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Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps With GPS

Natasa Djalovic
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April 10, 2024 5:22 AM
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If you’re using door-to-door knocking as a sales strategy, you may have encountered some challenges. From losing track of where your field agents spent the day to not knowing whether you've knocked at several properties twice, the list is endless.

Thankfully, the best apps for door-to-door sales reps can alleviate these challenges.

Whether you run a large outbound sales team or employ more inbound-focused sales reps, providing your workforce with the right tools is the best way to close more deals, generate more conversions, and foster stronger customer relationships. 

In this article, we will provide detailed reviews of the best door-to-door sales apps that we have thoroughly tested in regards to time tracking, prospecting, lead tracking, and lead management.

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What Are The Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps?

With your sales teams always on the go, it is a good idea to have a reliable sales app for desktop and mobile use.

Here is a preview of the best door-to-door sales apps in the market:

  • Timeero - Best Overall Door-to-Door Sales App With Time, Location, and Mileage Tracking
  • Outfield - Best Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Visits
  • Badger Maps - Field Management App for Both Field and Door-to-Door Sales Reps
  • timr - Reliable Time Management App for Door-to-Door Sales Reps

What Key Features Should You Look For In A Door-To-Door Sales Tracking App?‍

There are dozens of door-to-door sales software solutions on the market, each with their own strengths. 

Here are the notable features that the best door-to-door sales apps should have.

1. Mapping and Geolocation

One of the biggest headaches for door-to-door agents is finding the fastest routes to their next location to meet their customers face-to-face.

The best GPS tracking apps for outside sales teams should have mapping and geolocation features. These features optimize navigation along sales routes, record visited sites and their corresponding times, and provide onsite reports.

Managers can use this feature to track the whereabouts of their sales reps and provide assistance in case an individual needs a sudden re-route or change of assignment.

2. Automation

Manual data entry is one of the most time consuming tasks for outdoor sales reps. Agents generally log everything from what time they knocked at a specific house, which topics were discussed, and follow-up details. It's a lot to handle.

Automation of work tasks continues to be a top priority in sales and marketing departments, with over 91 percent of businesses citing automation as essential to their success.

Sales tracking software can automate or simplify tasks like scheduling and appointment updates. By removing these tasks from a rep's workload, they can focus on the most important part of their job: selling.

3. Accurate Routing

Door-to-door sales reps have to cover a lot of ground. Traveling around without the correct route is one of the biggest inconveniences to sales agents.  Successful door-to-door sales reps canvass a neighborhood three times more than their counterparts and engage with about 90 percent of the residents.

Knowing the most efficient pathways through neighborhoods maximizes the number of potential customer interactions daily. An app that provides intelligent routing helps sales reps navigate their territories more effectively, reducing wasted time and optimizing their daily schedule.

4. Mileage Tracking


Accurately tracking mileage for reimbursement and reporting purposes is essential for any door-to-door sales team. A top-tier app automates this process, using GPS to log every mile traveled, simplifying expense reporting and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

5. Real-Time Tracking

The dynamic nature of door-to-door sales demands up-to-the-minute information. Real-time data sync keeps sales reps and managers informed of the latest developments, facilitating swift adjustments to strategies and schedules as needed.

6. Detailed Reporting and Insights

Insightful analysis of sales activities allows teams to refine their approach. Comprehensive reporting features deliver crucial data on performance metrics, highlighting successes, areas for improvement, and the overall impact of sales strategies on revenue.

The Top 4 Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps

Our research found that very few door-knocking apps directly address supporting sales reps in their sales activities. While most features of these apps are designed to track field sales teams’ activities in general, they also work great for door-to-door sales apps in terms of functionality.

Keep reading to explore the top software solutions that qualify to be on our list of the best door-to-door sales apps.

Timeero - Best Overall Door-to-Door Sales App with Segmented Tracking

If you need a GPS tracking system to monitor agent location, the time agents spend in every neighborhood or territory, and mileage accrued by canvassing sales reps, then Timeero checks all the boxes. 

Simply set geofenced areas around the neighborhood and assign them to every sales rep to ensure they are around the work area within the specified time frame and working on the assigned tasks.  This makes task management easier for sales managers.

Accurate Location Tracking

One challenge most employers encounter is the inability to track the daily activities of their sales reps. 

timeero who's working dashboard
Always know where your sales reps are while they’re on the clock.

Timeero’s GPS and time tracking features provide accurate location reporting and document time spent at that location once you clock in. Simply tap "Who's Working" and get a detailed map with pins showing every sales rep's location.

