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Essential Features For Mileage & Time Tracking Software

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April 18, 2024 2:51 AM
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The applications of GPS tracking software features can go from effortless day-to-day activities such as driving to work to complex processes such as managing business resources.

GPS technology is undeniably one of today’s most impactful innovations in our day. In the US, around 15 million people use and allow relevant apps to track their locations regularly. Simply put, it’s an innovation we can’t live without.

GPS features and benefits such as live tracking, real-time alerts, route history, and analytical insights make time and mileage tracking systems mandatory technologies. These functionalities are essential for anyone who wants an added layer of security, efficiency, and accessibility.

Using the best GPS time tracking apps can help you achieve a successful fleet management and improve customer service. For instance, such tools enable you to pick the vehicle nearest to the customer’s location to offer prompt service.

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There are plenty of GPS features and benefits that can assist your operations and increase your revenue, regardless of the nature and size of your business. CompareCamp offers an employee monitoring software research that can even prove its capabilities for keeping your staff records straight.

Follow these Time and Mileage Tracking Software Features to get the best out of your business:

1. Set up Geofencing

One of the best GPS tracking software features today is establishing geofence areas surrounding your job sites and important locations for your enterprise.

Let’s say you have an ongoing construction project. You want to see if your workers are completing their tasks on your construction site and if they’re following the work order you handed in.


You can do this by checking on your workers’ location, which is just one of the reasons why you should use construction time tracking and scheduling apps.

Using a time tracking app, your staff can easily punch in their virtual time cards and clock out conveniently. Furthermore, with geofencing, they can automatically receive notifications to clock in or out on arrival or departure from the job site.

Meanwhile, as an employer, you can receive instant alerts regarding your team members’ location. In addition, you can also get notified regarding suspicious clock-ins.

2. Track Mileage & Distance Traveled

The ability to calculate utilization is becoming a vital and emergent indicator of productivity and total cost of ownership for vehicles.

It is important to pinpoint the vehicles you use and how often they are used, especially in operations involving shared services. Having such an insight can help you determine if you have enough vehicles available for your fleet and if you have the right model with you.

The most efficient way you can keep track of this standard is by onboarding a GPS tracking platform in your organization. Using a spreadsheet is an option but it is an extremely tedious alternative. What’s more, this method can also lead to more inefficiencies for your company, which could balloon your budget outlays for idle vehicles.

To consolidate the data from this functionality, your time and mileage tracking system should be able to supply you with comprehensive reports on vehicle utilization. This will help you decide whether you need to upsize or downsize your fleet and determine your performance when it comes to vehicle efficiency.

Timeero time and mileage tracking
Timeero: Time and Mileage

3. Functions to reduce fuel expenses

When it comes to managing your fleet, fuel can take a huge chunk of your budget. Fuel occupies 60% of an organization’s overall fleet operating budget, which makes it extremely vital for establishments to expertly maneuver these expenses.

It’s a good thing your GPS tracking software features can handle this for you.

GPS tracking devices enable you to chop down idle time spent by your fleet vehicles when they’re stuck in traffic or when they’re not being used. By supplying the most efficient route for your drivers your time and mileage tracking system can easily reduce fuel costs and time spent on transportation. Apart from this, you play your part in reducing the carbon print and one step forward to become an eco-friendly organization.

4. Minimize chances for theft

It’s virtually impossible to stop a determined robber from at least scoping your vehicle as a potential target. But you can use some preventive methods. Many robbers are aware of GPS tracker devices, so it’s usually the first thing they scope before trying to break into a car. The sight of a vehicle tracking system alone could stop them on their tracks. Additionally, such a tool often comes with features such as real-time vehicle location and disabling ignition. With it, unauthorized people can’t use the car, stopping robbers from getting away with your vehicle.

However, if it does end up getting stolen, your GPS tracking software features can still provide you with a way to recover your vehicle and ultimately cut down potential losses from an unfortunate event.

5. Integration with other platforms

While we already know that your GPS tracking software features are powerful, you can still make your operations more efficient by merging your platform with other equally powerful systems.

For instance, Timeero is a tool that integrates its GPS tracking platform with robust accounting software QuickBooks. This capability allows users to easily export their timesheets to QuickBooks making payroll management more efficient. Any modifications made on your timesheets gets synced to the accounting software, thereby saving you from wasting precious time on manual entries.

Besides integrating your GPS tracking platform with an accounting system, you can also do the same with an HR-related system or an employee management platform.

6. Insightful and helpful reports

Running a business is not just about dealing with day-to-day operations, it’s also about making scalable and profitable decisions to achieve business growth.

Your GPS tracking software features can do this by providing you with real-time information that can help you improve your resource management and allocation. With the latest data in your hands, you can easily cut down routing duration, unnecessary expenses as well as fleet mileage. You can also overview performances based at the department and individual level.

Your GPS tracking platform presents you with insightful reports. This will help you make decisions regarding your vehicles, your workforce, and other resources. The data can help you determine whether you need to resize your fleet or address important pain points in productivity.

To better suit your analytical needs, the best time tracking software allows you to customize your reports. With strong and relevant data, you can easily grasp these elements and improve them to enhance your overall operations.

7. Customer support

Time and mileage tracking solutions often have a customer support team to assist users with questions and concerns. This is essential to ensure a smooth sailing experience when monitoring employee hours and generating reports.

They can even be as generous as providing help for users to better grasp their GPS features and functions even before they purchase the actual software. That’s what we do at Timeero.

During a free trial, our potential customers can instantly get our customer support, so that we’re sure that our product is the perfect fit for them and so that when they purchase our solution, it’ll just be one green light after the other.

Begin taking advantage of your GPS tracking software features

These 7 important time and mileage tracking software capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of a robust GPS tracking platform. Other functionalities you can utilize include its timesheet management functionalities, employee and professional scheduling solutions, and its compatibility with systems such as iOS and Android.

The important thing to remember when harnessing GPS features and benefits is to focus on the features that have the power to provide you with insights and solution-oriented data for your business.

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