the paperwork and help you reimburse your employees accurately and properly. But, what's most important for hospice care providers, Timeero integrates with Viventum, meaning that you can create and export CSV files with hours worked and mileage costs for individual or multiple employees simultaneously directly to your Viventum account.

  • Communication. With Timeero's Message Blast, you can contact your whole team or the members you select and update them about the latest schedule changes, give them additional job details, or leave notes about specific patients. This way, you'll ensure everybody's on the same page and avoid miscommunication. 

  • Android and iOS mobile apps. Besides an intuitive interface and ease of use, Timeero's mobile app stands out among other contenders thanks to its ability to keep track of your caregivers' location, hours, and mileage, even when the signal is weak.

  • Offline functionality. Timeero app tracks data even when there's no internet connection. If your employees work in areas with limited or no connectivity, they can still clock in and out and record their GPS locations. When the app goes back online, it will synchronize data to the server.

  • Facial Recognition. You can use the facial recognition feature of the Timeero Kiosk app to prevent buddy punching. Besides clocking in with their PIN, employees must also submit their photo for verification.


Basic Plan - $4 per user per month

Pro Plan- $8 per user per month

Premium - $11 per user per month

If you opt for the annual subscription, you'll get one month for free.  

Viventium - An App for Mid-Size Hospice Care Agencies 

Viventium is a cloud-based solution that assists small to mid-sized agencies with payroll and HR management functionality. While it is considered one of the top hospice apps, it's important to note that its main emphasis is on the administrative and HR aspects. As a result, Viventium's features are geared toward these areas. The lack of GPS and mileage tracking features may be a disadvantage for teams on the move, which is why it's so complementary to Timeero.


Key Features:

  • Payroll processing. Viventium lets you view your payroll information from anywhere at any time, set rate rules for different teams, contracts, departments, and locations, and ensure that employees are taxed correctly based on the state they live and work in. Besides, the self-serve functionality gives employees access to information about their pay.
  • Recruiting and onboarding new employees. With Viventium, you can post your job openings on over 80 online platforms, including social media and job boards, to reach out to the best candidates. The app also makes communicating and interacting with applicants easy throughout the hiring process. You can create customized onboarding checklists with all necessary documents, training materials, and relevant information. This ensures new caregivers have access to all the information they need to start their job and get up to speed quickly. Moreover, the app has self-service functionality so new hires can complete tax forms and benefits enrollment electronically.
  • Tracking time and attendance. Equipped with tools for employee time and attendance tracking, such as biometric time clocks, PTO tracking, and mobile time entry, Viventium will help you stay on top of your job costs and reimburse your employees accurately. 
  • Ensuring ACA compliance. Viventium enables hospice and end-of-life care providers to comply with Affordable Care Act by allowing them to track employee eligibility and generate ACA forms. 
  • Android and iOS mobile apps. Caregivers can access their payroll data and HR information on the go. 


Vivientum's pricing is available on request. Contact their sales team to get an accurate estimate or book a demo. 

Axxess - A Palliative Care App for Enterprises

The next on our list of hospice apps is Axxess Palliative — a hospice software solution designed specifically for delivering palliative care. The software helps providers to document and track patient progress, bill Medicare Part B and other payers, streamline workflows, ensure compliance with documentation, access the software from any device, and use talk-to-text functionality for easy documentation. 