This feature is crucial for coordinating field activities efficiently, ensuring sales representatives are in the right neighborhood at the right time. 

timeero route replay
Easily view your sales reps’ daily routes.

The route replay feature makes it easy to track a rep’s journey from when they clocked in to when they clocked out. You can click on the breadcrumbs to view where a sales rep was at during a particular time of the day.

If you need additional features to track your sales reps' daily operations and workflow, Timeero’s geofencing functionality will do the job. 

You can set geofences around all the locations you want your sales reps to tour and enable the app to send reminders and notifications to your representatives to punch in/out once they are on site and alert you when they are off-site. 

Segmented Tracking for Detailed Insights

Timeero’s innovative Segmented tracking feature is particularly beneficial for door-knocker teams. It records and breaks down each sales representative's journey into distinct segments based on their stops. 

All the sales reps need to do is clock in when they start their workday and clock out when they’re done.

timeero segmented tracking feature
See which clients your reps visited and how long they’ve stayed.

Timeero will not only show when and where they visited but also provide detailed insights, such as time spent at each location and the distance traveled between stops. 

These details provide valuable insight into current sales processes and aid in planning future business strategies.

Timeero’s hands-off approach to tracking allows sales representatives to focus on their primary tasks without worrying about manual check-ins, enhancing overall productivity.

Streamlining Mileage Tracking

In addition to recording time and GPS location, Timeero is a reliable mileage tracker. Since door-to-door salespeople spend part of their working hours moving from one neighborhood to another, you must track their mileage for fair reimbursement and tax computation purposes. 

timeero mileage tracking mobile
Track business mileage automatically.

The app records real-time mileage if the vehicle exceeds the predetermined speed limit. The tool also provides the shortest route to the customer's location, a plus for sales reps who visit multiple clients. 

The mileage tracker also continues working offline so sales reps can record their mileage and locations in areas with poor internet coverage.

With Timeero, mileage tracking is straightforward and accurate, catering to businesses that require their sales teams to travel extensively. 

The application distinguishes between business and personal travel, as well as commuter miles, ensuring reimbursements and tax deductions are calculated correctly. 

This automatic process alleviates the need for manual mileage logs, meeting compliance standards without added administrative burden.

Integrations for Streamlined Workflow 

By integrating with the most widely used accounting and payroll software, Timeero maximizes the data it captures. These integrations reduce manual data entry and boost accuracy, enabling you to streamline payroll and mileage reimbursement.

You can easily connect Timeero with the following tools:

  • Rippling
  • Gusto
  • QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online
  • Viventium
  • ADP Workforce Now and Run powered by ADP
  • Xero 
  • Paychex
  • Paylocity
  • Zapier

If there is software you use daily and you see the value in sharing data, Timeero allows for Public API integrations.

Other  Features:

  • Jobs
  • Message Blast
  • Scheduling and Time Off Tracking
  • Customizable Overtime and Break Tracking
  • California Break Tracking
  • Commuter Mileage
  • Suggested Mileage
  • Signatures
  • Kiosk with Facial Recognition

Timeero Pricing

Timeero provides a flexible pricing model, along with a 14-day free trial. 

Basic Plan - $4/per user/month. Ideal for small teams needing fundamental tracking solutions.

Pro Plan - $8/per user/month. Designed for growing businesses requiring enhanced management features.

Premium Plan - $11/per user/month. For advanced operations seeking comprehensive tools and compliance.

Enterprise Solution. Customized plan for large organizations with 1000+ users.

Outfield - Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Visits

outfield desktop preview
The Outfield desktop view.

Outfield allows you to easily track and verify team activities and enhances team communication across all iOS and Android devices. Compared to other apps in this list, this field sales app does present a steep learning curve for new users. 

Here is what we discovered about Outfield’s time tracking and routing functionalities.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

As a sales manager, you want to know if your sales reps are making door-to-door visits. This is always a tricky process. 

‍One of Outfield's core strengths is its sophisticated GPS tracking system, designed to precisely monitor sales reps' activities. 

By using geofencing technology, Outfield automates the time tracking process. However, to achieve maximum accuracy, active participation from sales reps is required.

outfield geofencing feature
Outfield will flag the entry if there are any discrepancies.

As sales reps enter or leave a predefined geofenced area, Outfield sends a notification prompting them to check in or out, ensuring that every visit is accounted for.

