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The everyday life of a travel nurse can be unpredictable and quite hectic. But, with a few carefully chosen apps, it can be much easier to manage.

Travel nurse agencies can help their nurses stay on top of their schedules by using the right staff management solutions to streamline all the menial tasks. Such travel nurse apps can automate time and mileage tracking and help with scheduling so that the nurses can focus on their primary duties.

What’s crucial is choosing the apps that can help travel nurses and the agencies function most effectively. 

We’ve gathered the top ten most practical apps for traveling nurses that your agency can use or recommend to support them in their work and lifestyle.

Timeero Helps Caregivers Stay On Top of Their Tasks

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Timeero: Time Tracking for Travel Nurses

Timeero best travel nurse app

Timeero earned its spot among the best travel nurse apps thanks to its outstanding features that both nurses and agencies will appreciate.

Agencies can use the app to manage their travel nurses. Among other handy features, the app can streamline time, GPS employee tracking , and mileage tracking and automate payroll and scheduling. This way, Timeero can help the agency stay compliant and improve efficiency.

The app will make it easier for the nurses to focus on their primary tasks, as their duties regarding tracking hours and locations will be minimal.

Key features:

  • Streamlined time tracking. The nurses can clock in and out of their shifts using the app with a simple click. This way, the agencies will have accurate and timely records of nurses’ attendance so they can generate reliable and proper payroll at the end of the week.

  • Mileage and GPS tracking. Besides tracking time, Timeero is also a mileage and GPS tracking solution. All this allows the agencies to monitor where their travel nurses are during their shifts and, when needed, reimburse the mileage adequately.

  • Streamlined payroll. Timeero integrates with popular invoice and payroll apps such as Xero Australia, Gusto, QuickBooks, or Paychex to ensure the nurses are paid adequately. At the same time, the app eliminates all the manual paperwork, making the payroll process faster and more reliable. 

  • EVV-compliance. Thanks to this feature, if a travel nurse is taking a position in the home health care sector, the agency will be able to document every visit.

  • Automated scheduling. Timeero can also help agencies automate scheduling. The Who’s Working feature gives you an insight into all the available nurses you can offer a position or per diem shifts.

  • Timely communication. Using the Message Blast feature, you can also use this app to communicate with nurses or your entire team. You can inform the nurses about any additional job details or last-minute changes. 

The Who’s Working feature gives you an insight into all the available nurses you can offer a position or per diem shifts.

Timeero is available for both Android and iOS devices, free and easy to use.

Google Maps: Navigate the Unknown

Google Maps travel nurse app

Whether searching for the closest restaurant or going to work, navigating a new location can be challenging for a traveling nurse. Google Maps is an essential app that will give travel nurses direction and enable them to search for all the facilities and services they need nearby.

Key features:

  • Using the Explore tab, they can easily find restaurants, gas stations, groceries, coffee shops, hotels, or attractions nearby.
  • The Go tab will help them plan their private or work trips using their vehicle, public transportation, or walking. It will tell them the trip’s direction, distance, and time.
  • They can use the app to create lists of the places they want to visit and to add notes to the sites they’ve saved.
  • Using the app, they can get recommendations of trending places based on their interests.
  • The Your Match feature will show them how well the place fits their preferences and interests.

Gas Buddy: Save On Fuel

Gas Buddy best travel nurse apps

For those using their vehicle to travel, GasBuddy should hold the first position among travel nurse apps on their phone. 

The app is updated in real-time, allowing you to search for the lowest fuel prices by state, city, zip code, or even brand. 

Nurses will see noticeable savings in their gas and fuel expenses when using it consistently.

Key Features:

● Find the cheapest fuel closest to their current route,

● Browse gas stations by distance or price,

● Notify the community about fuel prices and help them find cheap fuel,

● Gain points for reporting fuel prices,

● Add the vehicle to the app to receive information on a new recall

● Monitor driving habits, for example, speeding and braking, to use fuel more efficiently.

Besides using the app, travel nurses can also opt to pay using GasBuddy Card and save even more than when using the app alone.  

ShiftLife Organizer: A Calendar App For Shift Workers

ShiftLife Organizer app

Every travel nurse knows how hectic their everyday life can be. With a simple and intuitive interface, ShiftLife Organizer is a custom calendar app that is designed specifically for shift workers. 

This travel nursing app not only helps nurses keep track of their shifts and hours but also calculates their pay.

Key features:

  • Organize Shifts. The app will give a nurse a transparent display of their upcoming shifts, on-call days, training, holidays, and other important events.
  • Record Hours. Nurses can easily keep a record of their worked shifts and locations and any sick days or overtime hours.
  • Calculate Pay. As they will have all the data on your hourly pay and attendance in their calendar, the app can be a handy tool to calculate their pay.

The app is designed for iOS and iPad users. It is free to use, with some in-app purchases available. 

Medscape: All the Medical Info a Nurse May Need, In Their Pocket

Medscape has not only made it to our list of best travel nurse apps - it’s actually the app every nurse must have on their phones. 

Available for iOS and Android users, Medscape is free and easy to use. It gives nurses access to all the drugs and diseases-related info they may need, insight into the latest medical news tailored by their specialty, and a network of medical professionals to discuss with.

