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5 Best GPS Software for Event Management Crews in 2024

Natasa Djalovic
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April 18, 2024 3:05 AM
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With events sprawling across diverse venues — from bustling city centers to secluded outdoor locales — a seamless and efficient event management approach is critical. This is where event technology bridges the gap, offering innovative GPS tracking solutions, equipped with event planning capabilities.

These applications can help you optimize routes, track staff, and equipment in real-time, and ensure timely setup and smooth execution. 

In this article, we dive into the 5 best software with GPS for event management crews, each offering unique features that cater to their diverse needs. Here are the apps that made it to our list:

  • Timeero -  All-In-One GPS Software for Event Management Teams
  • Route4Me - Streamlining Event Management with Efficient Route Planning
  • QuickBooks Time - Event Management for QuickBooks Users
  • ZoomShift - Simple GPS Tracking and Scheduling for Event Management Teams
  • Everlance - Mileage and Expense Tracking for Event Crews

From automated mileage tracking to sophisticated scheduling systems, they promise to streamline your event logistics, ensuring your next event is successful and organized efficiently.

Join us as we explore these top picks, evaluating their features, user-friendliness, and how they can transform how you manage events.

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What Makes the Best GPS Software for Event Management Crews?

Selecting the right event management software with GPS functionality requires careful consideration of key features that can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your events. 

Here are the essential aspects to look for:

Real-Time GPS Tracking

An ideal app should offer real-time GPS tracking to monitor the location of staff, equipment, and supplies. This feature is crucial for large-scale events or those spread across multiple venues, as it enables quick decision-making and efficient resource allocation.

Route Optimization

The app should provide route optimization for logistics management. This is particularly important for events that involve transporting materials or personnel between different locations. Optimizing routes saves time, reduces costs, and ensures timely setups and breakdowns.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is paramount. The app should have an intuitive interface that allows quick access to its features. A steep learning curve can deter your team members, so simplicity and a straightforward layout are essential.

Scheduling and Staff Management

Look for robust scheduling capabilities that allow you to assign tasks, manage shifts, and adapt to real-time changes. A good event platform should enable seamless coordination of your team’s activities.

Mileage Tracking and Reporting

When it comes to mileage tracking, ensure the software provides accurate and IRS-compliant logs. This feature is valuable for budgeting, reimbursements, and compliance.

Integration Capabilities

Consider whether the app integrates well with other tools you use, such as accounting software, CRM systems, or email platforms. Integration can save time and reduce the hassle of managing multiple systems.

Reliability and Support

Check for the app’s reliability and the quality of customer support offered. Make sure to read reviews to understand how the app performs in real-world scenarios and how responsive the customer support team is.

Customization and Additional Features

Look for additional features like geofencing, attendance tracking, and custom report generation. Customizing the app according to your specific event needs can be a significant advantage.

So, now that we’ve determined the features you should look for let’s move on to our list of the best event management software with GPS.

Timeero: All-In-One GPS Software for Event Management Teams

Whether you must coordinate multiple vendors, manage staff across various venues, or ensure timely setup and breakdown, maintaining a comprehensive view of every moving part is essential. 

Timeero, the best event management software with GPS, is your top choice in this area.

Real-Time GPS Tracking: Keeping Your Event on Track

Timeero is best known for its cutting-edge GPS tracking feature, making it stand out from the other top-notch GPS trackers. For event planners, this means they can monitor the live locations of staff and resources, ensuring every aspect of the event operates like clockwork. 

timeero mobile app
Using mobile devices, your employees can track their working hours, locations, and mileage.

This level of visibility is critical to making real-time decisions, keeping your event running smoothly, and maintaining the high standards expected by clients and attendees.

Route Replay: Maximizing Efficiency in Event Planning

The route replay functionality in the Timeero event app allows you to analyze and understand the movement patterns during events.

timeero route replay
Timeero lets you review your workers’ routes in detail using the breadcrumb trail.

Reviewing employees’ routes can help you refine your logistics for future events, ensuring even greater efficiency. Such an insight is invaluable in the fast-paced world of event management.

