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Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps With GPS

David Kariuki
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July 17, 2023 1:22 PM
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If you’re into door-to-door knocking as a sales strategy, you might have encountered some challenges that come with it. From losing track of where your field agents spent the day to not knowing whether the homeowner is away, to knocking on several properties twice, the list is endless.

Thankfully, the best apps for door-to-door sales reps can alleviate these challenges.

Whether you run a large outbound sales team or have more inbound-focused sales reps, providing them with the right tools is probably the best way to empower them to close more deals, generate more conversions, and foster stronger, long-lasting relationships with customers. This is where door-to-door sales apps excel.

We decided to take each app on a test to discover what they had to offer. As a result, here is a detailed review of the best door-to-door sales apps for time tracking, prospecting, lead tracking, and lead management.

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What Makes The Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps

With your sales teams always on the go, it helps to have the right tools in the form of a desktop and mobile app. 

Here is a preview of the best door-to-door sales apps in the market:

  • Timeero - Best Overall Door-to-Door Sales App With Time, Location, and Mileage Tracker
  • OutField - Best Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Visits
  • Badger Maps - Field Management App for Both Field and Door-to-Door Sales Reps
  • Timr - Reliable Time Management App for Door-to-Door Sales Reps
  •  Map My Customers - Field Sales App To Get Sales Leads

Key Features of The Best Door-To-Door Sales Apps

There are dozens of door-to-door sales solutions in the market, all with different strengths. Here are the notable features that the best door-to-door sales apps should have.

Mapping and Geolocation

This is the big one. One of the biggest headaches for door-to-door apps is finding the fastest routes to their next location to meet their customers face-to-face.

The best sales apps should have a geolocation and outdoor sales tracking feature that optimizes sales routes and provides onsite report geolocation, registering the place (latitude and longitude position), sites visited, time, and reports. Managers can use this feature to track the whereabouts of their sales reps and provide assistance in case an individual needs a sudden re-route or change of assignment.


Manual data entry is one of the biggest time drains for outdoor sales reps. This means they must log everything from when they knocked on a certain house to what was discussed, the following steps, and more. It's a lot to handle.

A reliable sales app provides automated services to take the stress off the team’s plates. Automation continues to be a top priority in sales and marketing departments, with over 91 percent of businesses citing automation as essential to their success. Tasks like scheduling and appointment updates can be automated or simplified with sales tracking software. By removing these tasks from a rep's workload, they can focus on the most important of their job: selling.

Accurate Routing

Door-to-door sales reps have to cover a lot of ground. In fact, successful door-to-door sales reps canvass a neighborhood three times more and engage with about 90 percent of the residents. Moving around without the correct route is one of the biggest time wasters for sales reps. A reliable sales reps app without proper route planning can come in handy to help them analyze the neighborhood and provide the most time-efficient route. This automatic routing reduces stress and anxiety for the reps as they navigate the area. 

5 Best Door-to-Door Sales Apps

Our research found that very few door-knocking apps directly address sales reps in their sales activities. While most features of the majority of apps are designed for tracking field sales teams’ activities in general, they work great for door-to-door sales apps in terms of functionality.

Read on to find out the top candidates that qualified in our list of the best door-to-door sales apps.

Timeero - Best Overall Door-to-Door Sales App With Time, Location, and Mileage Tracker

If you need a GPS tracking system to monitor the location, time spent in every neighborhood or territory, and mileage of canvassing sales reps, then Timeero checks all the boxes. Simply set geofenced areas around the neighborhood and assign them to every sales rep to ensure they are around the work area within the stipulated time and working on the tasks assigned. This makes task management easier for sales managers.

Geolocation and Time Tracking

timeero's who's working dashboard
Timeero - Best Overall Door-to-Door Sales App with GPS

One challenge most employers encounter is the inability to track how and where sales reps spend the day. 

Timeero’s GPS and time tracking feature provides an accurate location and time spent on that location once you clock in. Tap "Who's Working" and get a detailed map with pins showing every sales rep's location.

The best part is that you can zoom in to get details such as the route taken, time spent at a specific location, and how many homes they visited. In addition, Timeero will automatically capture the sale rep's GPS location and timestamps once they move 150 feet.

The route replay makes it easy to track the rep’s journey from when they clocked in to when they clocked out. You can click on the breadcrumbs to view where the sales rep was at a particular time of the day.