Key features:

  • Drugs/diseases and clinical tools. The app gives nurses access to a base consisting of more than 8,500 prescription and OTC drugs, supplements, and herbals and more than 6,200 reference articles for decision-making support. It also offers handy clinical tools, such as pill identifier, drug interaction checker, and drug calculator.
  • Latest Medical News and Perspectives. Based on the nurse’s specialty, they will be informed about the latest FDA approvals and other breaking medical news.
  • Medscape Consult. Using the app, a travel nurse will be part of a large network of medical professionals from whom they can consult and crowdsource medical answers. 
  • Continual Medical Education. The app can also help nurses with professional development, as they can access various courses and earn CME points on the go.

Evernote: Stay Organized

Evernote travel nurse app

For a very good reason, Evernote takes one of the top places among the best travel nurse apps. When it comes to helping the nurses stay organized and improve productivity, it’s amazing how much a single app can do. 

Key features:

  • Create notes. Evernote allows nurses to organize all their different data types on the same subject into one central location. Within their notes, they can capture anything: to-do lists, photos, or documents in almost any format. They can store these and modify them within the app if necessary. 
  • Keep better track of their tasks. Nurses can create a to-do list inside their notes and set due dates, reminders, and recurrences.
  • Always keep the notes handy. Evernote will automatically store nurses’ notes online and synchronize them through all their devices, so they will always have them ready. 
  • Easy searching. Using Evernote, nurses can find their notes or the needed info easily. They can search for keywords, dates, titles, or content types. When searching for keywords, Evernote will include words in the pictures and handwriting and provide suggestions while typing. 
  • Document scanning. Using the document scanning feature, nurses can keep all their essential documents with them, anything that matters to them personally or professionally. 
  • Web clipper. This feature lets nurses save screenshots, webpages, and articles directly into the app.
  • Calendar. Connect Evernote and Google Calendar to bring their notes and their schedules together.

Evernote works on all devices, on both iOS and Android systems. Three plans are available - Free, Personal, and Professional, depending on the nurse’s needs.

Pack Point: Never Forget Your Charger Again

PackPoint app

Packing for working in another location isn’t the same as packing for a vacation. The traveling nurses must ensure they have everything they might need during their stay before they leave. 

PackPoint has made it to our list of best travel nurse apps, as it can help the transition run smoothly. It can help nurses prepare a list of clothing, gadgets, accessories, and other things they need to take, making sure they’re comfortable in the weather and ready for anything.

Key features:

  • helps organize items to bring based on the length of travel, weather, and activities
  • Easy to use

With the premium version of this app, nurses can customize their packing list and use it over and over. The app is available both on iOS and Android. 

Airbnb: Get Comfy Wherever You Go

Airbnb for travel nurses

Travel nurses can pick their accommodations for an assignment. Even though staying in a hotel can be a good solution for a while, it might not fit every nurse’s lifestyle. That’s why Airbnb has made it to our list of best mobile apps for travel nurses, as it can come in handy for finding an alternative place to stay. The app provides various accommodation options, such as entire apartments/houses, guesthouses, rooms for rent in a home, etc. 

These accommodations are often more comfortable and affordable than staying in a hotel. However, finding the right fit for a stay may require investigation to check whether the location and descriptions are accurate.

Key features:

  • find unique homes chosen for their location, style, or nearby activities
  • book right from the app
  • split stays - when staying longer than a week, nurses can split one stay across two homes
  • chat with the host 
  • easy check-in

‍The Airbnb app is free and available for Android and iOS users.

Meetup: Never Get Lonely


Traveling lifestyle can get lonely when constantly moving to new places. Meetup has made it on our top travel nurse apps list, as it can help nurses make new meaningful connections on the go. 

Travel nurses can find local friends and connections through meetups with people who want to share their experiences, whatever their passion is. There are thousands of meetup groups gathered around the things that matter - such as various topics or hobbies related to career, music, and athletics. If they need support or someone to wine and dine with, Meetup can help them.

Key features:

  • access to over 330,00 groups based on interests,
  • exploring events by keyword, category, or local popularity,
  • engage in discussions or private messaging with people who share interests.

Meetup is available for Android and iPhone users.

Google Translate: Talk In Any Language

Google translate

English isn’t the only language nurses will hear in many parts of the country. Some of the patients they work with may not speak English at all. This can make caring for these patients challenging.

Google Translate has made it to our best travel nurse apps list as it can help nurses communicate vital information with the patient. It can help them understand their patients’ words and give them instructions in the language they know.

Key features:

  • use the camera to translate text instantly,
  • communicate hands-free as it auto-detects language,
  • get text translations even without a data connection.
  • If a nurse doesn’t know how to pronounce language, they can have the app read out the translated text and ensure patients will understand.

Both Android and iPhone users can use the app free of charge.

So, What Are The Best Travel Nurse Apps?

Different apps on the market can help travel nurses stay ahead of their schedules and lead a well-balanced life. However, this quantity of options can sometimes be confusing. We’ve shortlisted the best travel nurse apps agencies can recommend to their nurses or use themselves to manage the nurses more efficiently. 

Timeero helps caregivers stay on top of their tasks and improve client care

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