However, Timeero isn’t just a tracking mobile app. By suggesting the shortest routes to your drivers, Timeero is vital in ensuring timely setups and smooth in-person event execution. 

timeero shortest route android
Add addresses to your event venues to view the shortest route to the destination.

This feature solidifies Timeero’s status as one of the best event management tools, particularly for events where timing is everything.

Segmented Tracking: A New Era of Operational Excellence

Timeero’s segmented tracking replaces the guesswork and manual processes with a detailed timeline of each staff member’s movements and activities. 

timeero segmented tracking
Timeero’s Segmented Tracking feature: View the visual timeline of your employee’s workday

All your employees need to do is clock in and out once during their shift. Timeero will give you a birdseye view of where and how they spent the workday on the field:

  •  Which locations and jobs they were on and for how long they stayed, 
  • Business travels, including the distance and time traveled.

So, if there are any inefficiencies, such as too much time spent driving or time spent idling in odd locations, you will be able to spot them right away.

Mileage Tracking: Precision and Compliance in Your Hands

With Timeero, mileage tracking is more than a logistical feature; it’s a step toward precise financial management, mileage reimbursement, and compliance.

When your employees check in and begin their shift, and their movement reaches a certain speed threshold, the app will automatically start tracking their mileage for work

timeero mileage mobile
View mileage and routes from time cards in the Timeero mobile app.

Accurate, automated mileage records mean you have one less thing to worry about, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional event experience. 

Scheduling and Dispatching: Streamlined and Simplified

When juggling multiple tasks in event planning, every second counts. Timeero allows you to swiftly assign and schedule jobs, a feature that sets it apart as one of the best event management apps. 

timeero scheduling feature
Scheduling employees’ shifts is easy with Timeero.

With this project management tool, detailed job descriptions, locations, and necessary information are instantly at the fingertips of your on-site teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Timeero offers 4 pricing plans designed to accommodate the diverse needs of event management companies. It also comes with a 14-day free trial for potential users to check out its features. 

Basic Plan: Priced at $4 per user, billed monthly.

Designed for fundamental time, location, and mileage tracking for up to 10 users.

Features include time tracking, GPS tracking, and mileage tracking.

Pro Plan: Costs $8 per user, billed monthly.

Offers everything in the Basic plan, plus additional features, such as job tracking, integrations, scheduling, geofencing, message blasts, and time off management.

Premium Plan: Priced at $11 per user, billed monthly.

Includes all Pro and Basic features, along with advanced tools, such as clock out when GPS is off, public API access, commuter mileage, suggested mileage, HIPAA compliance, location addresses, and signatures.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored for organizations with more than 250 users.

This plan comes with a customized offer upon request. Besides the features mentioned above, it offers a dedicated account manager, priority support, single sign-on, and custom implementation.

Segmented Tracking is available as an Optional Add-On for Pro and Premium users, starting at $5 per user. Includes features like automatic capture of visits to all locations, travel time, visit time, and travel distance.

Route4Me: Streamlining Event Management with Efficient Route Planning

Route4Me is next on our list of the best event management software with GPS. Efficiently managing the logistics of multiple event locations can be challenging, and this software offers a solution with route optimization and location tracking features, which are useful for planners handling various event sites or large-scale events.

Route4Me Dashboard View

Route Optimization with AI Assistance

Route4Me uses AI to optimize routes for event logistics. You can input various event locations; the software suggests the most efficient travel paths. This function is beneficial for ensuring timely event setups and breakdowns.

Tracking Location in Real Time

A critical aspect of Route4Me is its ability to track transport vehicles and equipment locations in real time. This feature allows quick adjustments and better coordination for events that operate on strict schedules.

Enhancing Driver Efficiency

route4me google playstore
The mobile app comes with many handy features.

Route4Me offers your drivers detailed route information, including ETAs and voice-guided navigation on Android devices. This functionality reduces the need for drivers’ constant interaction with their devices, focusing on safe and efficient transport essential for event operations.