Outfield also lets representatives take pictures and add notes during each visit, which provides tangible proof of their presence and activities at a client’s location. 

Accurate Time Recording with Safeguards

Outfield's time clock calculates the total time spent at each location. 

However, for accurate time reports, sales reps must clock in and manually add the time spent with the client before clocking out. 

outfield mobile
The Outfield mobile app

This may tempt the representative to falsely record additional time, giving the impression that they had a productive meeting with a client, which might not be accurate.

To decrease fraudulent time records, Outfield recognizes potential discrepancies and flags check-ins and check-outs that are outside of  geofenced areas as well as excessive time reports.

Route Planning and Optimization

Outfield excels in helping sales reps efficiently navigate their day. The app provides a sophisticated route planner that suggests the best paths based on real-time traffic updates. 

The feature helps you plan and optimize your multi-stop routes accurately to prevent wasting money and valuable time on inefficient travel logistics such as slowdowns and traffic.

Sales reps can select their desired destination and hit “plan route” on their mobile apps. Outfield will then use real-time traffic metrics and updates to determine the best route. 

outfield route
Outfield lets you plan and optimize routes

Other Features:

  • Performance-Based CRM
  • Goal & Performance Management Systems
  • Sales Gamification
  • Territory Management
  • Sales & Account Mapping 
  • Calendar & Scheduler
  • Sales Pipeline Management

Outfield has gamified field sales with a leaderboard and head-to-head matchups to enhance collaboration and friendly competition among sales reps.

Outfield Pricing

Each plan offers a suite of features tailored to different needs. Teams can experience Outfield's full suite of features risk-free with a 30-day free trial.

Upstart - $14.99 per user/month

Champion -  $29.99 per user/month

Dynasty - $ 59.99 per user/month

Badger Maps: Field Management App for Both Field and Door-to-Door Sales Reps

Badger Maps is a great door-to-door sales app for sales teams aiming to optimize their strategies. Its blend of route planning, CRM functionality, and innovative mapping tools like the "Lasso" empowers sales reps to navigate their territories with confidence and efficiency. 

Badger Maps streamlines the process of managing routes, conducting follow-ups, uncovering new opportunities within sales territories, and more.

Beyond these capabilities, Badger Maps helps in lead generation, scheduling, and customer relationship management (CRM).

GPS Location and Strategic Route Planning

badger maps mobile app
The Badger Maps mobile app

Using intuitive and user-friendly built-in maps, Badger Maps improves route planning with estimated arrival times based on a sales rep’s daily itinerary.

The app provides a geographic overview of sales territories based on historical data, empowering reps to prioritize their efforts effectively. 

badger maps route planning
The Badger Maps Route Planning feature

For door-to-door sales professionals, Badger Maps offers dynamic territory management, enabling focused action on the most promising client opportunities directly on the map.

While Badger Maps excels in many areas, it does not support live tracking of sales representatives, which may limit real-time monitoring. 

Innovative "Lasso" Tool for Optimized Routing

We discovered that Badger Maps does a good job of helping you identify the best route by drawing a “lasso” on the map around the customer accounts that the sales rep intends to visit. 

Reps can create and optimize driving routes easily to ensure the most efficient paths are followed, saving you valuable company time and resources.

badger maps lasso tool
The “Lasso” Tool 

Besides creating and optimizing routes, the tool can facilitate various operations such as mass update of account details, streamlined account deletion, and account export for a more focused outreach for optimal sales productivity.

For example, managers can use the Lasso tool with the Mass Update option to realign territories or reassign accounts, and transfer account ownership within their team efficiently.

They can combine the Lasso tool with filtering to focus the map on a specific group of accounts using various criteria, such as sales stages or last check-in.

This way, the tool significantly reduces administrative tasks and ensures door-to-door sales teams can concentrate on what truly matters—building client relationships and closing deals.

Mileage Tracking and Advanced Routing Needs

Badger Maps doesn’t offer a dedicated mileage tracker, meaning door-to-door sales reps and sales managers will have a hard time tracking mileage to calculate travel expenses for fair reimbursement and tax deductions purposes. 

The app also lacks advanced route planning options. For example, route optimization requires manual intervention after any route adjustment, posing a slight inconvenience to busy agents. For teams seeking accurate GPS and time tracking solutions, alternatives like Timeero are recommended.

Other features:

  • Route Mode
  • Color and Filter
  • Teams
  • Custom Check-ins
  • Automatic Reports
  • CRM Integration

Badger Maps Pricing

Badger Maps offers tailored solutions for small teams and large companies. Its focus is on enhancing field sales efficiency with a comprehensive set of tools.