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Patient Care: Axxess Palliative offers a platform for comprehensive palliative care, from admission to discharge. It helps clinicians and caregivers manage the patient's symptoms and pain levels while ensuring they receive all the necessary care and support.
  • Compliance. Axxess Palliative ensures care providers comply with federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, as well as Medicare and Medicaid requirements. Additionally, the software keeps them up to date with the latest regulatory changes.
  • Reporting and analytics. Axxess Palliative offers comprehensive, in-depth reporting and analytics tools, enabling agencies to monitor their performance and find opportunities for improvement. Thanks to real-time dashboards, care providers can see a summary of their activities and patient outcomes. 
  • Care Plan Management. The software facilitates communication and collaboration among the care team, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. It allows them to share notes, documents, and patient information, thus streamlining IDG and a plan of care preparation and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Claims Management. The software assists agencies with billing and revenue cycles, from sending claims to receiving payments. 
  • Scheduling. There are several customized bulk scheduling capabilities to meet both caregivers' and patients' needs. Shift scheduling allows for seamless hospice care and efficient management of inpatient centers. On-call scheduling also enables tracking hospice patients' requirements outside of regular hours.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allow real-time access to care plans, point-of-care visit verification, visit scheduling, and tracking. 


For details on Axxess pricing, you need to contact their sales team directly to get a quote or request a demo.

MatrixCare - An EHR/EMR Hospice Care Solution  

With MatrixCare, you can access a robust Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that integrates a back-office system on the cloud with an iPad app for point-of-care. Because clinicians were involved in designing this app, it's easy to use, intuitive, and efficient while providing powerful features that ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance. This scalable software is suitable for agencies providing palliative and post-acute care.


Key Features 

Some of the features of MatrixCare Palliative are:

  • Documenting notes specific to palliative care: This feature allows staff to document multiple encounters that are content specific to their roles, such as chaplains, social workers, nurse practitioners, physicians, and skilled nurses. It also allows them to collaborate through interdisciplinary team meetings.
  • Medication import and reconciliation: This feature helps staff to track and update medication profiles accurately by using the SureScripts database and Direct Secure Messaging to pull and push medication information from different sources. It also allows staff to quickly reconcile medications into the patient medication profile with just a few taps.
  • Clinical decision support: This feature provides evidence-based practices and protocols to guide clinicians at the point of care. It helps them assess the risk of falls, pressure ulcers, infections, and other adverse outcomes. It also allows them to document the care plan and interventions according to the patient's needs and preferences.
  • Advanced analytics: This feature enables you to monitor metrics that impact revenue and increase costs, such as occupancy, census, length of stay, payer mix, quality measures, and more. It also helps you benchmark your performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement.
  • System security: MatrixCare provides a data security feature to ensure your information is protected. The platform is built on Microsoft Azure, which offers high reliability, safety, and performance levels. It comes with secure SOC-2 compliance and 24/7 active monitoring to ensure your data is always protected. Additionally, MatrixCare provides automatic updates and backups to ensure that your data is always up-to-date and easily recoverable.
  • User-friendly interface: This feature makes it easy for your staff to learn and use MatrixCare. MatrixCare generates actionable alerts and task lists based on each user's role. Intuitive icons and consistent navigation across care settings help staff understand the system quickly. And pre-population of key information reduces manual input and the chance of human error.
  • Professional service codes and billing: MatrixCare lets staff code and bill for palliative services in a precise and efficient manner. The platform is regularly updated with the latest standard list of palliative care professional service codes and their rates, in line with CMS timeframes. Moreover, staff can override standard pricing with contractual rates for payers that operate differently from CMS. This feature helps ensure that billing is accurate and aligns with the specific needs of each payer.
  • Revenue cycle management: This feature lets you optimize your billing and reimbursement process with MatrixCare. It has powerful features to help close month-end books quickly and accurately. Exception-based workflows and automated processes save time. Business rules are built-in but can also be configured for accurate reimbursement.
  • A mobile app that enables caregivers to record GPS time and attendance, daily and weekly schedules, task completion, visit notes, and digital signature capture.


MatrixCare's pricing is custom. For more details, contact their sales team directly to get a quote or request a demo.

Alora Home Health - Centralized Hospice Software for Streamlining Workflows and Service Billings 

Another contender on the list of the best hospice apps, Alora, is a cloud-based hospice EMR solution capable of streamlining workflows, covering clinical, operational, and financial aspects of hospice agencies, and catering to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of patients and their families. However, although it's a robust attendance app that allows hospice care service providers to go paperless, some users find it unintuitive. Another potential downside might be the lack of mileage tracking.