If you need additional features to track your sales app's daily operations and workflow, Timeero’s geofencing functionality will do the job. You can set geofences around all the locations you want your sales reps to tour and set the app to send in-app reminders and notifications to your representatives to punch in/out once they are on the site and alert you when they are off-site. This approach hands-off leaves no room for a sale rep to lie about their time card and claim payment for work not done.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

In addition to recording time and GPS location, Timeero is a reliable mileage tracker. Since door-to-door salespeople spend part of their working hours moving from one neighborhood to another, you need to track their mileage for fair reimbursement and tax computation purposes. 

Timeero tracks mileage accurately

The app records mileage in real time if the vehicle exceeds the predetermined speed limit. The tool also provides the shortest route to the customer's location, a plus for sales reps who visit multiple clients. In addition, the mileage tracker works fine in offline mode. This means sales reps can track mileage and location even in areas with poor internet coverage.


By integrating with the most widely used accounting and payroll software, Timeero makes the most of the data it captures. These integrations cut down on manual data entry and boost accuracy, enabling you to streamline payroll and mileage reimbursement.

You can easily connect Timeero with the following tools:

  • Rippling
  • Gusto
  • QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online
  • Viventium
  • ADP Workforce Now and Run powered by ADP
  • Xero 
  • Paychex
  • Zapier

If there is software you use daily and you see the value in sharing data, Timeero allows for Public API integrations.

Timeero Pricing

Plans start at $4 per user per month. A free 14-day trial is also available.

OutField - Best Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Visits

Outfield enables easy tracking and verification of team activities and effective communication across all iOS and Android devices. That said, the app presents a steep learning curve for new users compared to other apps in this list. Here is what we discovered about OutField’s time tracking and routing functionalities.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

As a sales manager, you want to know if your sales reps are making door-to-door visits. This is always a tricky process. OutField allows you to track your sales reps thanks to its geofencing capabilities. 

outfield app screenshot

Like Timeero, you can create geofenced places and assign them to every sales rep. Once a sales rep enters the geofenced areas, OutField will notify them to check-in. It will also inform them once they leave the geofenced site, requiring them to check out.

For further confirmation that your sales rep was at that specific location, OutField allows you to take pictures and attach them as proof that they visited a particular client. 

They can also add notes about what happened in that location.

For the app to accurately track location and time, sales reps must clock in and out from it. Also, they must manually add time before the clock out. This may tempt the representative to falsely add more time, giving the impression that they spent quality time with a certain client, which might not be the case.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

OutField doesn’t focus more on mileage tracking but provides reliable insights for tracking and route planning for employees. The route planner and optimizer help schedule your multi-stop routes accurately to prevent wasting money and valuable time on inefficient travel logistics such as slowdowns and traffic.

Sales rep can select their desired destination and hit “plan route” on their mobile apps. 

OutField will use real-time traffic metrics and updates to determine the best route. 

OutField also has gamified field sales with a leaderboard and head-to-head matchups to enhance collaboration and friendly competition among sales reps.

OutField Pricing

The price depends on the choice of model - Upstart, Champion, and Dynasty.

Badger Maps - Field Management App for Both Field and Door-to-Door Sales Reps

Badger Maps is a field management tool for field sales reps and outside sales agents that help them manage routes, make follow-ups, find opportunities within their territories, and more. The app also functions as lead generation, scheduling, and customer management (CRM) software.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

Badger Maps provides easy-to-use built-in maps to create routes with estimated arrival times based on predetermined daily visits. Using historical data, the app allows the sales rep to visualize their territory geographically, enabling them to see where their focus would be most effective. In addition, the tool provides automatic territory management for door-to-door sales reps by allowing them to take action on their client's data on a map to focus on the best opportunities available. 

BadgerMaps screenshot
BadgerMaps “Lasso” tool

The “Lasso” tool optimizes routes to provide the best way to reach your customers. Users can log sales meeting information or notes and effectively align their tasks based on their schedule. This enables the sales team to minimize busy work throughout the sales process. The calendar integration on the app allows users to set a specific route for a particular day or schedule an appointment or follow-up.

One challenge we encountered with Badger Maps is that it doesn’t provide live tracking of sales reps. This means that you won't get the precise GPS location of your representatives at all times. Also, you have to hit the optimize route button every time you make changes, so if you forget one extra detail or click, the route won't be optimized. Timeero streamlines this with an accurate GPS location and time tracker to enable you to monitor your sales apps in real time.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

We discovered that Badger Maps does a good job of helping you identify the best route by drawing a “lasso” on the map around the customers’ accounts that the sales rep intends to visit. Similarly, users can check-in, take notes, and set their next customer follow-up date in the app.

