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Technology changes daily, and it can be pretty challenging learning and keeping up with the best apps and tools for the construction industry. If you own or run a construction business, you will want to keep up with the latest construction apps to make you more productive and improve your bottom line. 

There isn't a one size fits all app to do all help manage and run your business. We've gathered a list of what we think are the best construction apps to manage your business:

Timeero – GPS & Time Tracking App

Time management is crucial for the survival of any business. You can dramatically improve your bottom line when you accurately track employee time. Your first step in adequately managing time is to use a time tracking app, preferably one for construction.

Track TimeTimeero is our preferred app for construction time and job tracking. It is a GPS-enabled time tracking app that records the clock in and out times and GPS locations for employees. With GPS breadcrumb, you can know where your employees are in real-time. 

Automatic & geofence restricted clock in - with the automatic clock in/out, your employees are automatically clocked in when they arrive or leave the job site. You can also restrict your employees from clocking in if they are not on the job site.

Job tracking and costing - need to track how much time has been spent on a job or if you are about to exceed your budget? Timeero lets you do just that.

Communicate and document jobs - your team members can take photos of work done and upload them to the cloud for your office admin to see it.

Your employees get the iOS and Android apps and can clock in/out straight from their smartphones. The other way we've seen construction businesses use Timeero is to have a crew member clock in/out their crew. Visit Timeero to learn more about how you can improve the bottom line of your construction business.

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


FallSafety – Safety Management & Compliance App

Construction worksite falls rank as number one in the cause of construction deaths. Your team and employees' safety should be one of your top priorities. If your employees are your most important asset, then you should invest in their safety.

FallSafety leverages advanced technology to detect falls. It comes with different pricing tiers for other groups of people. FallSafety Lone Worker and Worker Safety options will provide your organization with the best fall safety monitoring. FallSafety is ideal for organizations and individuals at-risk from worker-down, working without cell or Wi-Fi coverage, and falls.

FallSafety features two distinct alarms. The first countdown alarm lets you know you have 45 seconds to say you are okay. The second siren alarm helps rescuers find their exact location. 

It also automatically notifies emergency contacts according to safety protocols if there is no response after a fall is detected.

Learn more and download FallSafety here https://www.fallsafetyapp.com

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


Joist – Contractor Invoicing & Estimates App

Are you looking for a free estimating and invoicing app made for construction and contractors? You can't go wrong with the Joist app. You can create your estimates and invoices from anywhere. Create proposals that will impress your clients and help you win more jobs. 

One of the nice features we like about Joist is being alerted when an invoice is read. As a contractor, you want your invoices paid on time. The last thing you want is having to keep asking a client if they received an invoice. With Joist, you are alerted whenever the invoice is open.

Joist has free and paid plans. The paid version lets you customize invoices, connect to third-party apps such as QuickBooks Online, and many more. Visit Joist to learn more.

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


DeWalt Mobile Pro – Construction Calculator App

DeWalt Mobile Pro is an all-in-one calculator tool for construction professionals. With this app, you are armed with a construction and scientific calculator and calculator templates for the area, length, volume, stud estimations, concrete tabs, etc. It uses real-world examples to explain concepts and offers a wide range of trade-specific add-ons. DeWalt Mobile Pro gives you instant answers to critical job-site questions. If doing math is not your strength, you will want this app in your toolbox. Learn more at http://dewalt.cengage.com/MobilePro/

Pricing: Several In-App Purchase packages


Magicplan – Draw Floor Plans App

Magicplan leverages AI and AR to transform built space into floor plans. It lets you create floor plans in a fun and easy way. You don't have to be tech-savvy to use the app properly. Point your app and start measuring. 

Magicplan lets you add objects, pictures, and notes to your floor plan drawings. One of the cool add-ons is the ability to compute material takeoff and estimating. You can set up your price list, and Magicplan will do the work for you.

Magicplan also offers custom development, including branding and technical tweaks for those who want to get more out of the base plan Magicplan offers.

Download: AppStore. | PlayStore

Pricing: Starts at $0 – $19.99. Get more pricing details here.


PlanGrid – Drawing & Blueprint App

The PlanGrid app, now owned by Autodesk, allows you to share project drawings through a cloud server. It uniquely provides higher collaboration functions like adding markups, doing measurements, and notifying all parties involved in a project. PlanGrid mainly solves the problem of the distribution of blueprints. 

Quite frequently, architects, engineers, construction supervisors, and workers don't have the most up-to-date versions of critical blueprint documents. The goal of PlanGrid is to make the latest versions available to all parties involved in a project.

PlanGrid comes with highly-rated apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. With PlanGrid, you can handle projects of all sizes and works for all kinds of construction. Yes, all sorts of projects so you can add Plangrid to your suite of home construction apps. The biggest differentiator for PlanGrid is that they don't force users into specific workflows. 

The old way has been to use paper to track project plans. Usually, multiple copies of the plans have to be made to keep track of the whole project. By adopting PlanGrid, you can pull in anyone from the building owner to the project managers, the contractor, electricians, and all parties involved in looking at the same information. 

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


JobNimbus - CRM & Project Tracking

JobNimbus is a CRM and project tracking software for roofing contractors and home services industry. You can manage your contacts, jobs, tasks, and more all in one place.

One of the nicer features we like about JobNimbus is maintaining a pipeline view of your jobs. You can drag and drop your job from one list into another. It comes with a robust administrator portal and mobile apps for your employees to track their work accurately.

Most of the users we see using JobNimbus are in the solar and roofing industry.

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Starts at $15/user/month

Fieldlens – Project & Activity Management

Fieldlens is a platform for communicating issues within construction teams and projects. Fieldlens comes with iOS and Android apps, which of course, works on phones and tablets. Team members can use the mobile app to document, report, and share issues with other team members. It also allows users to move away from the traditional spreadsheet or paper-based approach for documenting project activities.

Safety communication is paramount in construction, and FieldLens does a great job of allowing users to track site safety items through the platforms. Team members can create items (a photo, video, or attachment to it) for unsafe actions or conditions. Users can also create custom labels and tags for different times and equipment.

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


OpenPhone - VOIP Mobile App

If you own a construction business or are an entrepreneur, it is never a good idea to put your cell phone number out on the web.

But you may be wondering, "don't phone systems cost a lot of money?" Yes, they do, but OpenPhone does not cost a lot.

With OpenPhone you can generate a phone number (including an 888) to use as your business line.

It comes with both iOS and Android apps, which means you can take calls on the go. If you have in-office staff, they can also use the OpenPhone app on their desktop as well.

OpenPhone allows you to record voice greetings, record phone conversations, and also send text messages.

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here


Otter – Daily Reporting App

Otter allows you to capture job site details with the power of your voice. This is a mobile reporting solution that gives field workers the ability to produce reports quickly for projects. It is voice-based transcription software that uses advanced transcription technology.  

Otter's transcription ability is very impressive! We think you should give a try to appreciate the note-taking fully and report generating capabilities of Otter. Even the free plan is handy for most business cases. Go ahead and give it a try!

Download: AppStore | Play Store

Pricing: Here

Apps have become gamechanging for many businesses. If you are not using an app to run your construction or trades business, you may want to reconsider your approach to running your business.

Know of an app for construction businesses that we haven't covered? Feel free to reach out to us so we can cover it.


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