Key Features

  • Overall patient management: Alora helps hospice care agencies meet the different physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of their patients and their families. This includes pain and symptom management, interdisciplinary communication, and care coordination to counseling and support. Access to hospice-specific clinical charting and assessments that enable caregivers to document patient care in real-time is a feature that matters to hospice care providers.
  • Third-party integrations: Integrations with third-party systems, such as pharmacy management and electronic visit verification (EVV) systems, provide a comprehensive hospice solution.
  • Billing and financial management: Alora includes billing and financial management tools enabling hospice service providers to submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. This way, agencies make sure they are reimbursed accurately and on time.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: Reporting and analytics tools enable hospice agencies to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs.) Thanks to this feature, they can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations.
  • Managing caregiver schedules: Alora makes it easy for hospice agencies to automate scheduling and ensure that patients receive the care they need at all times. 


Pricing for Alora is available on request.

Careficient - An All-in-One EHR Hospice Solution  

Careficient is a comprehensive agency management system tailored for hospice, home health, and private duty agencies. 

This cloud-based system provides a fully integrated solution for managing various aspects of agency operations through a single interface.


It also streamlines critical functions such as employee management, payroll, scheduling, referral sources, patient data management, doctors' orders, eligibility verification, electronic visit verification (EVV), OASIS forms, Home Health Information System (HIS), automated invoicing, accounts receivable, and collections. 

This software comes with a mobile app called "Care Visit," available for download on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. The app verifies that a specific employee provided a service at a particular location and documents the date and time of arrival and departure.

The Care Visit App can be used on a tablet or a phone and allows users to enter service notes for scheduled and unscheduled services, add signed patient consent and service note forms, view patient facts reports, and record daily driving and care GPS locations and times.

By consolidating these functions into one platform, Careficient simplifies agency management, reduces administrative workload, and improves overall efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Employee management: Careficient can store all employee information, such as territory assignments, payroll information, compliance requirements, and license expiration dates.
  • Clinical Documentation: This hospice solution comes with comprehensive clinical documentation functionality, including forms and templates specific to hospice care. This way, nurses and clinicians can document care provided in real-time, minimizing human error and improving accuracy.
  • Payroll management: The system automatically creates payroll records when the visit occurs and is verified.
  • Scheduling: The solution automatically schedules and matches associate to patients based on disciplines, territories, and compliance requirements. 
  • Patient and Family Engagement: Patient needs are the top priority of every palliative care service provider. That's why Careficient offers features for engaging patients and their families, including a patient portal, secure messaging, and telehealth capabilities. The app allows hospice agencies to communicate with patients and their families in real-time, improving care coordination and satisfaction.
  • Compliance Management: Careficient helps hospice agencies to stay compliant with state and federal regulations, including EVV, HIPAA, and Medicare guidelines. The app provides compliance tracking, audit trails, and reporting.


Careficient is billed monthly, depending on your agency's size. To get an estimate for your agency, contact their sales team.

How Can Timeero Help My Hospice Agency?

When combined with dedicated palliative care apps, Timeero creates an exceptional management ecosystem for hospice agencies. This powerful synergy enhances the overall care experience, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering compassionate, high-quality end-of-life care. 

Timeero offers hospice care agencies key benefits like accurate time, mileage, GPS tracking, streamlined employee scheduling, seamless integrations with payroll and invoicing platforms, and EVV and HIPAA compliance. 

The app simplifies communication, prevents double booking, and ensures efficient resource allocation. In addition, Timeero's mobile app keeps track of caregivers even in weak signal areas, making it a reliable and user-friendly solution for hospice care management.

You can experience the best of both worlds with Timeero and dedicated palliative care apps working hand in hand.

Streamline Your Scheduling, Billing,Time and Mileage Tracking with Timeero.

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