Business Plan - $69 per user/month (billed monthly)

Enterprise Plan - $109 per user/month (billed monthly)

There is a 7-day free trial to test the app. No credit card is required, and there is no setup fee.

timr - Reliable Time Management App for Door-to-Door Sales Reps

timr is another simple time-tracking tool that helps door-to-door sales reps track time spent on the clock, project duration, and business trips in terms of mileage. 

While it's easy to use, some features are less reliable than those on other robust apps like Timeero.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

If you're looking for a simple app to track and monitor your sales reps, timr will do the job. It allows users and vehicle details to be added for field sales team members. 

timr geofenced location
timr: Setting up a geofenced location.

Beyond just logging working hours, timr introduces geofencing functionality, enabling precise management of sales activities by marking geographical boundaries. This feature allows sales managers to verify visits to prospects’ locations, improving oversight and accountability.

timr notification geofencing
The timr mobile notification

Using the Project tracking feature, timr can help you track the time spent with a specific client. However, you must remember to "start" the project once you arrive at the client's premises and hit "stop" once the project is over to get accurate results.

timr mobile dashboard
The dashboard on the timr mobile app.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

In addition to tracking project time, the app simplifies outside sales mileage tracking with an automatic log that starts with a tap. It utilizes GPS to record all travel accurately. 

Every sales rep's mileage logs are saved in one central place where the sales manager can easily access them, supporting accurate reimbursement and reporting processes.

timr drive log
timr drive logs

Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

timr's analysis and reporting tools offer real-time insights into work hours, project progression, and budget allocation, enabling sales managers to make data-driven decisions. 

timr reporting
The timr reporting feature

Customizable reports provide detailed overviews of time and resources, supporting strategic planning and performance evaluation.

‍Other Features:

  • Terminal time clock
  • Break and PTO Management
  • Customizable Task Structure
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking 
  • Automatic Monitoring of Time Clock Rules
  • Digital Timesheets for Payroll Calculation
  • Exportable Reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)
  • Employee Self-Service Portal

timr Pricing

  • Regular - €8 per user/month, offering fundamental tracking capabilities.(approximately $8.64 per user/month)
  • Plus - At €8 per user/month plus €29 per account/month, it includes enhanced features for broader team management. (around $8.64 per user/month plus $31.3  per account/month)
  • Enterprise - €8 per user/month plus €79 per account/month, providing comprehensive support and customization options (roughly $8.64 per user/month plus $85.2  per account/month) 

Note: timr’s pricing is listed in Euros, and the USD pricing was calculated at the end of March 2024 using the online currency exchange calculator.

Choose The Best Door-to-Door Sales App

It is important to recognize that not all GPS tracking door-to-door sales apps are created equal. Some specialize in routing, some in precise location tracking, while others might shine in the area of mileage tracking — a critical aspect for calculating travel expenses and ensuring fair reimbursement.

The right app for your team depends on your specific operational needs and objectives.

While Outfield, Badger Maps, and Timr have their perks, Timeero covers more ground by tackling common field sales challenges head-on with the expert assistance of its customer support team. Timeero is easy to use, offers detailed reporting, and keeps your team on track without overwhelming them.

Timeero stands out from other apps due to its precise GPS tracking, giving live updates on your field sales reps’ whereabouts. Its unique segmented tracking feature breaks down each visit by time and location, offering detailed insights into daily operations. Plus, Timeero's ability to sync with payroll and accounting software reduces paperwork.

Read our Timeero review for more details on why the app is a strong pick for teams aiming to streamline their door-to-door sales strategy. Timeero brings clarity to sales routes, saves time on administrative tasks, and keeps the focus of your workforce on selling, making it a smart choice for boosting sales efficiency.

Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps with GPS: FAQs

What is the best way to track door-to-door sales?

The best way to track door-to-door sales is through specialized sales tracking apps that offer features like GPS time, location and mileage tracking as well as CRM, route optimization, and activity logging. These tools improve efficiency and organization while providing valuable insights into sales performance and customer interactions.

Which industries use field sales software?

Industries commonly using field sales software include pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, home services, insurance, and any sector that benefits from direct, in-person sales interactions. These tools can adapt to the unique needs of various industries, providing customized support for sales representatives in the field.

Access optimized routes, precise location, and mileage logs in one interface.

Start your free 14-day trial today!
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