Monitoring Deliveries

In addition to route optimization, Route4Me lets you monitor delivery statuses and record proof of delivery. This can be important for planners who must ensure timely and accurate logistics execution.

Limitations and Integrations

While effective in route optimization, Route4Me does not offer mileage tracking, which might require you to use supplementary software.

Its integration capabilities with tools like QuickBooks and GSuite add to its utility in managing event logistics.


Route4Me, starting at $199 per month, is a higher-end option. It’s more suited for larger event management companies or events where advanced route optimization is critical.

QuickBooks Time: Event Management for QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks Time, a cloud-based GPS time-tracking app, is an effective tool for event management teams of all sizes.

Its capabilities extend from straightforward time tracking to advanced scheduling and GPS-based management, making it suitable for various event planning needs. 

While QuickBooks Time is known for its wide range of features, it’s important to consider the learning curve and the user interface, which some may find less intuitive. To learn more about it, read our detailed QuickBooks Time review.

GPS Time Tracking and Geofencing

quickbooks time mobile app
QuickBooks Workforce mobile app

For event managers, verifying staff presence at event sites is crucial. QuickBooks Time’s geofencing and GPS tracking tools ensure that remote workers, like event setup crews or on-site coordinators, are clocking in and out from their designated locations. 

Real-Time Location and Status Updates

The “Who’s Working” feature in QuickBooks Time offers real-time location tracking of clocked-in employees.

Event managers can see who is actively working or on break, providing essential insight for coordinating staff during an entire event. This is particularly useful for large-scale events where staff mobility and timely response are key.

Mileage Tracking for Improved Cost Management

QuickBooks Time includes a mileage tracking feature to provide accurate records of travel distances. 

quickbooks time map view
QuickBooks Time: Timesheet Map

For event management, this feature can be instrumental in monitoring the movement of staff or equipment between various venues, aiding you in cost management and reimbursing your employees accurately. 

Employee Scheduling and Attendance Tracking

Building and managing employee schedules is simplified with QuickBooks Time. This feature allows event planners to assign staff to different event segments and manage overlapping schedules. 

quickbooks time scheduling
QuickBooks TIme Scheduling feature

The color-coded schedules provide a quick overview of staff allocation, and the ability to repeat schedules saves time in planning recurring or multi-day events.

Efficient Management of PTO and Shifts

Handling Paid Time Off (PTO) requests and shift changes can also be streamlined through QuickBooks Time.

Managers can quickly approve or deny PTO, and employees can stay updated on their schedules, reducing the risk of miscommunication and staffing issues during events.

Integration with QuickBooks for Financial Management

As QuickBooks Time integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, it helps you streamline the financial workflow of event management, such as budgeting, payroll processing, and invoicing, particularly for teams already using QuickBooks for accounting.


The pricing, starting at $20 per month plus $8 per user, positions it as a premium option, suitable for event management teams looking for a comprehensive time-tracking and management solution.

ZoomShift: Simple GPS Tracking and Scheduling for Event Management Teams

The next on our list of the best event management software with GPS is ZoomShift. The app is known for its straightforward and cost-effective GPS tracking, which fits well into the dynamic needs of event management solutions.

GPS Time Clock for Location Verification

The GPS Time Clock feature in ZoomShift is key for ensuring staff are present at designated event locations. 

zoomshift time clock
ZoomShift GPS Time Clock

This could be particularly useful for large events spanning multiple venues, as it verifies your team members are where they need to be, contributing to the smooth flow of event operations.

Adaptable Scheduling for Diverse Events

ZoomShift’s scheduling functionality is ideal for managing the various tasks associated with event planning. 

zoomshift scheduling
ZoomShift Scheduling

The application keeps staff updated with real-time notifications about schedule changes, reducing the chances of miscommunication. 

Its PTO management functionality also handles staff absences efficiently, maintaining the necessary workforce levels for successful event execution.

Centralized Communication for Efficient Coordination

With the Discussions feature, ZoomShift offers a centralized team messaging and communication platform. 