However, Badger Maps doesn’t offer a dedicated mileage tracker, meaning that door-to-door sales reps and sales managers will have a hard time tracking mileage to calculate travel expenses for fair reimbursement and tax deductions purposes. Also, the app lacks advanced routing options, such as the ability to adjust in case of an unexpected event in real time and quickly find a new optimized route.

Badger Maps Pricing

Plans start at $49 per user/month for the Business plan and $95 per user/month for the Enterprise plan.

Timr - Reliable Time Management App for Door-to-Door Sales Reps

Timr is another simple time-tracking to help door-to-door sales track the working time, project duration, and business trips in terms of mileage. While it's easy to use, you might discover some features are not as reliable as those on other robust apps like Timeero.

GPS Location and Time Tracking

timr app screenshot
Timr app

If you're looking for a simple app to track and monitor your sales app, then Timr will do the job. It allows adding users and car details for the field sales team members. In addition, the time clock kiosk records time and attendance in real-time once they clock in. This feature might be beneficial for warehouses, construction sites, or production teams. Door-to-door sales reps might find this feature less effective. Still, they can use the customizable time tracking feature to know when they were on a particular client's premises.

Unlike other apps that offer reliable geofencing functionalities, Timr doesn’t allow you to create geofenced locations for your workers. This is a huge downside for sales managers since they cannot tell if the sales rep visited the specified site. We also found that the app doesn't provide real-time GPS locations of field sales reps. You can only view the team from the "users" tab but can’t see where or what they’re doing.

That said, Timr can help you track your time with a specific client. You must remember to "start" the project once you arrive at the client's premises and hit "stop" once the project is over to get accurate results.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

Timr mileage tracking

In addition to tracking project time, Timr allows the door-to-door sales reps to track mileage manually. Simply tap start, and the app will use GPS to record your trips automatically. Every sales rep's mileage logs are saved in one central place where the sales manager can access them easily. The only drawback we noticed is that Timr doesn’t segment your journey or pick up the stops. This makes it hard to determine the distance traveled by door-to-door sales reps between client locations. 

Timr Pricing

Timr offers three plans: 

Regular at €8 per user/month

Plus at €8 per user/month plus €29 per account/month 

Enterprise €8 per user/month plus €79 per account/month

Map My Customers - Field Sales App To Get Sales Leads

Built for field sales, the Map My Customers app provides sales reps with the right tools to plan their day effectively and follow up with clients and potential customers from the road. 

GPS Location and Time Tracking

Map my customers app screenshot
Map My Customers

Map My Customers focuses more on visualizing areas with the most business opportunity. This means that sales managers can easily assign territories to sales reps and see which geographic areas have the most business opportunities to target. That said, you might not get the best results using Map My Customers to track the precise location of field sales reps.

Mileage Tracking and Routing

Map My Customer does a good job when creating and optimizing a route. The app allows you to spend less time creating, saving, and sharing optimized routes and call lists based on priority, territory, deal size, and more. In addition, the Lasso Tool allows you to easily build a route, call list, or group and specific pins of places you want to visit in one swipe.

Map My Customers Route
Map My Customers' Route

Unfortunately, Map My Customers doesn’t offer advanced routing functions such as route replay and breadcrumbs to track where they spent the day and at what precise location. 

Similarly, it lacks a mileage tracker to help track their mileage when moving from one territory to another.

Map My Customer's Pricing

Plans start from $60 per user per month for the Personal tier and $110 monthly per user for the Team plan.

Choose The Best Door-to-Door Sales App

The best door-to-door sales apps contain features such as a precise time tracker, GPS location, efficient routing, and mileage tracker that can help you easily navigate any neighborhood.

All the apps on the list are among the best door-to-door sales apps - whether you're a small business or large enterprise, that can change how you monitor your salespeople and increase sales productivity. Try a few different sales apps to see which works best for your business.

But if you want an all-rounded door-to-door sales app with GPS location and time tracking, as well as a time tracker and route planner, then you should try Timeero.

Access optimized routes, precise location, and mileage logs in one interface.

Start your free 14-day trial today!
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