This is crucial for event management systems, where prompt and clear communication can be essential for addressing unforeseen challenges or quickly adjusting the event schedule.

Attendance Tracking for Effective Staffing

Attendance tracking is another key feature of event planning software, giving event organizers a real-time overview of staff presence. 

This lets you monitor your staff availability throughout an event and ensure that all areas are adequately staffed.

Payroll Processing Support

ZoomShift’s timesheet and work hour analysis features can help you with accurate payroll processing, an essential aspect for events with large teams. 

You can track time spent on various tasks, ensuring fair compensation and budget adherence.


ZoomShift’s pricing plans are tailored to meet the needs of event management teams of different sizes:

  • Starter Plan: $2 per month per active team member
  • Premium Plan: $4 monthly per active team member
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized solutions for extensive event management operations.

Everlance: Mileage and Expense Tracking for Event Crews

Everlance, a user-friendly mileage and expense tracking software, can be a valuable management tool for event planners, especially those with field teams or requiring travel for work.

Automated Mileage Tracking for Event Logistics

Everlance’s strength lies in its automated mileage tracking system, which starts recording miles as soon as driving begins.

everlance mobile app
Everlance mobile app

This is useful for event management teams who frequently travel between venues or to various suppliers. 

everlance trip
Everlance trip classification

The automatic classification of trips as work-related or personal simplifies the process, ensuring accurate mileage records for reimbursement or tax deductions.

While the software offers a user-friendly interface, during our Everlance testing, there were issues with its reliability in automatically tracking mileage. This could concern event managers who depend on precise and hassle-free mileage tracking. 

The option for manual trip recording is available, but it may require additional effort and attention.

everlance reports
Everlance Trips Preview

Expense Tracking and Receipt Management

If you’re managing expenses like transportation, material purchases, or other event-related costs, Everlance allows you to capture and categorize receipts easily. 

Connecting credit cards and bank accounts for syncing transactions streamlines the expense management process, which is essential for keeping event budgets on track.

Income and Revenue Tracking

Everlance’s functionality to monitor income from various sources can help you track earnings from different events or services, providing a clear financial picture and helping with budget reconciliation.


FAVR Program (Fixed & Variable Reimbursement): $33 per user per month when billed annually.

The plan is tailored for reimbursing employees’ mileage based on role, location, and current costs. It offers personalized rates, direct deposits, and driver checks.

CPM Program (Cent Per Mile): This plan is priced at $10 per user per month for annual billing or $12 per user monthly.

It provides an automatic mileage tracker, commute rules, and expense management. Includes features for reports, approvals, and CSV/PDF exports.

How Do I Choose the Best GPS App for Event Management Teams?

Selecting the best event management platform with GPS functionality means evaluating several key factors to ensure the app meets your specific event planning needs.

Here’s a concise guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Assess Your Event Requirements. Start by clearly defining the needs of your events. Consider the size, complexity, and specific logistics involved. This will help you identify the most important features of your event planning process.
  • Compare Key Features. Evaluate potential software solutions based on essential features like real-time GPS tracking, route optimization, scheduling, mileage tracking, and expense management. Ensure these features align with the demands of your events.
  • Check for User-Friendliness. The app must have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The app should allow you and your team to navigate and utilize its features efficiently without a steep learning curve.
  • Consider Integration and Scalability. The best event management app should integrate seamlessly with other tools you use and be scalable and customizable to let you accommodate different types and sizes of events.
  • Read Reviews and Testimonials. Look for feedback from other event professionals. User reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the app’s performance and reliability in real-world scenarios.
  • Try the App. Many apps offer free trials or demos. Take advantage of these to test the app in a real event planning environment to see how well it works for you.

One app that checks all these boxes is Timeero. It offers robust time, GPS location and mileage tracking, user-friendly scheduling, and comprehensive workforce management. 

Timeero’s intuitive interface and scalability make it an excellent choice for various event types. You can learn better from our Timeero review or by signing up for a free trial.

Because of its features and ease of use, it’s worth trying out for your next event to see how it can improve your event management process.

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